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Barnestorming- Tash-Kalar in Review, Warhammer Diskwars, Don't Starve, DC Cab, 2013 metal records
Vlaada whiffed.
A Friendly Knife-Fight - El Grande Retrospective
One of the most unfortunate tendencies when discussing board games on the internet is the way games are described solely through their mechanics. It’s like someone asking how dinner was, and being given a list of ingredients as a response. Such a description is technically accurate, but falls short of giving any actual information. Any game is greater (or less) than the sum of its parts. It’s not the individual pieces that determine how a game functions, but rather how they synchronize with each other when combined with human opponents. Few games show that disparity quite like...
Barnestorming- Barnes' Best 2013, Just Dance, Dark Shadows, Blood Orange
It's time for a reckonin'.
Barnestorming- Too Much Ogre, Navajo Wars, Tash-Kalar, Led Zeppelin
Steve Jackson buckles under the weight of the Ogre DE.
Krosmaster Arena - Board Game Review
With my daughter less than a year away from moving out of my house, I find myself casting about for any way to connect with her. She’s not game for all the stuff we used to do, like hanging her upside down and banging her head on the floor. For one thing, she’s too heavy for that now, and I’m not nearly as fit as I was when she was six. She doesn’t even want to play games with me any more, because she’s got her own friends who come over for that (they meet twice a month to...
Barnestorming- Level 7 [Omega Protocol] in Review, Ogre DE, Jeff Smith, Elysium
Better than Siege of the Citadel.
Barnestorming- Firefly in Review, Thunderstone: Numenera, Battling Boy
The Best Firefly Game Ever Made.
Warage Review
You'll realise, no doubt, that Warage is a clever play on words. Making a compound of "war" and "age" cunningly creates the word "rage", conjuring the white heat of fantasy melees, the ancient and primal fury felt my elf for orc and vice versa. It's a smart title. The game underlying it is not smart. It's a dumb game, but it's dumb in a good way, the sort of way that an overly playful rottweiler puppy is dumb, full of teeth and fluff and eagerness. It's a game where you slap down cards, gloat and chug...
Next of Ken, Volume 79:  Magic, Thunderstone Advance, Disc Duelers, and Maximum Throwdown!
"Just Come In When You Can, Ken." I had a boss long ago tell me that as I was clocking in five minutes late. I have a feeling he was being sarcastic, but you can never be too sure.  
Barnestorming- Yedo in Review, Tomorrow, PS4, Serenity
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