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Thrower's Tallies: Top 5 Dungeon Games
Dungeoneering is stamped firmly into my subconscious, my brain imprinted with its labyrinthine corridors from obsessive childhood exposure to Dungeons and Dragons. Later those pathways got re-enforced by the consumption of countless gamebooks and video games. It’s a wonder I don’t see the whole world overlaid with a faint tracery of flickering torchlight.So it was inevitable that when I re-awakened my interest in board games a decade ago, I’d go seeking for dungeon delving adventure. It should after all be an eminently suitable subject for the genre. Rooms and corridors can easily be laid out on a board, whereas...
Barnestorming #666- WorthPoint digest, Forza Horizon, Requiem: Chevalier Vampire
 Are games art, antiques, and collectibles? Why not!
Barnestorming #0.213- The Kickstarter Carnival, God of Blades, Morrison's JLA
 I got yer stretch goal RIGHT here...
MixingIt Up
I've come to an important realization, and I wanted to share it: I am bored with board games. That's not entirely true, actually. I am bored with NEW games. I don't want to try every newfangled game that gets published by some fifteen-year-old with a Kickstarter account and a copy of Microsoft Word. I don't want to read convoluted 36-page rule books that would give migraines to normal men. I don't want to have to learn every game I've got every time I want to play. I just want to play the games...
F:AT Looks Back: Twilight Teachings
Sorry you've got another F:AT looks back this week, but I've just come home from holiday and prior to that a minor family crisis and I've not had time to get something together. I've also got big voluntary programming project coming up which will eat into my writing time so you may see a few more of these in the coming weeks. Sorry. But some of the old blog material is reasonably good. I picked this one because I've been asked to post a few more session reports, and although this isn't one of the cool narrative ones...
144 results - showing 21 - 25 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 8 29 »
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