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Barnestorming- Brett Murrell (DOAII) Interview, Firefly, Wind Waker, Wake in Fright
 Behold, Power Flannel.
Interview with Bruno Cathala
This is an email interview with Bruno Cathala where he shares his thoughts on Cyclades, the Hades expansion and gives us a few hints about the second expansion for the game. 
An interview with Chris Pramas from Green Ronin Publishing
As promised last month, Chris Pramas agreed to do an interview for F:AT.  Chris Pramas worked with Wizads of Coast. His work for Dungeons & Dragon include: Slavers, Guild to Hell, Apocalyse Stone, Vortex of Madness and some work on the 2000 Players Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guild.  Chris has also worked on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. He currently runs his own Role Playing Company  Green Ronin Publishing.   Green Ronin Publishing publishes Dragon Age, A Song of Ice and Fire and Mutants & Masterminds and DC Adventures.   
Twenty Questions with Mac Gerdts
1 - Thanks for agreeing to do this interview! Could you tell us a bit more about yourself, and how you came to get into games and game design? First of all I have to thank you for the opportunity to talk with you! Well, I am 50 years old, and live together with my 33 years old wife Kathia and our 5 years old son Johann in a 100 years old house in Hamburg. After a...
An interview with Adam Starkweather (Multi-Man Publishing)
Sagrilarus and flim_flam recently sat down with Adam Starkweather (adamant), the driving force behind Multi-Man Publishing’s critically acclaimed International Game Series (or IGS) for a wide ranging discussion about upcoming wargames and the struggles of trying to bring fresh ideas and approaches to the wargamer community.
34 results - showing 1 - 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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