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Barnestorming- Boss Monster in Review, Gummi Bears, New Order
Almost there...
Next of Ken, Volume 74:  Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 and Kaijudo!
  Back this week with a very Wizards of the Coast-centric Next of Ken, where I'm talking about Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 and the Kaijudo TCG.  Join us, won't you?  
Tag, You're on Fire - Wiz-War Re-review
Sometimes reviewers have to write up what they know, and call it a day. There’s a kind of nebulous pressure to get a review out quickly, and usually that’s fine. If you play a game 3-4 times, you almost certainly know how you feel. There are times when it doesn’t even take that long. But now and then a game begins to grow legs after you pass judgement, and becomes this odd game that you gave an alright review to, but that you now love.
The Quiet Year Review
The world is full of things that should not work, but somehow do: pineapple on Pizza, or mixing opera and hip-hop, or making jokes about death. Some examples are personal, others largely universal. And to that last list we can now add a game called The Quiet Year. The Quiet Year calls itself a map-making game, but it isn’t really, even though you do make a map as you play it. A lot of people seem to refer to it as a role-playing game but it isn’t that either, since it actively discourages you from the...
Barnestorming- Spartacus/Mage Wars Expansions, Metal Gear Solid Revisited, Holy Mountain
Barnestorming- Kings of Air and Steam in Review, Wipeout HD, Satellite Sam
Oh, Steampunk...
The Occult Chronicles Preview
Haunted house type horror board games like Mansions of Madness and Betrayal at House on the Hill tend to suffer from one overriding problem which is that they’re pulled in all sorts of different directions by their requirements. How do you create a game that’s full of both mystery and well-informed decisions? How do you give it variety and replayability with limited tile stock and table space? How do you make it competitive and exciting without giving one player too much power? The answer, obviously, is to make it into a computer game instead, and have...
Barnestorming- IOS Review Rodeo, Batman '66, Monsters University, Death
Horrors From Beyond - Elder Sign: Omens Review
The most significant development in the world of hobby gaming over the last five years has been the arrival of iOS and mobile platforms as a vehicle for hobby titles. It didn’t take long for classics like The Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne to get a port to a mobile An iPad makes it simple to play against other people from around the world. Those of us who don’t use an iPad have fewer options, however. When I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday this year, I found that my mobile board game options were sadly limited. They’re...
Mage Wars Review
I’ll wager that anyone who ever played Magic: the Gathering more than once has, at some point, wondered how great it would be if creatures weren’t just static lines of attack and defense, but actively engaged in tactical manoeuvre. You don’t need to wonder any more because that, effectively, is what you get in Mage Wars. Furthermore, I suspect that anyone who ever played Magic: the Gathering more than once has, at some point, been so annoyed by rubbish card draws that they pondered on a variant where you could have a bigger hand, or more...
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