F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade... RESULTS!
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TOPIC: F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade... RESULTS!

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F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade... RESULTS!

When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like that: "Have ya paid your dues, Jack?" "Yessir, the games are in the mail."

A lot of the boring parts of this were stolen direct from Jeb, written before his beautiful green eyes got him sacrificed in the pursuit of eternal life by some ancient Chinese demon man…

This thread runs a "math trade"--a computer assisted algorithm to determine the best possible combination of trades so everyone ends up with games they want, even if not trading one-to-one. People will submit cryptically formatted lists to me that I send over to Egg Shen who uses his wizardly powers to figure out who gets what.

An example would be:

Matt WANTS a tray of Maker’s Mark and HAS Reef Encounter
Barnes WANTS Reef Encounter and HAS a lot of shitty opinions
Uba WANTS a lot of shitty opinions and HAS a tray of Maker’s Mark
Jack Burton just wants his fucking truck back.

I’ll consult with the powers of a six demon bag and my man Egg Shen will let me know that I should send my Reef Encounter to Barnes. Barnes will send his shitty opinions to Uba. Uba will send a tray of Maker’s Mark to me. Everyone ends up happy. Except all the rest of us who have to read Barnes’ opinions.

Gracie Law, attorney at law, wants to assure citizens that are new to these kind of trades that you can't get something back that you don't actually want, and want specifically for that item. If no one offers anything you want, just don't submit a want list for that item--it will not be traded away.

+++++ RULES +++++

You can post games you are willing to trade away immediately. To do so, in your FIRST reply to this thread: Enter your name, your location, how much shipping you are willing to cover and your games and their condition. You can edit this reply until the "closed for submission" time to add more games, but once I add the game to the master list in this post, YOU CANNOT REMOVE IT until the trades are finalized. If you remove an item after it has been added to the list, Lo Pan will send the Three Storms after you to drag you to the hell of the upside-down sinners.

GAMES FOR TRADE: Matt Loter, 06812, USA – I’ll cover the first $10 to ship everywhere.
• DUNE – FFG 2011 edition. New in shrink!

• Gherkin Jerkin – Hans im Gluck. Very rare import. Well loved player’s copy.

The closed for submission time is January 11th 11pm EST

Want lists for each item you've added to the list are due by January 13th 11pm EST

Feel free to submit want lists early. All want lists are to be PMed to my account here (Matt Loter).

This isn't a no shipping trade. People from the mystical Chinese underground might very well participate. Please state your shipping status in your Games For Trade post. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Shipping is a big deal. If you live in New York, and you put a game from the mystical realm between heaven and earth on your Want List, BE PREPARED TO PAY FOR A SUBSTANTIAL CHUNK OF THE COST OF HAVING GAMES SHIPPED TO YOU. If someone offers "free shipping globally!" they are going to pay a frigging fortune shipping games--that's their prerogative. On the other hand, you cannot opt out of shipping internationally. You should set an upper bound on what you're willing to spend, and chase the recipient for the extra you'll need to get it to her. (Another way to look at it: You will pay for having games shipped to you, but many games come with a cash bonus to offset the shipping cost. )

I am the ultimate arbiter of any disputes. By signing up some games here, you are submitting to this rule. I don't care if you don't like my decision. Don’t be the first jackass to get sent to the hell of being cut to pieces and added to the bad trader list.

When adding games for trade, you must describe the condition of the game, and note if anything is missing. If not noted, the game will assumed to be complete and in good condition. Also note if the game is not an English language edition. Please verify that you actually have possession of the game before adding a game to this list for trade. Seriously. Go to your garage and look at the game. Maybe rats ate some pieces or something. TAKE A LOOK. If it's a video game, note what system it's for and whether or not you have the box and manual and so forth. Lean towards being more informative rather than less. LORD OF THE RINGS is not super helpful, for example. The Knizia boardgame? Some flavor of video game? A nice set of the books?

Please use the following format for your Want Lists:

(FAT_Username) Your_Game_Number : Game_wanted_#1 Game_wanted_#2 Game_wanted_#3 &c.
A possible list might look like this:

(MattLoter) 1 : 14 18 19
(MattLoter) 11 : 14 18 19 22 26 7
(MattLoter) 12 : 14
(MattLoter) 16 :

This means I have four games to trade away: 1, 11, 12 and 16. My game 16 is very dear to me and there was nothing I wanted to trade for. Oh well. Game 12 I could part with for game 14. Game 1 could go for Game 14, 18, or 19. And Game 11 I want to move along, so I'll take any of the six games listed for it.

Egg Shen, in addition to being a wizard, is surprisingly adept at computers too, he’s gonna load up TradeMaximiser 1.4 in his six demon bag with the following options…

LINEAR-PRIORITIES: Use the 1,2,3,4,... priority scheme.
SMALL-STEP=1: Adjust how priorities change between successive entries in a want list. (The default value is 1.)
BIG-STEP=9: Adjust how priorities change for each semicolon in a want list. (The default value is 9.)
REQUIRE-COLONS: Make colons mandatory for every want list.
REQUIRE-USERNAMES: Make usernames mandatory for every want list.
ITERATIONS=100: If set to a number larger than 1, then use randomization to find num different solutions, keeping the solution with the best sum-of-squares metric. Note that all of the solutions will have the same number of trades and the same total cost.
ALLOW-DUMMIES: Allow users to include dummy items to protect against getting duplicates.
WIND-FIRE: All that kind of thing.

There have been some questions about how to best use dummy items to protect against getting duplicate items. Here is a big ass quote from the Trade Maximiser wiki page…

:pinch: Warning: Spoiler!

If you have any questions about any aspect of the trade, please let me know and I'll try to answer them quickly. And remember what ‘ol Jack Burton always says, post your stupid comments and questions to the blog (here), not in this thread!

Make sure to be aggressive with those lists, Jack Burton knows how to trade hard!

- Matt Loter: Internet Social Justice Warrior or Idealist Thug?
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Re:F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade in Little China

+++++++ FOR TRADE+++++++++++

(don't mess with anything on this list, if you don't wanna/can't trade it anymore just submit a blank want list for it)

This is the final list. A few things got added late so feel free to resubmit your want list if you sent me an early one. UPDATE: EVEN MORE LAST MINUTE THINGS WERE ADDED CAUSE WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET AGAINST LO PAN! (this will be the last update for sure though)

1 Conflict of Heroes (Michael Barnes)
2 Judge Dredd (Michael Barnes)
3 Britannia (Michael Barnes)
4 Kriegbot plus expansion (Michael Barnes)
5 Caveman (Michael Barnes)
6 Summoner Wars (Michael Barnes)
7 Chaos Marauders (Michael Barnes)
8 Gangsters (Michael Barnes)
9 Cosmic Encounter (Michael Barnes)
10 Caladea (Michael Barnes)
11 Bohnanza expansions (Michael Barnes)
12 Win, Place, or Show (Michael Barnes)
13 Carcassonne Big Box (Michael Barnes)
14 Age of Napoleon (Michael Barnes)
15 Shogun RGG (Michael Barnes)
16 NEMO'S WAR (Michael Barnes)
17 FORLORN: HOPE (Michael Barnes)
18 INCURSION (Michael Barnes)
19 Arkham Asylum 360 (Michael Barnes)
20 Arcana (Michael Barnes)
21 Dungeons & Dragons Red Box (Michael Barnes)
22 Star Trek: Enterprise Encounter (Michael Barnes)
23 Divine Right 25th anniversary edition (Michael Barnes)
24 Source of the Nile (Michael Barnes)
25 Prophecy (Ska_baron)
26 Doom (Ska_baron)
27 Through the Desert (Ska_baron)
28 Robo Rally (Ska_baron)
29 Coloretto + Fluxx combo pack (Ska_baron)
30 Settlers of Catan 5-6 player expansion (Ska_baron)
31 Wizard’s Quest (Ska_baron)
32 Wise and Otherwise (Ska_baron)
33 BattleTech CCG (Ska_baron)
34 Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Ska_baron)
35 KEY HARVEST (jeb)
38 NEW ENGLAND (jeb)
42 MYTHOS (jeb)
43 WII BUNDLE (jeb)
46 MASS EFFECT 360 (jeb)
47 XBOX 360 PILE (jeb)
48 DUNE (jeb)
49 Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition (Merkles)
50 Cash N Guns (Merkles)
51 Thebes (Merkles)
52 Cowboys: The Way of the Gun (Merkles)
53 Duel in the Dark (Merkles)
54 Aquire (Merkles)
55 Ticket to Ride: Marklin (Merkles)
56 Manoeuvre (Merkles)
57 Villa Paletti (Merkles)
58 Waterloo (Merkles)
59 Phalanx (Merkles)
60 Quoridor (Merkles)
61 Nuns on the Run (Merkles)
62 Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Deluxe Edition (Merkles)
63 Travel Blokus (Merkles)
64 Beowulf: The Legend (Merkles)
65 Scene It? Star Trek (Merkles)
66 Wahoo! (Merkles)
67 Terrible Swift Sword (Merkles)
68 Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game (Merkles)
69 Age of Napoleon (Merkles)
70 Red November (Merkles)
71 Dungeon Twister (Merkles)
72 Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! (Merkles)
73 Small World (Merkles)
74 Wallenstein (Merkles)
75 Die Macher (Merkles)
76 Molly's Mystery Party Game A Spy on the Home Front (Merkles)
77 American Girl Mystery Girl Puzzles (Merkles)
78 Prophecy (iguanaDitty)
79 The Lost Cause (iguanaDitty)
80 Final Frontier (iguanaDitty)
81 Circus Train + expansion (iguanaDitty)
82 Disaster on Everest (iguanaDitty)
83 Runebound (KingPut)
84 For Honor and Glory (KingPut)
85 Camelot Legends (KingPut)
86 300 the Board game and 300 the DVD (KingPut)
87 Shadowlords (KingPut)
88 Flying Colors (KingPut)
89 Rommel in the Dessert (KingPut)
90 Warrior Knights(Original) (Chapel)
91 Galactic Destiny (Chapel)
92 Nexus Ops (Chapel)
93 Terra Prime (Chapel)
94 By Force of Arms (dan daly)
95 Carcassonne The Princess and the Dragon (dan daly)
96 Here I Stand: Deluxe Edition (dan daly)
97 Clout: Fantasy (dan daly)
98 Viceroys + Viceroys Expansion (dan daly)
99 Grand Army of the Republic (dan daly)
100 Jena 20 (dan daly)
101 Legends of Football (dan daly)
102 Mohawk (dan daly)
103 Nemesis (dan daly)
104 Neuroshima Hex (dan daly)
105 Rage (dan daly)
106 Scan (dan daly)
107 Shattered States (dan daly)
108 Ticket to Ride Mystery Train Expansion! (dan daly)
109 Hardy Boys Book Lot (dan daly)
110 Pulp Action DVD Lot (dan daly)
111 Inspiring Sports Movie DVD Lot (dan daly)
112 Star Wars Movies (dan daly)
113 Oorah! Marine Corps Motivational DVD Lot (dan daly)
114 Battletech RPG bundle (quozl)
115 Teenager RPG bundle (quozl)
116 Fudge RPG bundle (quozl)
117 Weird RPG bundle (quozl)
118 Heavy Gear RPG bundle (quozl)
119 Palladium horror RPG bundle (quozl)
120 DVD sets 1-4 Futurama (lj1983)
121 Robotech series (lj1983)
122 Warrior Knights Crown and Glory Expansion (lj1983)
123 NEXUS OPS (SanIlDefanso)
124 TIME'S UP! (SanIlDefanso)
125 SPEARPOINT 1943 (SanIlDefanso)
126 IRONDALE (SanIlDefanso)
127 MONTY PYTHON FLUX (SanIlDefanso)
129 Iron Dragon (Jeff White)
130 Micro Mutants (Jeff White)
131 Bang! (Jeff White)
132 Android (SGT Dave)
133 Atlanteon (SGT Dave)
134 Beowulf: The Legend (SGT Dave)
135 Caveman (SGT Dave)
136 Cranium Hoopla (SGT Dave)
137 Fairy Tale (SGT Dave)
138 Hunting Party Copy 1 (SGT Dave)
139 Hunting Party Copy 2 (SGT Dave)
140 Lightning: War on Terror (SGT Dave)
141 Possession (SGT Dave)
142 Risk Revised Edition (SGT Dave)
143 Yetisburg: Titanic Battles in History, Vol. 1 (SGT Dave)
144 Gurps Lot (SGT Dave)
145 Modern Naval Battles: Global Warfare (SGT Dave)
146 Train Raider (SGT Dave)
147 Powers and Perils RPG (SGT Dave)
148 Middle Earth Quest (allismom3)
149 Hellas + Lifeboat (allismom3)
150 AH B-17 (billyz)
151 AH Gladiator (billyz)
152 Dominion (billyz)
153 GW 1st Space Hulk (billyz)
154 GW Chainsaw Warrior + White Dwarf (billyz)
155 Corruption (billyz)
156 San Juan (billyz)
157 Munchkin (billyz)
158 Pimp: The Backhanding (billyz)
159 Panzer General Allied Assault (Sagrilarus)
160 Arkham Horror (Sagrilarus)
161 Elasund, The First City of Catan (Sagrilarus)
162 Beowulf the Legend (Sagrilarus)
163 Through the Desert (Sagrilarus)
164 Cleopatra and the Society of Architects (Sagrilarus)
165 Gheos (Sagrilarus)
166 Richtofen's War (Sagrilarus)
167 Stellar Conquest (Sagrilarus)
168 Maharaja (Sagrilarus)
169 Watchmen (Sagrilarus)
170 Iron Man -- Armor Wars (Sagrilarus)
171 Astonishing X-Men (Sagrilarus)
172 Memoir 44 Med Theater (Morpheus)
173 Duel in the Dark with Early Nights Expansion (Morpheus)
174 Lord of the Rings Sauron Expansion (Morpheus)
175 Lord of the Rings Battlefields Expansion (Morpheus)
176 Successors - Avalon Hill Version Unopened (Morpheus)
177 Tigris and Euphrates Unopened (Morpheus)
178 Old Avalon Hill Game Bundle (Morpheus)
179 Junta (MattLoter)
180 Monster’s Menace America (MattLoter)
181 Clue: The Great Museum Caper (MattLoter)
182 Cutthroat Caverns (MattLoter)
183 Hex Hex (MattLoter)
184 221B Baker Street (MattLoter)
185 Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1 (MattLoter)
186 Arena Maximus (MattLoter)
187 Beowulf the legend (MattLoter)
188 Blood Feud in New York (MattLoter)
189 Dragonriders (MattLoter)
190 Elementalis & 3 mini expansions (MattLoter)
191 Munchkin & Munchkin 2, 3, 4 (MattLoter)
192 Niagara (MattLoter)
193 Nottingham (MattLoter)
194 Phoenicia (MattLoter)
195 Pirates of the Spanish Main (MattLoter)
196 Piratissimo (MattLoter)
197 Power Grid (MattLoter)
198 Risk: Transformers (MattLoter)
199 Scotland Yard (MattLoter)
200 Scarab Lords & Minotaur Lords (MattLoter)
201 Space Station Assault (MattLoter)
202 Sword and Skull (MattLoter)
203 Those Pesky Humans (MattLoter)
204 Thunder’s Edge & Thunder’s Edge Demon Canyon (MattLoter)
205 Venus Needs Men (MattLoter)
206 House of the Dead Overkill Wii (MattLoter)
207 Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes DS (MattLoter)
208 Jam Sessions DS (MattLoter)
209 Warhammer 40k Squad Command DS (MattLoter)
210 Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass DS (MattLoter)
211 Children of Mana DS (MattLoter)
212 Marvel Ultimate Alliance AND Forza 2 360 (MattLoter)
213 Eternal Sonata 360 (MattLoter)
214 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 360 (MattLoter)
215 Lord of the Rings Conquest 360 (MattLoter)
216 BluBlaze: Calamity Trigger 360 (MattLoter)
217 The Orange Box 360 (MattLoter)
218 PS2 Games Lot (MattLoter)
219 Walking Dead 1, 2, 5 (MattLoter)
220 Under the Shadow of the Dragon (Ken B.)
221 Senji (Ken B.)
222 Dragon Dice (Ken B.)
223 Space Hulk 3rd Ed (Last Alchemist)
224 Space Hulk Deathwing Expansion (Last Alchemist)
225 Space Hulk Genestealer Expansion (Last Alchemist)
226 Space Fleet (Last Alchemist)
227 Chopper Strike (Last Alchemist)
228 Back to the Future Card Game (Last Alchemist)
229 The Hunger Games (Last Alchemist)
230 Shark (Last Alchemist)
231 FaceEater (Last Alchemist)
232 Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear (Not Sure)
233 End of the Triumvirate (Not Sure)
234 Feudal (Not Sure)
235 Axis & Allies 1942 (Rliyen)
236 Demonworld (Rliyen)
237 Dragon Hordes (Rliyen)
238 Dragon Master (Rliyen)
239 Monsters! (Rliyen)
240 Rage (Rliyen)
241 Risk Transformers (Rliyen)
242 Hammer’s Slammers (Rliyen)
243 Spawn: the Game (Rliyen)
244 Under the Shadow of the Dragon (Rliyen)
245 Dark Horizon: Escape (Rliyen)
246 Highlander: TCG (Rliyen)
- Matt Loter: Internet Social Justice Warrior or Idealist Thug?
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Re:F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade in Little China


TradeMaximizer Version 1.4a

Input Checksum: 7359123e34b94ebca3fee858d26dbab7
TRADE LOOPS (15 total trades):

(MICHAEL BARNES) 4 receives (JEB) 43
(JEB) 43 receives (MORPHEUS) 177
(MORPHEUS) 177 receives (SAGRILARUS) 167
(SAGRILARUS) 167 receives (SGT DAVE) 132
(SGT DAVE) 132 receives (ALLISMOM3) 148
(ALLISMOM3) 148 receives (MERKLES) 50
(MERKLES) 50 receives (SGT DAVE) 145
(SGT DAVE) 145 receives (MORPHEUS) 175
(MORPHEUS) 175 receives (MATTLOTER) 204
(MATTLOTER) 204 receives (JEB) 39
(JEB) 39 receives (MATTLOTER) 195
(MATTLOTER) 195 receives (MORPHEUS) 172
(MORPHEUS) 172 receives (MATTLOTER) 180
(MATTLOTER) 180 receives (SGT DAVE) 135
(SGT DAVE) 135 receives (MICHAEL BARNES) 4

ITEM SUMMARY (15 total trades):

(ALLISMOM3) 148 receives (MERKLES) 50 and sends to (SGT DAVE) 132
(ALLISMOM3) 149 does not trade
(BILLYZ) 150 does not trade
(BILLYZ) 151 does not trade
(BILLYZ) 152 does not trade
(BILLYZ) 153 does not trade
(BILLYZ) 154 does not trade
(BILLYZ) 155 does not trade
(BILLYZ) 156 does not trade
(BILLYZ) 157 does not trade
(BILLYZ) 158 does not trade
(CHAPEL) 90 does not trade
(CHAPEL) 91 does not trade
(CHAPEL) 92 does not trade
(CHAPEL) 93 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 100 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 101 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 102 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 103 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 104 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 105 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 106 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 107 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 108 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 109 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 110 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 111 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 112 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 113 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 94 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 95 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 96 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 97 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 98 does not trade
(DAN DALY) 99 does not trade
(IGUANADITTY) 78 does not trade
(IGUANADITTY) 79 does not trade
(IGUANADITTY) 80 does not trade
(IGUANADITTY) 81 does not trade
(IGUANADITTY) 82 does not trade
(JEB) 35 does not trade
(JEB) 36 does not trade
(JEB) 37 does not trade
(JEB) 38 does not trade
(JEB) 39 receives (MATTLOTER) 195 and sends to (MATTLOTER) 204
(JEB) 40 does not trade
(JEB) 41 does not trade
(JEB) 42 does not trade
(JEB) 43 receives (MORPHEUS) 177 and sends to (MICHAEL BARNES) 4
(JEB) 44 does not trade
(JEB) 45 does not trade
(JEB) 46 does not trade
(JEB) 47 does not trade
(JEB) 48 does not trade
(JEFF WHITE) 129 does not trade
(JEFF WHITE) 130 does not trade
(JEFF WHITE) 131 does not trade
(KEN B.) 220 does not trade
(KEN B.) 221 does not trade
(KEN B.) 222 does not trade
(KINGPUT) 83 does not trade
(KINGPUT) 84 does not trade
(KINGPUT) 85 does not trade
(KINGPUT) 86 does not trade
(KINGPUT) 87 does not trade
(KINGPUT) 88 does not trade
(KINGPUT) 89 does not trade
(LAST ALCHEMIST) 223 does not trade
(LAST ALCHEMIST) 224 does not trade
(LAST ALCHEMIST) 225 does not trade
(LAST ALCHEMIST) 226 does not trade
(LAST ALCHEMIST) 227 does not trade
(LAST ALCHEMIST) 228 does not trade
(LAST ALCHEMIST) 229 does not trade
(LAST ALCHEMIST) 230 does not trade
(LAST ALCHEMIST) 231 does not trade
(LJ1983) 120 does not trade
(LJ1983) 121 does not trade
(LJ1983) 122 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 179 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 180 receives (SGT DAVE) 135 and sends to (MORPHEUS) 172
(MATTLOTER) 181 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 182 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 183 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 184 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 185 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 186 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 187 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 188 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 189 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 190 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 191 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 192 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 193 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 194 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 195 receives (MORPHEUS) 172 and sends to (JEB) 39
(MATTLOTER) 196 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 197 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 198 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 199 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 200 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 201 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 202 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 203 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 204 receives (JEB) 39 and sends to (MORPHEUS) 175
(MATTLOTER) 205 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 206 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 207 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 208 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 209 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 210 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 211 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 212 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 213 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 214 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 215 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 216 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 217 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 218 does not trade
(MATTLOTER) 219 does not trade
(MERKLES) 49 does not trade
(MERKLES) 50 receives (SGT DAVE) 145 and sends to (ALLISMOM3) 148
(MERKLES) 51 does not trade
(MERKLES) 52 does not trade
(MERKLES) 53 does not trade
(MERKLES) 54 does not trade
(MERKLES) 55 does not trade
(MERKLES) 56 does not trade
(MERKLES) 57 does not trade
(MERKLES) 58 does not trade
(MERKLES) 59 does not trade
(MERKLES) 60 does not trade
(MERKLES) 61 does not trade
(MERKLES) 62 does not trade
(MERKLES) 63 does not trade
(MERKLES) 64 does not trade
(MERKLES) 65 does not trade
(MERKLES) 66 does not trade
(MERKLES) 67 does not trade
(MERKLES) 68 does not trade
(MERKLES) 69 does not trade
(MERKLES) 70 does not trade
(MERKLES) 71 does not trade
(MERKLES) 72 does not trade
(MERKLES) 73 does not trade
(MERKLES) 74 does not trade
(MERKLES) 75 does not trade
(MERKLES) 76 does not trade
(MERKLES) 77 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 1 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 10 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 11 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 12 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 13 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 14 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 15 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 16 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 17 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 18 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 19 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 2 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 20 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 21 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 22 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 23 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 24 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 3 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 4 receives (JEB) 43 and sends to (SGT DAVE) 135
(MICHAEL BARNES) 5 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 6 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 7 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 8 does not trade
(MICHAEL BARNES) 9 does not trade
(MORPHEUS) 172 receives (MATTLOTER) 180 and sends to (MATTLOTER) 195
(MORPHEUS) 173 does not trade
(MORPHEUS) 174 does not trade
(MORPHEUS) 175 receives (MATTLOTER) 204 and sends to (SGT DAVE) 145
(MORPHEUS) 176 does not trade
(MORPHEUS) 177 receives (SAGRILARUS) 167 and sends to (JEB) 43
(MORPHEUS) 178 does not trade
(NOT SURE) 232 does not trade
(NOT SURE) 233 does not trade
(NOT SURE) 234 does not trade
(QUOZL) 114 does not trade
(QUOZL) 115 does not trade
(QUOZL) 116 does not trade
(QUOZL) 117 does not trade
(QUOZL) 118 does not trade
(QUOZL) 119 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 235 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 236 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 237 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 238 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 239 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 240 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 241 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 242 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 243 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 244 does not trade
(RLIYEN) 246 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 159 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 160 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 161 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 162 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 163 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 164 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 165 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 166 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 167 receives (SGT DAVE) 132 and sends to (MORPHEUS) 177
(SAGRILARUS) 168 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 169 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 170 does not trade
(SAGRILARUS) 171 does not trade
(SANILDEFANSO) 123 does not trade
(SANILDEFANSO) 124 does not trade
(SANILDEFANSO) 125 does not trade
(SANILDEFANSO) 126 does not trade
(SANILDEFANSO) 127 does not trade
(SANILDEFANSO) 128 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 132 receives (ALLISMOM3) 148 and sends to (SAGRILARUS) 167
(SGT DAVE) 133 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 134 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 135 receives (MICHAEL BARNES) 4 and sends to (MATTLOTER) 180
(SGT DAVE) 136 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 137 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 138 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 139 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 140 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 141 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 142 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 143 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 144 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 145 receives (MORPHEUS) 175 and sends to (MERKLES) 50
(SGT DAVE) 146 does not trade
(SGT DAVE) 147 does not trade
(SKA_BARON) 25 does not trade
(SKA_BARON) 26 does not trade
(SKA_BARON) 27 does not trade
(SKA_BARON) 28 does not trade
(SKA_BARON) 29 does not trade
(SKA_BARON) 30 does not trade
(SKA_BARON) 31 does not trade
(SKA_BARON) 32 does not trade
(SKA_BARON) 33 does not trade
(SKA_BARON) 34 does not trade

Num trades = 15 of 245 items (6.1%)
Total cost = 138 (avg 9.20)
Num groups = 1
Group sizes = 15
Sum squares = 225
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04 Jan 2011 12:44 #83485

Re:F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade in Little China


Michael Barnes
1000 Willivee Drive
Decatur, GA 30033

Will ship anywhere, will pay up to $15.

- Conflict of Heroes- Contents are all practically new, but there is a split corner on the box lid. Boo-effin-hoo. I can tape it up for you, or I can provide you with a strip of tape. Call this the "Battle-damaged" edition

- Guardians of Graxia- This really is a good game. It's like an advanced Summoner Wars, and it has some decent solo options. Completely new.
- Heroes of Graxia- Deckbuilding with plastic figures and kicking ass. Pretty good. Completely new.

- Betrayal at the House on the Hill 2nd Edition- pretty much new, but it's missing the little boy figure. It was never in the box. I'm sure WotC can send you one.

- Judge Dredd- Classic GW take that card game with awesome 2000AD artwork

- Britannia- FFG 1st edition

- Kriegbot plus expansion- Expansion not punched. My HFC group said "no" to the plastic bugs.

-Caveman- Great family game in the vein of Survive. British. Plastic dinos.

- Summoner Wars- first four sets in a bundle. Both starters, two expansion decks. Great game. No one plays it with me.

- Survive- Old Parker Brothers edition. Great for the cheapskate that won't buy the new edition. Box is tore up pretty bad, but complete and in good condition on the inside.

- Chaos Marauders- Old GW edition. Complete with photograph of Steven Hand drinking a giant beer.

- Gangsters- Classic AH game with water pistol. I need something REAL good for this one. It never gets played, I like it a lot, but I can let it go for something really good. In very good condition, box slightly dinged up but not too bad.

- Cosmic Encounter- Old AH edition. Not sure why you'd want it, but hey. It looks awesome, and it has the plastic attack boats.

- Caladea- The "nice" edition. Fun game, review is coming up in a couple of weeks. Simple DoaM.

- Bohnanza expansions- you get High Bohn and Bohnaparte. HB has you build a town with bean proceeds, Bohnaparte is a simple wargame where you fund the war effort with bean sales. I think both are long out of print.

-Win, Place, or Show- Old 3M games edition with the vinyl-covered wrap-around board. Awesome, awesome horse racing game. Never played in these parts anymore.

- Carcassonne Big Box- I'll probably never play it again since I've got the iPhone version. This has all of the expansions up through The Tower, I threw a couple of extras in there though (The River II and whatever the one that has the King and robber is)

- Touch of Evil- Sought-after "Werewolf Attack" edition of Flying Frog's best game. Box is trashed but intact, contents are pristine and like new. YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE!

- Age of Napoleon- Great CDWG from Phalanx, box is wrecked but intact and contents good

- Shogun- Rio Grande Games' English edition of the Japanese version of Wallenstein- complete, great shape, practically new (yes, I'm gunning for Merkles' Wallenstein)

- NEMO'S WAR- Victory Point Games' best title. Includes expansion.

- FORLORN: HOPE- Victory Point Games' mini- SPACE HULK clone. Pretty great stuff, and you can pack it in a folder on a business trip. I did it, and so can you.

- INCURSION- Awesome Grindhouse Games nazi zombie bust'em up. I love it, but Earth Reborn is going to be played more than it over the next couple of months. Willing to trade for something GREAT.

- Arkham Asylum (360)- Merrrrrrkles....Merrrrrrrkles...

- Arcana- AEG/Dust Games deckbuilding game

- Dungeons & Dragons- new redbox starter set, unpunched...thought I'd play it...didn't.

- Star Trek: Enterprise Encounter- EON-designed Trek card game for four...really fun, ultra nerdy title from West End Games circa 1985

- Divine Right 25th anniversary edition- Missing 11 easily replaced counters; includes CD with full countersheets. Otherwise, unpunched/unplayed!

- Source of the Nile- extremely cool-looking AH adventure game that I doubt will ever get played. Game is in great shape, but box is ratty & smelly.
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04 Jan 2011 15:55 #83493

Re:F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade in Little China

Jonathan Yonce - Virginia, 24407
I'm up for the first 10 bucks shipping to wherever


Prophecy - played once, like new. Zman Edition. This baby's OOP and I think mine's the only copy for sale on BGG.

Doom - base game only. Been played a few times but still spanking new!

Through the Desert – played, like new

Robo Rally – newer edition – punched but unplayed

Coloretto + Fluxx combo pack – both unplayed

Settlers of Catan 5-6 player expansion – punched but unplayed

Wizard’s Quest – old and slightly worn, but nothing major.

Wise and Otherwise - new, maybe even still in shrink


BattleTech CCG – approx. 600 cards. Numerous named pilots/personalities from BT world. I currently have 3 playable clan decks.

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – for DS (will have to check if I can find book/box, but should have it)
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04 Jan 2011 16:31 #83498

Re:F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade in Little China

Shipping from 91301. I'll pay the first $10 globally, more if it can go USPS flat rate Medium box.

KEY HARVEST: Actually looks pretty nice for a Euro. I haven't played it, but it's complete, all bagged.

ARENA MAXIMUS: Pretty cool racing game, but there's too much to do for my attention span starved group. Everything there and nice.

KNIZIAC BUNDLE: LOST CITIES and RES PUBLICA! You know you want them! Ah fuck it, maybe someone will screw up. Lost Cities includes a scoring track and some glass beads for scoring the shit out of this game. Everything present and accounted for; save RES PUBLICA coming with printed instructions. If someone wins this I am putting AFFENBANDE in there. You deserve it.

NEW ENGLAND: A bidding extravamaganza! With Pilgrims I think! It looks nice.

STAR WARS RISK: CLONE WARS EDITION! Helllllllllls yeah! Best with 2p or 4p. It's seriously fun, and the best RISK for 2p or 4p bar none. Folks that like 2210 are dumb. This is the game + instructions ONLY. NOOOOO BOOOOOOOOX. Nyet Bokz! Hey Internationals! I can fit this in a large padded envelope!

VILLA PALETTI: Dex game for kids, but not mine. They don't care for it. Pretty as hell. Would look nice on a coffee table. Complete!

MAGIC: THE GATHERING: A stack of Legacy/Vintage decent stuff. The good good stuff left last time. The fucking awesome stuff left before that. Here's the list, conditions and other stuff (foil, signed, foreign) noted. I'll thrown in other stuff that came in under a dollar like Impulse, Unearth, Crystal Vein, &c. It just depends what size box I grab.) You'll definitely be getting Mishra's Factories, a Skullclamp, 2 Erayo's, a grip of Lightning Greaves, and rarities from Portal like Hunting Cheetah, Plant Elemental, and Jungle Lion.

MYTHOS: The CCG set in Cthulhu Mythos! No, the other one. The OTHER other one. This one is based around telling stories and dodging phobias. It's really good and I wish it'd gotten more popular--it's a standout from the norm of wizards wrangling dudes and spells. This is a big box of hundreds of cards, mostly from Miskatonic University/Chtluhu Rising expansions. Also has the Standard Ed cards and some New Aeon and a bunch of Dreamlands cards.


MONSTER HUNTER TRI (Wii): Not up my alley. Complete, barely used.

GAMECUBE BUNDLE (GC / Wii): Pick three! Everything boxed, might be missing some manuals, I'd have to check. These will work with your Wii, but you need to have a GC controller and a save... cartridge? Thing? That chunky fucker. MARIO GOLF: TOADSTOOL TOUR; GLADIUS; HULK: ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION; BALDUR'S GATE: DARK ALLIANCE; SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE; X-MEN LEGENDS

MASS EFFECT (XBox 360): Complete and barely used. Not my thing.

XBOX 360 PILE: MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE + FORZA MOTORSPORT 2 DOUBLE PACK and XBOX LIVE ARCADE UNPLUGGED. Rough shape, but they have boxes at least. They work too, I have installed from them. The latter gets you: Bejeweled 2, Wik and the Fable of Souls, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Outpost Kaloki X, Hardwood Backgammon, and Texas Hold'Em.

DUNE. The boardgame. I am not even kidding. Descartes edition. English rules insert included. Mostly unpunched--some bits have fallen from the sheet. The box is big, even with the $10, you'll be dropping another $10 domestically to get this to you.
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04 Jan 2011 17:24 #83501

Re:F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade in Little China

Shipping from Iowa, USA, 51250.

Free shipping to the lower 48 Continental US. (If possible please give me a business address, a heck of a lot cheaper via UPS for games vs. the USPS if to a business)

I'll pay the first $8 to ship anywhere else (even to Quebec for Billy!). Recipient pays anything over that amount.

All games English edition unless otherwise noted. Most games are very good condition--but I know some people are very particular. The edges may be showing wear, etc.

*Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition Some minor shelf wear. Good condition.

* Cash N Guns. New. In shrink

* Thebes Minor shelf wear. Very good condition--played twice.

* Cowboys: The Way of the Gun Good condition -- played a couple of times.

* Duel in the Dark. Good condition. Lightly played.

* Aquire. New. In shrink. Avalon Hill 2008 edition (latest)

* Ticket to Ride: Marklin. Good condition. Lightly played.

* Manoeuvre. Played a few times...good condition.

* Villa Paletti. Good condition

* Waterloo (old sixties game) Box is worn and torn at one corner. Game is complete except for a missing spare Prussian-Anglo marker (they include numerous spares). Board is in good shape. Not pristine condition--a player's copy.

* Phalanx (old game) Box is dented and worn in bunches of places. Contents complete and in good condition.

* Quoridor New. In shrink.

* Nuns on the Run. New. In shrink.

* Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Deluxe Edition. New. In Shrink.

* Travel Blokus. New. In shrink.

* Beowulf: The Legend. New. In shrink.

* Scene It? Star Trek. New. In Shrink.

* Wahoo! In excellent condition. Alternate history of the Civil War where Lee had forced the Union to retreat at Gettysburg on the 2nd Day---leading to a battle for Washington D.C. a week later!

* Terrible Swift Sword. In good condition. Complete but for one counter (out of 2000 counters) that is a non-unique counter that will not impact game play. Box has wear. Large, thick box version.

* Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game. Very good condition. 1 is Aragorn deck, 1 is Gandalf deck. Sweetener: "7th Sea (1998) Two starter decks (not in tuckboxes)and a few other cards.

* Age of Napoleon. New. In Shrink. Phalanx Edition.

* Red November New. In Shrink.

* Dungeon Twister. Played once. Good condition.

* Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! Russia 1941-1942 (2008) Opened, never played. English edition. Excellent condition.

* Small World. New. In Shrink.

* Wallenstein. Queen Games Edition...German language. New. In Shrink (though shrink is a bit torn).

* Die Macher Valley Games Edition. Good condition.

* Molly's Mystery Party Game A Spy on the Home Front. New. In Shrink. American Girl game. You know you want it Steve!

* American Girl Mystery Girl Puzzles. "Solve four mini mysteries piece by piece! Can you solve the puzzling mysteries facing Kit, Molly, Kaya, and Samantha? Read each character's mini mystery, then solve it piece by piece. When you've completed the puzzle, turn off the lights and see the clues glow in the dark! Includes four 300-piece puzzles (1,200 pieces total) and one 12-page booklet. Each puzzle measures 15"x20" when complete. Ages 8+" New. In Shrink
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Re:F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade in Little China

Maybe this time will be the one I remember to send in a freaking want list.

Free shipping lower 48, first $12 elsewhere.

Prophecy: Dragon Expansion. Z-Man Games version. Opened but unplayed.

The Lost Cause: Victory Point Games's States of Siege take on the Civil War. IMO the most complicated States of Siege yet. Sadly not a conflict I really am that interested in, somehow.

Final Frontier: VPG SF themed "Euro"-line game.

Circus Train + expansion. VPG again! Uba gave it a great review, see for yourself. I'm only trading it because I can't seem to get my head around the rules which really aren't that complicated.

Disaster on Everest: Yet another VPG game. A solidly themed unusual solitaire take on hiking up Everest. Word is the expansion will be multiplayer.

I might bundle up some of these VPG games on an edit.
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04 Jan 2011 19:35 #83508

Re:F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade in Little China

Shipping from Hunt Valley, MD 21031.

Free shipping to the lower 48 Continental US.

I'll pay the first $12 to ship anywhere else (even to Quebec for Billy!). Recipient pays anything over that amount.

Runebound "Not a Mickey Mouse game" with 2 expansion decks with more goodies

For Honor and Glory Battle of 1812 Land and Naval Battles

Camelot Legends ZMan card game (recieved a 2nd copy from my SS)

300 the Board game and 300 the DVD.

Shadowlords! some how I went from 0 copies to 2 copies

Flying Colors Merkle????

Rommel in the Dessert Some peoples favorite bock game
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04 Jan 2011 20:38 #83511

Re:F:AT Arms Trade #5 - Big Trade in Little China

Shipping from Austin, Texas 78665

I'll pay shipping in the lower 48, and up to $15 everywhere else, recipient pays the rest.

Warrior Knights(Original)
- Played but in good shape.

Galactic Destiny - Open but unplayed.

Nexus Ops - Opened but unplayed.

Terra Prime - Opened but unplayed.

Probably noting anyone wants, but never know.
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