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TOPIC: What Minis Are You Painting?

What Minis Are You Painting? 24 Jul 2017 14:38 #251592

"Chamon, chamon..."

What are those small scatter pieces? I'm looking for something like those.
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What Minis Are You Painting? 24 Jul 2017 15:01 #251593

It's from the 'Advanced Terrain' line.

This stuff is incredible. I bought the whole unpainted set with the combo deal. It's sort of like tire rubber so it can bend, but keeps its shape and won't break at all. Perfect for playing with the kids where brittle, hard plastic like GW's offerings won't survive. Plus I can just dump it in a bin heroscape style. Again...nothing breaks.

I painted it up using that zenithal technique so it was very quick. Here's how I did it on one of the mage knight towers (Also damn near indestructible for like $20 shipped off the 'Bay). I did the same thing for all the Advanced Terrain.
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What Minis Are You Painting? 24 Jul 2017 15:38 #251594

After months away, I think I am ready to dip my toe back into GW painting. As my unpainted AdMech was literally stressing me out with the thought of painting that much detail, I have decided the Fate of Konor 40k event was a perfect opportunity to start with an easy to paint army. I decided on Craftworld Eldar because I have a big box of unassembled wraith units that I can use to satisfy Weeks 2 (Elite) and 6 (Lord of War) bonus conditions. For my upcoming birthday, my mini-human wanted to get me figures to paint and as she was enamored with the Gundam robots she wanted them to be robots. I carefully described the Eldar Start Collecting box as space faerie robots riding flying motorcycles, which was the coolest thing ever to her. I assembled three of the jet bikes yesterday and will hopefully finish the Farseer and Night Spinner (because the Fire Prism is not very good) tonight.

I am going to do a simple dark blue (armor/vehicles), orange (helmets/stripes/etc), and gray (weapons/equipment) color scheme that I can do quick. I think I will use strong edge highlights to make it pop to compensate for the speed.
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