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TOPIC: I tried VR tonight

I tried VR tonight 04 Dec 2017 20:31 #258628

Superhot looks awesome, the only thing I really wish I could try on VR so far.
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I tried VR tonight 05 Dec 2017 08:58 #258632

I just tried the Eve:Valkyrie space combat game and the dogfighting was intense. I felt a little queasy doing the rolls and dives. The fact that I can look around the cockpit to get a sense of where I am in the mix, is something that I have been wanting for years. A tophat selector on a joystick doesn't come close for me. I can't wait for something like Birds of Prey to come out for it.
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I tried VR tonight 05 Dec 2017 22:32 #258655

I've been an early adopter on VR, getting the Oculus DK2, and then the production version.

The production Rift is way better than the DK2. I'd occasionally get queasy with the DK2, but never with the latest stuff (except for some stupid software design, which is the game designer's problem).

By far the best experience I've ever had with the Rift is Superhot VR. That game is absolutely amazing, and really fulfills the promise of VR.

I've also had neat experiences with Elite Dangerous. Playing that with the Saitek X52 and the voice control pack is incredibly immersive. The first time I played, and I was in the cockpit of my spaceship inside a huge station and had to pilot out - it was like a religious experience. Seriously - the first dogfight in VR, when I could look over my shoulder to track the enemy as they flew over me was really cool.

Shame it's such a slow game getting from place to place. If you're playing on a regular computer you can check your phone, or whatever, while you tool around. But in VR you just end up trying to catch up on the latest commodity prices, which isn't that exciting while you travel for 10-15 minutes to the next star.

Other neat stuff - Edge of Nowhere was an early third person shooter, that surprised me with how visceral it was having the slime monsters right up in your actual face, and having to look up at the gigantic tripod dude - The sense of scale is so awe-inspiring, compared to just looking at your screen.

I still play VR games a lot. Very happy with the investment.
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I tried VR tonight 06 Dec 2017 02:34 #258659

I thank/blame you, engelstein, for giving me my first taste of VR. Now I’m hooked.

Lone Echo is probably my favorite overall VR title. An incredibly immersive cinematic experience where you are a robot on a space station near Saturn, helping your human captain deal with various problems and challenges. The way you thrust and pull yourself around feels so real, and the times I’m out in space freaked me out. Much as I knew I was standing safely in my room, my brain still felt like it was real enough. There’s also a peripheral multiplayer game from this called Echo Arena, which is essentially Ultimate Frisbee in a weightless environment.

Lately I’m playing almost nothing but From Other Suns, which is an incredibly cool and tough FTL type roguelike game, where you are piloting a ship around, doing away missions on ships taken over by pirates and robots, engaging in ship-to-ship battles, etc.

Robo Recall is a great FPS where you just kill hordes of robots, and you can not only shoot them, but also rip their arms off and beat them with the arms, or grab them to use as meat shields, and so forth.

Karnage Chronicles, Mage’s Tale, and Vanishing Realms are all decent dungeon crawlers. Superhot is awesome in this format, as already mentioned. Games like Headmaster and Virtual Rickality are clever and fun. The Invisible Hours is a wonderful way to experience a murder mystery story, seeing it from various angles and times.

And there are some truly incredible multimedia experiences like Dear Angelica, Dispatch, The Blu, Google Earth, etc.

Also some big “adapted to VR” titles coming soon like Skyrim, Fallout, L.A. Noire, etc.

What VR could use are a few titles that put you inside the worlds of some big licenses like Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR, etc. I’m sure that’s all coming. Piloting an X-Wing shooting down Tie Fighters, sneaking around the Death Star and blasting Stormtroopers, having a light saber duel with Vader... all of those types of things are already being done very convincingly in other VR games. Put it all together into a SW adventure title and it would be so amazing. If anything is holding that idea back, it’s probably that Disney World is debuting a big virtual SW thing soon, so they probably aren’t authorizing that license yet for other VR games.
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