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Flatlined Games news - Q3 2012

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Hi everybody, here are some news from Flatlined Games HQ :
From Game Salute and others reporting on press release that I can't locate independantly: After 14 years with Hasbro, Rob Daviau (Risk Legacy, Heroscape, Risk 2210AD) is leaving to form his own company, IronWall games. The decision came after Hasbro relocated Daviau’s job 100 miles to Providence last fall. After a year of working and commuting and otherwise living like a wandering monster, Daviau decided to set off on his own. His last day at Hasbro will be September 14t.h “Big change, realllly big change,” said Daviau. “When I started at Hasbro, the Monica Lewinsky...
The D&D NEXT PLAYTEST has begun!

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Wizards of the Coast is thrilled to announce that the public phase of the D&D Next Playtest has officially opened today, Thursday, May 24th. This next phase in the project is the single most important part of D&D Next – the chance for fans to help shape the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons by sharing their input and vision for the game.
The good folks over at, puveryors of RPGs, board games, card games and a fine selection of unusual dice are currently running a promotion that could net you a free copy of a minion games product. Simply type in this website (i.e The Fortress) name or URL in the checkout shipping instructions to be entered in their weekly giveaway. Because they love the Fortress, they're also willing to give away a free copy of a minion games title to whoever wins this straightforward contest. To enter, all you have to do is make sure you're a...

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Hi fellow AT'ers! To celebrate this holiday weekend, we've placed an exclusive Dragon Rage Easter Special on our website for you to download. Defend Esirien and Nurkott against the onslaught of the ferocious giant bunnies, and chase the Dragon Eggs! Click here to download the Dragon rage Easter Special (10Mb)
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