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Next of Ken, Volume 79:  Magic, Thunderstone Advance, Disc Duelers, and Maximum Throwdown!
"Just Come In When You Can, Ken." I had a boss long ago tell me that as I was clocking in five minutes late. I have a feeling he was being sarcastic, but you can never be too sure.  
Barnestorming- Yedo in Review, Tomorrow, PS4, Serenity
Brad and Ömer review the new historical/fantasy miniatures game "Of Gods and Mortals".
A Once and Future Rumble - Duel of Ages II Review
The first iteration of Duel of Ages came out ten years ago, but it’s follow-up feels like something much older. I don’t mean that in a dismissive way at all, but rather that the game eschews a lot of design trends and so-called advances from the last 15 years or so in favor of something elemental and pure. It’s a little like playing an old-school video game that bypasses all influences in the 3D age and instead steals from every game of the SNES era. I suppose Duel of Ages II will confound a lot of contemporary gamers, but...
Barnestorming- Brett Murrell part 2, Starfox, King's League, Nick Gilder
 "DOA II? I think I played that on Xbox"- Tom W. Chick.
Hornet Leader & Cthulhu Conflict Review
When my children were small and I didn't get out much I played a lot of solitaire board games, and I decided that I didn't like solitaire board games all that much. It's hard to see what they give you that a strategy video game doesn't, except lots of annoying overhead. There was, however, one exception: Vietnam air-war game Phantom Leader. It's part of a whole series of related air combat games from Dan Verssen Games. Hornet Leader is one of the more recent and critically lauded entries, and after my experiences with Phantom Leader I...
Dread Curse - Board Game Review
If a game of high stakes and bloody retribution ye be wantin’, then look ye no further than that fair maiden of the oily abyss, Dread Curse. It be a pirate game of swipin’ booty and death hexes signed onto ye by the devilish voodoo queens and women whose mothers gave them ridiculous fake African names like L-a (pronounced ‘Ledasha’) and Demonica (these are real examples of real people with real names).
Barnestorming- High Command in Review, Cloud Atlas, Queen
On the Table I was hoping to have part one of my epic interview with DOAII designer Brett Murell up today but I want his sign-off and last thoughts before I post. I think it’s good, I hope y’all will dig it. But while we wait, High Command from Privateer Press goes on the slab for this not really very Halloweeny episode of Cracked LCD.  
Brad and Ömer review books relating to Vietnam, Spartans, Nazis and King Arthur.
Temple Hopping - Relic Runners Review
Relic Runners is a game that dwells in the shadowy realm of the okay. It has absorbed too many lessons from modern game design to be anything close to bad. It’s a surprisingly thoughtful design, one that has gotten a little bit better with every play. Still, I’ve yet to play it with anyone who was wowed by it. The response when we finish a game is almost always “not bad,” or “alright.” It’s too competent to be ignored, but too bland to make much of an impression.  
747 results - showing 71 - 80 « 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 11 75 »
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