Geeky cat names
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TOPIC: Geeky cat names

23 Mar 2009 15:06 #24196

Geeky cat names

My wife bought a cat.

This thread will be a combination "come up with geek names" and "guess the geeky reference"

Ideas so far:

1. Bubastis (easily shortened to bub)
2. Rygel
3. Schrodinger
4. Weevil
5. Feyd-Rautha
6. Admiral Ackbar
7. Nermal
8. Locutus
9. Zaphod
10. El Guapo
11. The Doctor
12. Captain Cat Harkness
13. Zalgo
14. Davros
15. Ulthar

And of course... my personal favorite, CATHULHU.
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23 Mar 2009 15:07 #24197

Re:Geeky cat names

Forgot to mention, he isn't grey so Grey Mouser won't work.
23 Mar 2009 15:54 #24213

Re:Geeky cat names

hancock.tom wrote:
Forgot to mention, he isn't grey so Grey Mouser won't work.
I'm pretty sure Gray Mouser was not gray, that shouldn't be off the table. Fafhrd still works, regardless.

Nermal is speaking to me. I'm digging that.

Ken B. recommended Rin Tin Tindalos in a similar thread.
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23 Mar 2009 16:02 #24214

Re:Geeky cat names

My first cat was named Floyd because he looked like the black and white cat in The Wall. My current cat almost ended up becoming Pink until I noticed the goatee looking thing under his chin, so he became Zappa (sometimes Shithead but that's another story).
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23 Mar 2009 16:08 #24216

Re:Geeky cat names

Was Nebuchadnezzar already taken?
23 Mar 2009 16:12 #24217

Re:Geeky cat names

Cathulhu is pretty impractical thing to call a cat, so now I am learning towards Captain Cat Harkness.

I need something that will overcome my wife's urge to name it crookshanks.
23 Mar 2009 16:14 #24218

Re:Geeky cat names

My girlfriend and her cat moved in with me two years ago. He has a fine name, Barkley, after Charles Barkley the basketball player.

Inexplicably, I have about two dozen nicknames for him now, most of which are both pedestrian and annoyingly cute, like Mister Meow and Kitty-Cat Boy. I really don't what the hell is wrong with me.
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23 Mar 2009 16:48 #24222

Re:Geeky cat names

Our cat's name is Ozymandias.
I understand and appreciate your contributions
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23 Mar 2009 16:59 #24226

Re:Geeky cat names

Our cats' names are Twonky and Twitch (from Robo Rally -- it's Amy's favorite game).
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23 Mar 2009 17:08 #24228

Re:Geeky cat names


me and my ex had 2 cats, called farnsworth and kif. farnsworth very sadly died young of a bad heart, kif is fat, and my ex got obsessed with the idea that we had to have a baby whilst i was happy with just a cat. bogus.
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