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Irondale - Cards, Construction, And A Healthy Dose Of Conspiracy
Last night was an epic night of gaming for me. The wife was out at a Kentucky Derby party and I had access to a babysitter, so it turned out that I got to game it up from 9PM until 3AM, so if my writing isn't up to the usual muster, please understand that going to sleep at 4AM and being awakened at 7AM by my 19-month old can put a world of hurt on you. Last night we started, and ended, the night with several games of Irondale, a new addition to Small Box Games' latest...
Bending the Rules of Time and Space
Let's start by stating the obvious: Cosmic Encounter may be the best game ever designed. It has endless variety, gameplay that is consistantly surprising, and constant interaction. And if we can't agree on that, then we can at least agree that Fantasy Flight has done right by the game. Their 2008 reprint of the Eon classic was generally a very complete package. It had 50 aliens, nice components, and even a little variant called “Technology,” which was a great addition to the Cosmic spirit.
Nerd Love and Rage: Review of “The People vs George Lucas”
Exhibit A Pictures, 2010 Written and Directed by Alexandre Philippe A common stereotype of a ‘geek’ is someone who sinks mass amounts of time and money into an interest that has little or no practical utility, like a fantasy, or an interest that most people find somewhat eccentric. The more this geek tries to satisfy that interest and fill the hole that drives it, the bigger the hole grows. There’s a goofy sincerity that comes through when people throw themselves into something driven by their own...
Nah, you guys probably wouldn't like Grindhouse Games' INCURSION. I mean, sure, it's got Nazi werwolves and all in it...but it doesn't come spilling over with plastic miniatures and fancy terrain pieces. And it has old-time cardboard stand-ups if you don't buy the miniatures. That means you might have to TURN THE PIECE to see the picture. What a hassle! But I like INCURSION, and I like it a lot. I think it's a good value and it's a really fun game that totally holds its own againts SPACE HULK, its most direct comparision. It's streamlined,...
Phantom Leader Review
Having recently welcomed a second child into our family, I was quite ready to give up a few months of gaming time and I prepared myself by investigating a few solo games to tide me through the lean times. The trouble with the solo titles I usually favour - Arkham Horror and Return of the Heroes is that while fun, both involve a pretty hefty set-up time and indeed in the case of Arkham Horror a pretty hefty play time. I knew I was going to need something I could whip out quickly, play and pack away again when...
1473 results - showing 961 - 965 « 1 ... 190 191 192 193 194 195 ... 196 295 »
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