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Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   December 30, 2016   3716  
Spoiler- It's Star Trek: Ascendancy
atmaloneyatmaloney   December 09, 2016   3241  
Like so many others I have a hard time discerning between good games and games that are all hype. It's hard to tell when BGG fads are fads, or when you can feel confident buying a game. That's why I was excited to play Terraforming Mars at Trashfest East this year. Besides meeting a bunch of awesome people, and drinking the coldest cheapest draught in Vernon, CT, I got to see if this new game from Stronghold was as good as the internet says. Now I hope to pass on a bit of my good fortune by writing this...
MattDPMattDP   November 28, 2016   6011  
There's little sadder than finding out a favourite toy is broken. So it was with A Few Acres of Snow. After enjoying a few months in the gaming limelight, someone found out it was bust. If you don't know why it's bust you're best left in ignorance so we'll not elaborate. Suffice to say that even the designer agreed and proclaimed the game impossible to fix. And so a promising new avenue of deck-building design turned out to be a short cul-de-sac of disappointment. We all moved on. All except for Daniel Berger. ...
Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   November 14, 2016   3156  
Rubbing is not racing this time out.
1004 results - showing 26 - 30  
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