What board games are you BUYING?
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TOPIC: What board games are you BUYING?

30 Oct 2013 17:33 #164116

Re: What board games are you BUYING?

Yeah, when you play it, please post something. It's one of the things I regretted cancelling when I cancelled all my preorders this summer.
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30 Oct 2013 18:54 #164119

Re: What board games are you BUYING?

Back from Essen, and while I spent most of the time giving demos, I did get an opportunity to pick some stuff up:

Twin Tin Bots
Mush! Mush!
Galaxy Trucker Expansion
Tzolkin Expansion
Neuroshima Hex Expansion
Robinson Crusoe Expansion (Voyage of the Beagle)

and my completely-insane-only-bought-because-of-lack-of-sleep purchase:

Whacky Wit!

The picture doesn't really do it justice. It's probably over 3 feet on the long side, with wooden pieces. The Pacman Whacky Wit figure is about 2" high. All of the 'dots' are actually wooden pegs that get pushed into the board, and there this funky mechanism that pops everything up.

Here's a (German language) video:

Couldn't get it back on the plane, so have it shipping back on a Stronghold pallet. Plan on hanging it on the wall of the new game room.

I asked the designer/builder how come he hasn't been sued yet, and he said laws are different in Germany and that as long as he doesn't use the actual character names he's fine. Seems fishy, but hey - it's not my problem I guess.

Also was great to see Zev out there, who was dressed like it was Florida the entire time, in spite of the constant cold wind and rain.
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30 Oct 2013 19:38 #164121

Re: What board games are you BUYING?

Wow. Pacman the board game go figure! How does it work? Do players take turns? This reminds me of a French Canadian board game I have called Pichnotte, a flicking game with hockey nets on the sides and the corners that's played in teams.

It's not similar in game play at all to this, but it has the same big ass deluxe wooden board. (I have to store it under my bed.) Also please let us know how Theseus plays!!
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30 Oct 2013 21:30 #164125

Re: What board games are you BUYING?

Fortunately for me, that Pac Man thing has Frank Branham written all over it. Now if I can just get over to his place sometime...
30 Oct 2013 22:46 #164131

Re: What board games are you BUYING?

Jur mentioned that PAC man game. Said it was pretty steep cost wise.
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31 Oct 2013 01:17 #164136

Re: What board games are you BUYING?

Ookong popped up one of it's damn Amazon price drop windows, so I picked up Descent2E:Labyrinth of Ruin for $43.87(-27%), along with Elder Sign:Unseen Forces for $20(-20%), and also it was telling me the 2013 Pandemic was going for $29(-28%) so I tossed it in as well - I traded of my old Pandemic+On the Brink off for Tales of the Arabian Nights a few yrs ago. I haven't regretted it in the least, but some folks have expressed an interest in dusting Pandemic off and the price was right, so I figured what the heck.

Oh, and the above all swung in over the newly-abusive $35 free-shipping threshold, sweetening the pot.
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31 Oct 2013 14:54 #164155

Re: What board games are you BUYING?

I've just wrapped up buying all the Netrunner card sets. Who needs food, anyway.
31 Oct 2013 15:02 #164157

Re: What board games are you BUYING?

Jeff White wrote:
Tell me more about Navajo Wars. I've been waiting awhile for Apache Sunset, so I may look into NW in the meantime.

Let me second that. It just arrived at my FLGS for $64 Canadian. It's a solo game with what looks like a good semi-cooperative variant in which you have to cooperate for your People and culture to survive but only one player's Faction (Tribe?) wins.

I'm not even sure I have that completely right. It looks like a heavier (a la Phil Ecklund?) CDG, with nice artwork plus I like the theme so I'd like to hear more about it too.
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01 Nov 2013 19:20 #164245

Re: What board games are you BUYING?

Further to Navajo Wars. I'm still intrigued by this game, but heads up...it was a small design team and only used two proofreaders and a handful of playtesters. It seems to be a bit of a genius design (very heavy game though) and like Phil Ecklund before him, designer Joel Toppen is going to need a Living Rule book cause this game just out has (count 'em) 7 pages of clarifications and errata including a small error on the board itself.

Read them here.

I really wish game companies would quit rushing out half finished products. This was a P-500. I expected more from GMT.
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06 Nov 2013 12:25 #164572

Re: What board games are you BUYING?

Putting my money where my mouth is in those Brimstone threads, I went ahead and just bought Cowboys: Way of the Gun unpunched for $20 shipped.

I understand some folks think it's a dog, but I enjoyed my one play fairly well and I'm thinking about expanding/cobbling together a hybrid with the Cowboys component and the rules from the excellent free PnP Outlaws game. That kind of tinkering is fun for me.

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