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221. Reviews
Written by: Ken B
# In the future, there will be robots.  Join us, won't you?
August 21th, 2013
222. Analysis
Written by: San Il Defanso
#Until this year, I think everyone had played Magic: the Gathering except for me. I moved overseas literally months before it debuted in 1993, and it totally passed me by. I never felt like it was a big g...
August 20th, 2013
223. Reviews
Written by: MattDP
#You might pick up a game clearly emblazoned with the legend "Rise of Augustus" expecting a wargame about the final wars of the Roman Republic. But you'll have been cruelly fooled: the game is actually ju...
August 19th, 2013
224. Reviews
Written by: Michael Barnes
# I got Iello fever!
August 15th, 2013
Written by: Brad Harmer
In this book review edition of Claymore Division, Brad and Ömer rate and discuss "The Nazi Occult", "Myths and Legends: Thor" and "Catch That Tiger". 0ySHaDz6WC0
August 14th, 2013
226. Reviews
Written by: San Il Defanso
# I’m so over the entire genre of cooperative games. I’ve seen too many of them fall into the same traps to ever have too much faith in them. This is not because of the “quarterback problem,” so ...
August 13th, 2013
Written by: MattDP
#[Insert siege engine related pun here] Board Games The latest piece of mine to have slithered onto Shut Up & Sit down is a review of Bowen Simmon’s long-awaited Guns of Gettysburg. It’s good, very ...
August 12th, 2013
228. Reviews
Written by: Ken B
#   Come on in for this week's Next of Ken, where it's a double-dip of Guildhall and its expansion, Guildhall: Guild Harder.  Wait, I mean Guilhall: Job Faire.  There hasn't been this much talk of "c...
August 7th, 2013
229. Reviews
Written by: San Il Defanso
#Klaus Teuber will always be best known for his greatest contribution to gaming, The Settlers of Catan. It makes sense, because pretty much everyone who’s in the hobby has owned a copy at some point, or...
August 6th, 2013
230. Reviews
Written by: Michael Barnes
# Hope you got a preorder in...
August 1th, 2013
231. Humor
Written by: San Il Defanso
#It’s a common misconception that when you have kids, you don’t have much time to play games. This is untrue: you don’t actually have time to do anything. Oh you may pretend that you still get to pl...
July 30th, 2013
232. Reviews
Written by: MattDP
#Pandemic was the co-operative game that launched a thousand flabby imitators. The genre became fashionable and designers and publishers started churning out identikit games to satisfy the kind of uncriti...
July 29th, 2013
233. Reviews
Written by: Michael Barnes
#Almost there...
July 25th, 2013
234. Reviews
Written by: Ken B
#   Back this week with a very Wizards of the Coast-centric Next of Ken, where I'm talking about Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 and the Kaijudo TCG.  Join us, won't you?  
July 24th, 2013
235. Reviews
Written by: San Il Defanso
#Sometimes reviewers have to write up what they know, and call it a day. There’s a kind of nebulous pressure to get a review out quickly, and usually that’s fine. If you play a game 3-4 times, you alm...
July 23th, 2013
236. Reviews
Written by: MattDP
#The world is full of things that should not work, but somehow do: pineapple on Pizza, or mixing opera and hip-hop, or making jokes about death. Some examples are personal, others largely universal. And t...
July 22th, 2013
237. Reviews
Written by: Michael Barnes
# DLC!
July 18th, 2013
Written by: MattDP
#There’s nothing imaginary about this edition of Bolt Thrower. It’s huge. Board games So this Bolt Thrower is bought to you courtesy of Shut Up & Sit Down allowing me to review monster wargame It Ne...
July 15th, 2013
239. Reviews
Written by: Michael Barnes
#Oh, Steampunk...
July 11th, 2013
240. Analysis
Written by: Ken B
# Getting back on the horse. That's the hardest part, isn't it?
July 10th, 2013
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