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An interview with Adam Starkweather (Multi-Man Publishing)
Sagrilarus and flim_flam recently sat down with Adam Starkweather (adamant), the driving force behind Multi-Man Publishing’s critically acclaimed International Game Series (or IGS) for a wide ranging discussion about upcoming wargames and the struggles of trying to bring fresh ideas and approaches to the wargamer community.
Next of Ken, Volume 25: An Interview with Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games
This week's Next of Ken, I'm speaking with Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games, formerly of Nexus Games, one of the co-designers of AT games such as War of the Ring, Marvel Heroes, and Age of Conan.  With the recent news of Nexus going under and the founding of Ares Games, I took the time to catch up with him and get some answers about Nexus' downfall, the genesis of Ares, and future plans for many of Nexus' more popular titles.
Direct from Zev: The Z-Man Sale to Filosophia!
So in a surprising bit of news, it was just announced that Z-Man games has been bought by French Canadian publisher Filosophia. Is Zev imploding? What does this mean for all the great games he has in the works? Did Earth Reborn and all the dummies that haven't bought it bankrupt this once glorious publisher? I spoke with Zev and had him clear up a few things for us. We also talk about some of the new Z-Man releases to look for in the coming months.
A few years back I was standing at the World Boardgaming Championships looking at the games table in the open gaming room when somebody behind me said, "does anybody want to try out a new game?" The offer wasn't to play the newest title from an established publisher, this was an offer to play-test a game still in development and the guy asking was its designer. I'm not the biggest fan of playing half-baked games with strangers so my initial reaction was to stay quiet until other people claimed all the spots and then go back to...
Omen: Interview with John Clowdus of Small Box Games
When I reviewed Omen a few weeks ago, I was pretty excited about it. I’m still pretty excited about it. I’ve played a ton of it and I think it’s got legs – I’m going to be playing this for quite a while. I asked John Clowdus, owner and giant hand behind Small Box Games, if he’d be willing to share some thoughts with Men With Dice about Omen specifically and about Small Box in general. Enjoy!
35 results - showing 6 - 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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