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Ghost Stories - One Part Jackie Chan, One Part Ghostbusters, Two Parts Priapism
First, let me tell you that "I ain't afraid of no ghost." I mention this because while I may not be "afraid of no ghost", the prospect of ever beating Ghost Stories scares the hell out of me. It's clearly haunted by the ghosts of the noted masons Ci Alis, Via Gra, and Levi Tra, because this game is just so damned hard, even on the easier levels. I've played it no less than 15 times with a multitude of different game groups, and I have yet to be party to a single win. That...
Up To Eleven
I recently got involved in a pretty heated debate over a list of perceived grievances about hobby gaming posted by one Michael Barnes. Whether you agree with his arguments or not it the list itself makes interesting reading, written as it is with the authors’ usual style and panache, and the discussion that follows is lengthy and peppered with personal abuse but is even more interesting to my mind. I don’t intend to go over that ground again here - that would be pointless since you can read the discussion if you want to know my...
Guns, Swords, Bombs, and Tile Placement:  Neuroshima Hex! review
I'm a bit late to the Neuroshima Hex! party. I passed this game up for other games probably more than any other game out there. It was on my radar since the 2nd edition of the game came out, but I always went for that shiny, new FFG game instead. A shame, since Neuroshima Hex is much better and probably more memorable than any game I passed it up for.
Game Freak  #10
Pictured is the best zombie you will ever see in a movie, or in any other media for that matter. Note that it is not cute, funny, and it is not wearing a chef hat or other article to signify to the viewer what he was before the zombie apocalpyse. No. It is a maggot-eyed, decayed, rotten, and grim visage that represents everything the living dead should. But I digress. This week at Cracked LCD I've got John Werner's ZOMBIE STATE on the slab, and although I absolutely love that it is a DIY production, it...
1482 results - showing 961 - 965 « 1 ... 190 191 192 193 194 195 ... 196 297 »
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