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The Cult of the Old
I’ll wager that every long-term gamer has flashes of boredom with their hobby. Brief sargassos in the sea of gaming where your attention is diverted by some great new computer title, or a film or book. Perhaps a period of intense activity in your personal or working life has taken you away from games, or even just a self evaluation that made you yearn for something more. At the time it feels like you’ve gone off games for good. But a week, a month, even a year later, you’re back in your favourite shop, tracking down all the cool...
We Are Not Important
I know I just recently did an article about gamer types, and then turned around Monday and asked people to help me find my wife's wedding dress. I really should review a game here. But something just occurred to me, and I want to talk about it, so lucky you.
Dungeons of Dull
F:AT looks back at the state of fantasy, adventure games (this article was originally published March 9, 2009). Fantasy role-playing games have an irresistible, almost fatal attraction for me. It stems from my childhood exposure to Tolkien, I have no doubt and fantasy role-playing was where I started my exposure to hobby games in general, and remained the focus of my hobby time for many years. I delight in the mythic quality of the settings, the feeling of magic and mystery that pervades (as contrasted to cold, mechanical science fiction), the evocation of a world...
The Founding of the Fort
Every community, no matter how big or how small, has its founding myths, a filter through which it comes partly to define itself. For what is, after all, a relatively small community, The Fortress seems to have rather a lot of them. I’m not sure quite why this should be the case, but after having had a user suggest it might be of interest to some of our newer members to go over how this site came to be, and not being one to pass up an excuse to bang my own drum, I figured to might be a...
Tips for Surviving Disasters
The continuing nightmare saga that started with my son lighting my house on fire is coming to a close, and has allowed me to come up with a few tips for potential disaster victims that I would like to share. Hopefully most of you will never have any need of these little tips, because hopefully none of you will have something terrible happen to your house that forces you to live in a crappy rent house owned by an Armenian immigrant who thinks 'slumlord' is a term of endearment.
144 results - showing 31 - 35 « 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 10 29 »
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