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TOPIC: Hearthstone Players!

Hearthstone Players! 13 Apr 2017 14:12 #246492

It's definitely a slower build than Ye Olden Zoo what with the Power Overwhelmings and Dark Peddlers fetching more Power Overwhelmings and Soulfires. I play a just right of goofy version with Knife Jugglers and Councilmen getting bonuses from Forbidden Ritual Tentacles. Using the Discard suite of Librarians, Doomguards, and Silverware Golems too, because I pulled a Clutchmother (she's OK). If I switch to Demons, I'll drop these themes, as they aren't Demon-focused; but I will get the 5/4 guy for 4 that buffs Demons and I like him a lot.

Will it matter though? Like, what difference does it make when Jonny Quest rolls lucky?
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Hearthstone Players! 13 Apr 2017 14:50 #246495

Not sure that's ever going to make a difference. But, like I said, the demons are a lot more durable, but that means not playing Zoo, per se. The Kabal deck is a lot more midrange than that.

As opposed to a stream of efficient creatures, it's more about buffing them (Crystalweaver, Argus, Demonfire, Bloodfire (which is amazing), etc.) Getting a Trafficker in play is like getting an Enforce in play for Paladin handbuff: they'd really like to kill her, but 6/6 makes that more difficult and she refills your hand on top of whatever Life Tap does. It's really weird how well it works. It's the first pre-built that I thought was actually viable and it, of course, contains no Un'Goro cards, so it's possible it could be tuned up, but I can't think of anything that would improve it from that set.

The loss of PO, the nerfing of Abusive and Juggler,; a lot of things have been degrading Zoo over the past year or two. I think the devs have kind of cycled it out, at the moment.
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Hearthstone Players! 13 Apr 2017 16:09 #246500

Recently I've had difficulty playing the rogue quest. If you don't get the important cards you lose and even if you do, all you are doing for 5 turns is basically nothing substantial. Meanwhile you're getting face smashed by hunter, warrior, etc. If you waste charge minions to retaliate then you don't have 5/5 finishers. It's kinda fucked, really. I must be mis-playing, I dunno. But it seems like everybody's playing real fast decks now. This just seems really narrow and can't compete when the other dude already has a full board of fucking 3/5 murlocks, etc.

Hated card of the month: All Murlocks

That egg that you sac with the bird that gets to evolve twice or whatever the fuck also is nuts. Good combo.
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Hearthstone Players! 13 Apr 2017 16:46 #246503

I got a friend into HS recently and made a weenie Druid deck that was cheap on dust and fast enough to smash quest Rogue and quest warrior. I told him if he played it well he could get to rank 10 with it. And to make sure I was right I did exactly that. So nice with the new setup where you can't lose rank at ten. Now I can fuck off with bad decks. It's hard to win with that deck at 10 anyhow because 10 is filled with hunters at the moment and their early board grabbing tools mess up my brittle super aggro build.

Watched the USA sweep round 1 va UK in global games. J4ckiechan was their anchor and didn't even get to play. If you go to Firebat twitter page he copied their decklist link their. I figured I would try out some of their recipes. The Mage I already tried and it's solid against anything but warrior. Dragon priest I can not make work nor their aggro finja Druid.
Cool story bro:
Playing quest Rogue vs a miracle plant Rogue. Turn 2 he vomits his hand into a 10/10 Edwin. Gives me a thank you AND a well played I have novice engineer, shadowstep and vanish in hand. Play the novice with my 2 mana. Draw elemental shard pass. Take 10 to face. Then proceed to draw ferrymen and brewmasters whilst bouncing the shard and freezing his Edwin until turn 6 vanish. Complete the quest and freeze his shit again post vanish. I loooove giving his engorged Edwin blue balls. So satisfying especially after all the times I was on the other end of some crazy underdog bs.
But ya. Like I said. 10 is rife with hunters and I would have a hard time playing quest Rogue to move up. I will just try thinks and not worry about wins until the last week and then reach for the stars. (Right)
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Hearthstone Players! 13 Apr 2017 19:25 #246513

Decks built for tournaments are not necessarily built for Ladder, because they can design around a banned class. You know you will never face a Pirate Warrior in a tournament because you can just ban Warriors. Ladder decks don't have that constraint, so they need to be more broadly applicable, perhaps. The tourney decks are still good, they still need to win, but you will likely see fragility against certain kinds of decks.

I also like the no-fall zones. I angle for 15 or so, and will usually make it to 10 depending on a complicated function based on my boredom with good decks. If the good decks are boring (cf Pirate Warrior) I won't do as well. At 15+ you are ahead of the newest players, so you don't feel bad about just SLAYING some guy with his Gurubashis that streaked to 17. By season's end, I find myself amongst kindred spirits and all kinds of halfway decent weird shit settles into this 15-10 zone. "We ain't going to get to Legend, so let's see if Blessed Champion can work!" "How many ways can I get Burgly Bully into play?" "No one ever plays Gruul, why is that?"
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Hearthstone Players! 13 Apr 2017 21:18 #246525

Yes of course tourney decks, the bans, blah blah. I made the same point myself on here in the past year.
But. If you were following the global games you would know there are no banned anything and each team submits a deck for all 9 classes. Each player plays one of two different classes they were assigned on the team head to head against the other team. First team to 3 wins takes the series. If the teams tie 2-2 after each of the 4 members has played one of his two decks. Then the anchor plays best of 3 against the other anchor using his original two and the ninth class nobody got.

And so, now you know. These decks are designed to be good against whatever. And the lists are not known before the tourney. So when you t up against warrior you don't know aggro or control

Last two Firebat videos he is playing amnesiasc Shaman deck from this tourney to check it out. It works.
I couldn't do anything with the dragon priest and their Druid w murloc is way slower than mine. Too slow for my tastes. I probably suck at piloting their shit. But they swept U.K. And that's all that matters. Amnesiasc opened w Shaman. Firebat followed Pirate Warrior and Dog finished with Druid where he played Finja on curve, which as we all know triples your win rate. The Mage deck is solid and I have won many games with it already.
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Hearthstone Players! 14 Apr 2017 14:33 #246572

Climbing with Midrange Shaman with an Elemental theme. Does some Jade stuff too, but doesn't get nuts about it. I think Jade 4/4's and 5/5's are all you need to get over the top. The rest is board control good stuff, with Blodlust finisher, exploiting the Shaman-recover-on-the-board skills. Weirdest include is recommended by Hotform: Lotus Agents. It's been working so far, mostly getting direct damage from Rogue, but it got me Druid of the Claw against Priest that stymied them badly.

2x Firefly (Elemental)
2x Flametongue Totem (Burst)
2x Jade Claws (Jade, burst)
2x Maelstrom Portal (Board control)
2x Primalfin Totem (Dudes)
2x Hex (Board Control)
2x Lightning Storm (Board control)
1x Mana Tide Totem (Draw)
2x Stonehill Defender (Draw, Defense)
2x Tar Creeper (Elemental, defense)
2x Jade Lightning (Jade, burst, board control)
1x Bloodlust (Buuuuuurst)
1x Earth Elemental (Elemental, defense)
2x Lotus Agents (draw, ?)
Lx Aya Blackpaw (Jade)
2x Flame Elemental (Elemental, burst, board control)
1x Blazecaller (Elemental, Burst, board control)
1x Stone Sentinel (Kolimos better here, but Elemental, board control)
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Hearthstone Players! 14 Apr 2017 14:56 #246576

In a match of two terrible decks in the low low ranks, I faced a Warlock quest with my Pally quest at 22.

Hoo boy both of our decks sucked. Adding Dirty Rat, Tar Creeper, Consecrate + Equality made my deck more controlly but not more consistent, as I got him to 2 before he stabilized with taunts and I could not get through. And in a few games with that version I never even got close to triggering the quest, as now there's too much controlly stuff.

Not looking good for this unusual excursion into constructed Hearthstone.
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Hearthstone Players! 14 Apr 2017 15:11 #246579

I've been doing pretty well with this Discard-Warlock deck, which I built because I got Clutchmother in my initial packs. It's incredibly fast - the fastest deck I've ever played. Most games are over by 6/7 mana. I'm up to rank 9, with about 70% win rate.

It eats Rogue Quest and hunters for lunch (my main motivation), but is really solid across the board. It's Kryptonite is Warrior-Taunt, though. Has no power to punch through the big early taunts.

1x Forbidden Ritual (may actually swap this out - isn't doing much)
2x Abusive Sergeant
2x Bloodsail Corsair
2x Flame Imp
2x Malchezaar Imp
1x Patches
2x Possessed Villager
2x Soulfire
2x Voidwalker
1x Clutchmother
2x Darkshire Librarian
2x Dire Wolf
2x Succubus
2x Darkshire Councilman
2x Silverware Golem
2x Lakkari Felhound
2x Doomguard

Most stuff is 1-2 mana, so I can usually get people out very, very quickly. Patches and Silverware give extra bodies as well.

Malchezar Imps and hero power give card draw, and then Clutch Mother can quickly get to 8-8 for 2 mana, which can be a killer around 5-6 mana.

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Hearthstone Players! 16 Apr 2017 14:16 #246634

Control Paladin vs Quest Rogue

That Control Priest deck is still my favorite so far, but I've been trying to get the Paladin quest to work and failing. I think it's honestly the worst of the bunch, which does Paladin no favors, since it's been the worst class since Gadgetzan. However, there might be something with Spikeridged Steed that recreates something of an archetype. Of course, everyone thought N'Zoth Paladin was the shit in the early days of WotOG, too. www.hearthpwn.com/decks/810683-control
I've seen versions of this with Elise, but I don't have her, so I dropped in a Faceless to try to take advantage of my big guns (Rag, The Man) or someone else's. It doesn't quite replace the card draw and automatic legendary of the pack that Elise gives (auto legendary in a pack in Un'Goro? Ironical!) but at least I know what I'm getting when I play it.

Despite talking up Stoneridged, I decided I wanted to start faster if I was, indeed, playing against Quest Rogue. It's worth it to sacrifice a Pyro just to keep another Engineer or Swashburglar from staying in place to be bounced. Getting a Hydrologist and then Tarim in hand was solid (and yet another mea culpa: I thought Tarim was going to be a waste when the set was previewed. He's fantastic.) Speaking of good Paladin cards, Hydrologist has turned out to be the best replacement for Mysterious Stranger ever. It's not OP, but exploits the Discover mechanic fully, keeping Secrets viable. I decided Kodo was more useful in the early game to try to get the Hydrologist back, but just having the Repentance in hand was tempting. So, funny thing on the Mimic Pod: He gets a minion, which is awesome. But he gets the one minion he kinda doesn't want, since he can't exploit other pirates now. OTOH, he can play him to try to complete the quest sooner. And Swashburglar gives him perhaps the best card he could have gotten from my class, since Quest Rogue is like Miracle Rogue: they want to draw early and often. Meanwhile, I've got a hand full of Control Paladin and he beats the Kodo by killing my Dude. That was a possible mistake on my part, since they're conscious of getting their 1/1s knocked out, but I wanted to keep as many guys available to keep clearing their board each turn.

The key to beating them, of course, is killing everything they lay down, because the longer it takes them to complete the quest, the closer they are to losing (see: Paladin quest, which typically completes the turn before you're dead.) So, unlike most Control decks, I spend every second killing everything in the early game, no matter how non-threatening. Stonehill Defender, meanwhile, is another spectacular control card. I get Tarim or The Man from him on a regular basis. In this case, a second Tarim for the moment when I'm facing 5/5s with my 1/1s is ideal. Strangely, he spends a lot of resources trying to take out the Defender, when I was still going to be able to kill the Brewmaster with my two Dudes. At this point, it's turn 6 and he's 2 away from quest completion and I decide to go on this deck's version of offense. The Knights weren't going to do me any good yet. Until one conveniently drops Blessing of Might into my hand with 1 mana left and I can erase the Teacher.

He completes the quest with a lone Swashburglar and I draw into one of the other defining minions of the set: Tar Creeper. At that point, I'm like "Fuck it. I've got a board and two taunters, I'm going face." He'd already played one Fan, so even my Dudes were going to have a consistent impact for the next couple turns without a topdeck. I also have both Pyro and Consec with an Equality in hand. What I didn't know was that he had 2 Patches and a Deckhand. My board disappears and I decide to clear his with the Pyro. Of course, just like the Blessing of Wisdom was the best card he could have gotten in the early game, Guardian of Kings is that card in the late game, when the quest completer is on the verge of losing (Maybe quest decks need more healing?) Spikeridged Steed, man. Makes him dump a bubble and an Eviscerate and I still have a 2/6 taunt. At this point, I'm at 29 with Rag in hand, so in no danger whatsoever. So, I'm going to clear some stuff with the Truesilver and Knight gives me the obvious choice. Like I said, I'm in no danger, so Strength isn't really a good choice for a 2/6 that's going to die anyway. Adaptation is a crapshoot. So Repentance is the only real option. I will say that him Shadowstepping the Guardian was both solid play on his part and aggravating as hell. Why I chose to get rid of the Engineer instead was just a measure of what was in his hand. With three cards left, he was running out of options. I didn't want that to bounce. Again, healing usually only delays the inevitable. If he can't draw into an answer, the game's still going to end the same way.

And then he forgets that Ferryman is Combo-based. He needed to play the Evisc first to be able to bounce the Guardian again. He gave me the "Oops" as soon as he did it. Then he compounded it after I dropped Rag by going face with the Guardian instead of using it and the Evisc to remove the guy healing me for 8/turn and doing 8 damage to him. After that, it's game over and he gave me the "Well played."
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Hearthstone Players! 16 Apr 2017 20:05 #246646

Jackwraith wrote:
(and yet another mea culpa: I thought Tarim was going to be a waste when the set was previewed. He's fantastic.

FWIW, I figured Tarim was going to be good as I was bitching about him being bad, but what else are you going to do when you're waiting for an expansion to drop? I wanted to get in on some of that sweet, incorrect predictions action...

That being said, it appears that, while Quest Paladin might not be viable, at least they've released buff synergy cards that address buffs' weaknesses. Hydrologist not only gives you flexibility, but it also frees up a card slot that would otherwise be taken up by an otherwise mediocre secret. Primalfin Champion lets your buffs cycle themselves so you can gain in value what you lose in tempo. And Spikeridged Steed is a bonkers and more annoying Sludge Belcher: a minimum 3/7 with taunt that spawns a 2/6 with taunt when it dies? Yes, please.

I'm playing Trump's midrange Paladin where I'm using Lay on Hands in place of Light Rag and it works well, though it's slow.

Today I built Kripp's N'Zoth Control Rogue with Xaril and Sherazin with a Journey Below in place of Patches. After a forgettable first game where I put on a clinic of how not to play Dirty Rat, I had an epic game against a Mage where I was able to get Sherazin to go off:


I chose Shieldbearer from Stonehill Defender on Turn 3 to better proc Sherazin revivals in future turns, played Sherazin on Turn 4, and then I took a chance and ceded some tempo on Turn 5 so I could play Shadowcaster on Sherazin. Between Fire Fly, Swashburgler, Shieldbearer, Igneous Elemental and Xaril I was able to revive dual Sherazins six(!) times, and that was before I revived three Sherazins with N'Zoth on Turn 18. I fought through two Blizzards, a Volcanic Potion, two Flamestrikes, a Kazakus potion, Soggoth and two Ice Blocks; but my favorite moment was when I was able to lure Alex out with Dirty Rat and kill her on the same turn with a couple of Xaril's +3 attack potions.

While I may not have been playing against the most finely-tuned of Mage decks, all the AOE I faced was a good stress test and I couldn't believe how many Sherazin revivals I had when I went back and counted them. I wouldn't have believed that many was possible.
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Hearthstone Players! 16 Apr 2017 22:31 #246649

Ha. That's awesome. I saw Kripp's video on that deck a couple days ago. It's hilarious. I think you made all the right choices, honestly. I might have daggered the Blood Knight on turn 9 instead of hitting face, just to insure that the Knight would die against the Rat, but he ended up dropping the Volcanic, anyway. That's some serious bullshit that Cabal drops not only another Block but a Barrier in his hand, but you definitely got the luck repaid when you Ratted Alex.

As for Paladin, I like that they've included things like Hydrologist and Primalfin for what they provide. I don't really like that they're Murlocs, since I've never been fond of the deck in any class (and I lack Finja, so can't really play it on ladder.) But it seems like some of what they were trying to introduce is half-assed again. Paladin handbuff was the most glaring failure of deck types in Gadgetzan... and they basically did nothing to support it with Un'Goro. I've seen people try to combo the Grimestreet gang with Kaleidosaur. Hell, I tried it. It just utterly lacks focus and you ended up either buffing your board or buffing your hand, either wholly or halfway, and not accomplishing much of anything. I like that they reemphasized Dudes with things like Lost in the Jungle, Lightfused Stegadon, and Vinecleaver, but the fact is that the entire meta is so geared toward removing pirates and, now, Rogue's 1-drops that Dudes getting wrecked is a natural progression. The entire current meta is basically oriented around making Paladin's hero power worthless and making sure that all those cards that they added to enhance it are not workable. Maybe it will change, but I have a hard time seeing it.
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