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Written by: Michael Barnes
#Newly remastered in High Definition!
May 23th, 2013
222. Reviews
Written by: San Il Defanso
#Periodically I look at my game shelf to see if there’s anything I feel I could part with, either in a sale or in trade. It’s a way for me to ensure that games I don’t play don’t sit gathering dus...
May 21th, 2013
Written by: MattDP
#Writing about wargames for the Shut Up Show made me think a bit about my opinions on this particular section of the hobby. Strangely, perhaps, for someone who doesn’t identify exclusively as a wargamer...
May 20th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
#If jazz can be described as taking an established musical form and applying your own subjective filter to it in order to produce something both familiar and new, then Star Trek: Into Darkness is very jaz...
May 17th, 2013
225. Reviews
Written by: Michael Barnes
#MoaM (Mummies on a Map) at its best.
May 16th, 2013
226. Analysis
Written by: San Il Defanso
#Readers who have met me in real life know that I live for social interaction in games. It doesn’t even need to be an element of the mechanics, just present at the table in some form. If you’re the ta...
May 14th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
#A person with an automatic weapon with a  rate of fire of hundreds of rounds per minute is trying to kill you. What do you do? Why you charge towards that person doing a couple of acrobatic moves and sl...
May 12th, 2013
228. Reviews
Written by: Michael Barnes
# Hey kids, look! Rebuses!
May 9th, 2013
229. Reviews
Written by: Ken B
#   Occasionally, I'll have to take a short leave of absence, so we can justify all the "Ken B.'s Back!" jokes.  Hey, what can I say--I'm like that dude in the movie Summer School who gets up for a ...
May 8th, 2013
230. Reviews
Written by: Alexander Awesome
#Conquere the furious river with swift swimming strokes! mind control bears and bald eagles! Get your fish laid! Wait, what? Come in friend and let me explain...
May 8th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
#I'm a dyed in the wool Marvel man from way back. Never read DC comics growing up but somehow I got a hold of a copy of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns in a graphic novel format. I was blown away. It.....
May 7th, 2013
232. Reviews
Written by: San Il Defanso
#Have you ever noticed how so many games put the player in the role of a tycoon? It’s one of the oldest settings, going all the way back from Monopoly to classics like Acquire and the 18xx series. It’...
May 7th, 2013
233. Reviews
Written by: MattDP
#As if the sheer, overwhelming power of my writing wasn’t enough to leave you punch-drunk, staggering across the page with confusion, this week I’m going to serve up short reviews of two totally unrel...
May 6th, 2013
234. Analysis
Written by: Michael Barnes
#Wait, before you go any further- go read Alexander Awesome's interview with Bruno Cathala about ties into my article this week in a way. I bumped off the top spot, but y'all need to go chec...
May 2th, 2013
Written by: Alexander Awesome
#This is an email interview with Bruno Cathala where he shares his thoughts on Cyclades, the Hades expansion and gives us a few hints about the second expansion for the game. 
April 30th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
#I am a nerd. I have always been a nerd. I will always be a nerd. Even when I do un-nerdlike things, I remain, in my secret special place, a nerd. A shocking revelation I am sure. This has many implicatio...
April 30th, 2013
237. Reviews
Written by: Josh
#What was clearly meant to be a joke now has a pretty audible ring of truth to it.  Someone would read a review and respond with something along the lines of, "This game sounds really fun, can't wait to ...
April 30th, 2013
238. Reviews
Written by: San Il Defanso
#In Kansas City there’s a restaurant called Swagger, where you can order a sandwich called the “Dead Texan.” This is a burger with bacon, lettuce, mayo, all of the usual suspects. But wait, there’...
April 30th, 2013
Written by: MattDP
#Well now, I bet that was something of a shock, seeing another Bolt Thrower turning up unexpectedly out of the blue. Much akin to the shock of being skewered by a huge spear from an ancient siege engine, ...
April 29th, 2013
Written by: Michael Barnes
# It's tedious to go alone.
April 25th, 2013
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