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MattDPMattDP   June 19, 2017   2633  
As a worker placement game, I didn't have much hope for the engaging theme of Alchemists. All the rich, wacky art, plastic potion bottles and player screens in the world couldn't make up for the thematic drag of worker placement. At least, so I assumed. Turns out that I was very wrong. Each turn, players place their cubes across various action spaces which are then resolved in strict order. The key ones at the start of the game are gathering alchemical ingredients, selling them for gold and using them to brew potions. This latter action can...
MattDPMattDP   June 12, 2017   2772  
The latest in my series of reviews on super-creative games is live, and it's the best of the lot so far. So good, in fact, that I wanted to showcase it on Shut Up and Sit Down. It's Millennium Blades, the collectible card meta-game about playing collectible card games. It's a super-intense real-time game which feels a bit like Galaxy Trucker and Space Alert. But I think it's better than either of those and mechanically it's full of innovation. The design is smarter and packed humour. It's competitive and there's never a dull moment as you...
MattDPMattDP   May 29, 2017   3352  
Historical wargames are often a terrible waste. All that wealth of history, all over the world - political, social and economic - and games choose to focus on violence. Such a shame, especially when turning history into a game is such a great way to get inside it, to learn it and understand it. Now the case for the prosecution has a new exhibit to showcase all these points: An Infamous Traffic. It's a game about the British opium trade in China. What drew me in was the premise, the example of a non-military historical game....
MattDPMattDP   May 15, 2017   2918  
Escape the Room is such a popular game concept that it's spilled over into almost every genre. You can escape rooms on computer, in a role-playing setting, even in real life. But it's never made much impact on the board game scene for a simple reason: it's mix of mystery and puzzling doesn't fit the format well. Co-operative card game Unlock aims to change that, with the help of a few decks of cards and a mobile app. And it manages to cram in an impressive amount of novel design ideas while doing so. ...
DukeofChutneyDukeofChutney   May 09, 2017   3228  
I find games with a point of view endearing, whether or not I agree with it. In Labyrinth War on Terror Dick Chaney was right, in Pax Renaissance Martin Luther nailed his thesis to a door because the Fugger bank of Ausburg slipped him a 50.  Pax poses a history where bankers were the real play makers, pulling the strings behind the rise and fall of empires, driving the spread and evolution of ideas, and creating the genesis of the modern world.
1012 results - showing 16 - 20  
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