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The Myth of the Good War
I read quite widely, but my literary diet certainly includes a fair amount of military history. Because I don’t read that much military history I generally prefer to focus on “big picture” books, the sort of thing that looks at history from a very high level, covering a campaign or even a whole war in a single book. Inevitably these sorts of books don’t generally dwell on individuals beyond the high command and spend virtually no time looking at conditions on the ground. I’m conscious this gives me a fairly one-sided and warped view of warfare but sadly I...
The Late Edition of Ken B's Still Untitled Weekly Column, Volume 2:  Cosmic Encounter, Dream Factory, Campaign Manager 2008, and more!
Come on in and read the latest (belated) edition, where I confess to not following through on my movie watching, detail some games played at a local boardgame night, and do reviews for Dream Factory and Campaign Manager 2008.  Join us, won't you?
Josh Look got the Astonishing X-Men Omnibus for Christmas, and all you get is this crummy review
Observant followers of my comic articles here on the Fort will realize that I promised more coverage of Marvel's Point One line this month. However, roughly half of the books in the line for this month will not reach my local comic shop in time for my article, and which ones that have, well...the less said of them, the better. Who doesn't love the X-Men on some level? When I was in the third grade, I don't think there was anything that seemed cooler to me than the X-Men. This was a bit...
General Video Game Rant - Video Games Are All Grown Up
Video games are just about as old as I am. I was just young whelp when pinball halls started to feature stand-up arcade games, and we were the first family on our block to own an Atari (probably because the other families on our block were retirees). I’ve watched video games grow up with me, from the Nintendo Entertainment System and the original Playstation to the Xbox 360 and the rise of online video games. And one thing I’ve noticed is that where old games were considered cutting edge if a disembodied voice could say, ‘Warrior needs food… badly’,...
Ken B.'s Not-Yet-Titled Weekly Column, Volume 1:  The Cape, Famiglia, Dungeonquest 3rd Edition, and more!
Hello, and welcome to the first "official" installment of my not-yet-titled weekly column. Today's contents: Thoughts on The Cape's cancellation and genre TV in general, and mini-reviews/sessions of Famiglia, Dungeonquest 3rd Edition, and Steam He got a runnin' start and bless his heart, he headed for the ground Summer Glau, who you may remember as one of theearliest stars of the Fortress: Ameritrash blog To the surprise of no one, NBC...
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