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Politico: Fall Of Caesar - Small Box Game, Big Ass Fun
Last night I had more fun than I've had in a great many moons, well, that is excluding some booty action with Mamasan. We received our copy of Politico: Fall of Caesar from Small Box Games, a small but incredibly prolific self-publisher of some uber-badass games. Small Box is the same company that made Seii Taishogun, one of the most incredible Samurai-ish games ever made. In fact, John Clowdus, principal game designer and owner of Small Box, has been recognized by some of the top names in gaming as a fucking genius. Unfortunately, being a genius in the world...
Game Freak #7
Review Rodeo #5- Friday Night at Gilley's Edition
URBAN COWBOY is one of the great bad movies> I think that the picture really captures what it must be like to be a cartoonish Texan with little concern for the world beyond keeping the trailer clean, holding down a lineman job, and spending friday night downat Gilley's wearing your best jeans and cowboy hat, busting that mechanical bull and having a Coors to wash down the woes of the working man. I think I've seen it a hundred times. And I still can't believe that Sissy runs off with a man in a fishnet shirt. I guess...
Cyclades - Review
Ancient Greeks had it really rough. For one thing, no pants. I know the Mediterranean is supposed to be mild, but sooner or later, it's got to get cold enough to make you wish you had some insulation on the ol' man gear. And if the fact that all the men had to wear skirts wasn't bad enough, they couldn't do a damned thing without getting permission from a whole panoply of tempermental deities.
Myth: Pantheons - Now I Know What It's Like To Play God
AEG's release of Myth: Pantheons is very telling, to me at least, that they are a versatile company that can make not only great "board" games, but they can make some killer card games too. With their last release, Thunderstone, proving that they can produce solid performing card games, Myth takes a traditional card game, Spades, and injects a high-powered dose of one part "Kick-Ass" and another part "Screw Your Neighbor" to create a clever trick-taking game that delivers a solid, fun gaming experience.
1451 results - showing 961 - 965 « 1 ... 190 191 192 193 194 195 ... 196 291 »
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