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001 Solo Gaming - Paths of Glory
An infrequent look at gaming with the solo player in mind……
Next of Ken, Special Edition:  F:AT Reader's Choice for Game of the Year 2012 Discussion
  Going to keep this week's column short and sweet, because I'm assuming most of you are still hung over from New Year's parties.  I do want feedback from everyone that reads this site and is interested in our F:AT Reader's Choice join us, won't you?  
True Family Games
As you read this, I will have just arrived back from nearly two weeks in Michigan and Ohio visiting my extended family. This trek to see relatives is one that happens annually, and it’s one of my favorite times of the year. I’m sure a big part of that is because I don’t have to work, but it’s also because there is joy in renewing and re- forging relationships that used to be daily part of my life. I’m different now than I used to be when I was in college or living with my parents, and it’s good...
Overcoming Big Obstacles
Sometimes people just hate. Three quarters of the way through I was being booed by the spectators on both sides of the obstacle course. This wasn’t “disappointed” booing, this was “angry” booing. This was “hate” booing. There was one guy of the 300 or so watching was rooting for me to open an even bigger lead, but he was wisely keeping his mouth shut. This was awhile...
Trashfest UK 2012 Session Report
The second annual UK festival of trash didn’t get off to the best of starts for me. On a cold and brittle autumn morning, we stopped in a garage atop one of the many steep hill surrounding my home city of Bath to pick up a couple more attendees and I went in the shop to get my afternoon’s supply of beer. But time was tight and the queue was long. We left with our two new gamers, but no supplies. It was shaping up to be a long day.Trashfest 2011 was a relatively low-key affair, even if those...
96 results - showing 16 - 20 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 7 20 »
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