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MattDPMattDP   May 08, 2017   2345  
Stacking games look very striking, and they hold out the invite of universal appeal. "Come play me," they whisper, enticingly while waving their alluring wooden pieces around. The various incarnations of Bausack have been popular, because they shoehorn a bit of strategy in too. But there's a problem: when your core concept is balancing awkward shapes atop one another, there's limited room for variety. Play one and you've kind of played them all. So Junk Art takes a different approach. It tries to be them all, all at once and all in one box. ...
san il defansosan il defanso   May 02, 2017   3373  
Games Workshop fired a shot across the bow of every dungeon crawl ever.
MattDPMattDP   April 17, 2017   2871  
However you might deny it, there's a comforting nostalgia in games that remind us of toys. Memoir '44 and its box full of plastic tanks and soldiers. The link between the Star Wars games of now and the action figures of yesterday. And now Potion Explosion, which is full of marbles. In four bright primal colours. A shame, then, that they're cheap marbles, chipped and misshapen. To make the game work, they need to roll down chutes and sometimes the chunky ones get stuck. Nothing a quick tip won't fix, but annoying. The marbles sit in...
MattDPMattDP   April 03, 2017   2884  
Ever since I first saw the astonishing detail of an X-Wing model, all I've wanted from the game was cool ships copied from cool films. That well ran dry within three waves of expansions. So, as the game as continued to sell, the publisher has mined Star Wars trivia for new ships to flog. A lot of them were fun to run but they didn't scratch that core itch. They just weren't quite Star Wars. Now, seven waves later there are new films. And they bring with them new ships for the game. It's a fresh...
MattDPMattDP   February 27, 2017   5133  
Let's start with an admission: Empire Strikes Back isn't my favourite Star Wars film. Return of the Jedi is. And my favourite scene in Return of the Jedi is the beginning, in Jabba's palace and on to the Pit of Carkoon. I like it because of all the things in Star Wars it's by far the most alien and esoteric of all and because it's full of huge, slobbering monsters. So getting hold of the Jabba's Realm expansion for Imperial Assault was like getting to play with my childhood Star Wars figures all over again. Much...
1012 results - showing 21 - 25  
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