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Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   January 18, 2017   165  
F:AT, You Done Good!
Boardgame Reviews
MattDPMattDP   January 16, 2017   431  
The hot sun burns in the sky like an incoming apocalypse. On the packed dirt below, two figures stand, ignoring the heat hammering down on their broad-brimmed hats. Sweaty hands hang down by holstered revolvers, eyes lock, mouths chew at nothing. For a long time, all is still in the hot haze. Then the Sheriff goes for his gun and his opponent reacts like a sprung trap. The guns level, fingers tighten on triggers, and both combatants are suddenly flattened by the collapsing town hall. Welcome to Flick 'em Up, one of those games with a...
Trash Culture
Black BarneyBlack Barney   January 13, 2017   316  
Well, it’s that time of year again where we’ll take a look back on what the very best of the year had to offer us in terms of movies. Let’s get right into it!
Boardgame Reviews
MattDPMattDP   January 09, 2017   704  
Regular readers will be aware of the general contempt in which I hold co-operative games. Yet Arkham Horror, Robinson Crusoe and the D&D Adventure System are all games I rate highly. How to square this circle? Well, what those games have in common is that they project the semblance of being alive. Creatures move, events change, players need to actually co-operate due to the complexity and uncertainty. Contrast that to the rash of titles inspired by Pandemic which are far more static and which you can play almost by rote. Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu looks...
Five Second Reviews
Black BarneyBlack Barney   January 06, 2017   261  
Well that was much better than I was expecting. i knew it was going to be good, i had no idea it would be THIS good. There were one or two moments that I was literally on the edge of my seat. Amy Adams is great in this and thank goodness as the movie really revolves completely around her character. The movie has a few similarities with both Contact and Interstellar but is better than both on many levels. I had a few hiccups at the beginning (why would the military fly fighter jets that...
3956 results - showing 1 - 5  
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