Trashdome - History of the World VS Britannia
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This is part of a series of bloody matches to the death. Show support for your favorite game so it will do better in the fight. You can support it by writing why you think its the better game and more importantly by betting (i.e. voting for) it. Please make it clear for when I check the bets later. You have until Friday when I tally the bets and declare the winner. I will reserve my bet for any tie-breakers.

Although you should be familiar with both games, there is no rule that says you have to have played both of them. The only rule in Trashdome is this;

Two games enter! One game leaves!

TOPIC: Trashdome - History of the World VS Britannia

21 Aug 2009 18:52 #38810

Re:Trashdome - History of the World VS Britannia

Wait, wait, I'm still trying to find a die...
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