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So Say We All! - Battlestar Galactica: Exodus Expansion Review
Out of the many triumphs that Fantasy Flight Games has had, none stands as tall as Battlestar Galactica. The 2008 release by Corey Koniezca is a masterpiece of thematic game design, combining harsh cooperation with palpable tension and suspicion. The game also brought a fantastic understanding of what the popular TV drama was about. Who can we trust to help us? What motives make people do what they do? And most of all, what are we willing to sacrifice in the name of survival? Pretty heady stuff for a $50 board game.
Caledea: The Epic Strategy Game in Review; GOTY Awards at Gameshark
Oh boy, I do love reviewing small press, DIY games- particularly when they're good ones. Caledea is one of the good ones, a fun and tightly designed conflict game that's bloody and gets right to the point without a bunch of bullshit to get in the way of dice-rolling slaughter- and salting your enemies' fields. Also, Gameshark names its GOTY award-winners
[Boardgames] "Rush n' Crush" Review
  Does anybody here remember the Playstation game "Wipeout?"  Bitchin' game with futuristic racers, lots of weapons, and an awesome soundtrack.  Rush n' Crush is kinda like Wipeout, except without the soundtrack.  And also apparently in the future, racers are !#$$@# difficult to pick up.
Yomi: In The Beginning, There Was Street Fighter
I knew of David Sirlin from his presence in the Street Fighter scene long before he started making board games. He used to post on, where I lurked back in the day and occasionally cracked wise. He was mildly famous for winning a few good-sized tournaments back in the 90s, and he's still pretty good, although not a top contender. My involvement in the scene was never that active, but I usually keep an eye on it for nostalgia's sake. When I heard he was moving into the analog design space I was quite...
7 Wonders - Board Game Review
Every year, gaming websites have a ritual. I like to call it the Masturbatory We Wish We Had An Awards Ceremony ritual, though most places just call it the Game of the Year. It's like the Emmies or the Daytime Grammies or the Uncle Bob's Zippies or the Downers or Uppers or Ludes or some damned thing, except that instead of having a bunch of people show up in tuxedos and walk down red carpets, a handful of game nerds wearing Star Wars t-shirts with Cheeto stains tell the rest of us what games we should have been playing...
756 results - showing 466 - 470 « 1 ... 91 92 93 94 95 96 ... 97 152 »
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