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Design By Committee
A while ago I had the pleasure of reviewing The Hell of Stalingrad by Clash of Arms games. If you can’t be bothered to follow the link, I’ll give you a free pass to the end of the column where I concluded that it was a pretty good and very innovative game that was unfortunately let down by some pretty rough edges, and that it promised to be a fantastic base for future iterations of the series. Well, having not had the chance to play the game in a while I was struck by the desire...
Game Freak #8
CYCLADES in Review: Best Game of 2010 So Far
As Matt Drake's article from a couple of weeks ago already told y'all, CYCLADES is pretty good. More than that, I'd go so far as to call it the best game I've played this year to date. It's an easy to play, fun game that really does a lot more than you'd expect it would given its brief rules and abstractions. Hell, there's even tribute-paying auctions in the game and they're still thematic and fun. I love that it's a very slender design, not packed full of rules blubber and extraneous's tight, focused, and gets right down to...
HeroScape: Dungeons & Dragons - Review
I used to play a whole lot of roleplaying games. I played everything from small-press rags to big-dollar productions, and I played Dungeons & Dragons more than anything else. It wasn't my favorite, really, it was just that it had more modules and stuff, and everyone knew the rules. Sure, I would have rather played Deadlands or Blue Planet, but when everyone around you plays D&D, you either play D&D or you play online solitaire. And I did love to play D&D, so that worked out.
Conversation With A Gaming Innovator #1 - John Clowdus, Small Box Games
I've decided that I am tired of seeing games produced by faceless companies and that I have a duty, as a journalist and gaming enthusiast, to bring you something you don't customarily see: In depth, conversational interviews with innovators in the industy. These are the designers, small-press publishers, and the owners of small companies that provide us with the games we love and enjoy. This will be an ongoing series, so keep an eye out for more interviews with industry leaders and innovators. This, as all of my interviews are, was by phone as I...
1460 results - showing 961 - 965 « 1 ... 190 191 192 193 194 195 ... 196 292 »
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