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Interview with David Sirlin of Sirlin Games
There have been many games lately involving Dominion's deck drafting idea. In this slate of games, one really caught my attention--Puzzle Strike, from Sirlin Games. Using chips instead of cards, a more coherent theme, and having a much higher degree of interactivity, it's one that looks like it might stand out from the crowd. I decided to catch up with David Sirlin to get more on his background, design philosophy, and the skinny about Puzzle Strike as well as other games he has in the pipeline. David has game...
Inside the Game Factory #1: Interview with Jim Bailey, Grindhouse Games
I really liked INCURSION, and I'm glad to see a start-up publisher come out with such a strong product. In my emails with Jim Bailey, the designer of the game and kommandant of Grindhouse Games, I got a sense that he was a pretty cool guy. So I asked him to do an interview. He agreed, and he gave me the probably ill-advised "ask me whatever you want" go-ahead. So I wanted to make this the first in what will hopefully be a series of articles, interviews, and editorials that are specifically about the business...
Conversation With An Innovator #2 - Colby Dauch, Plaid Hat Games
In continuing this interview series, I contacted the creative genius and owner of another small-press game publisher, Colby Dauch of Plaid Hat Games. Colby has been immersed in the gaming industry for many, many moons and has worked on high-profile projects such as Heroscape, as well as his own product, the new and exciting game, Summoner Wars. His story is inspiring and really goes to show what a man with some passion and some big, brass balls can do when he sets his mind to it. He, personally, spent several weeks on the "Hotness" list at and his...
Conversation With A Gaming Innovator #1 - John Clowdus, Small Box Games
I've decided that I am tired of seeing games produced by faceless companies and that I have a duty, as a journalist and gaming enthusiast, to bring you something you don't customarily see: In depth, conversational interviews with innovators in the industy. These are the designers, small-press publishers, and the owners of small companies that provide us with the games we love and enjoy. This will be an ongoing series, so keep an eye out for more interviews with industry leaders and innovators. This, as all of my interviews are, was by phone as I...
I’ve been meaning to ask Martin Wallace for an interview for ages: I’ve often thought that he’s one of the more innovative designers working today and I love the manner in which his games retain the basic feel of a Euro whilst usually allowing a very high degree of player interaction. And of course, just like me, he’s British and in the US/German-centric world of board gaming us minorities need to stick together! But what finally gave me the impetus to ask was the fact that Brass turned up very...
35 results - showing 16 - 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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