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Barnestorming- Simpler Times, MDMAVX, Jesus Lizard
Back in the day...
Are You Experienced?
“It’s more of an experience game.” Gamers have heard this phrase many times, which means it might be borderline meaningless. When I hear it, it conjures up a game where the process of playing it is inherently more important than the final result of who wins.  The phrase “experience game” is sometimes used euphemistically for a game that’s a lot of fun but might not meet some nebulous mechanical standard. In that sense it functions as a little of a backhanded compliment, though not necessarily.
Bolt Thrower #1 - Introductory Wargames, Byzantium, FTL. Vampire Weekend
Let's Bolt some Throws! What a great way to quickly enliven old, tired furniature. Board Games Rather than an actual SU&SD review this time, I wrote an article that the community over there kept asking me to write, which was a guide to introductory wargames. While there's obviously lots of games mentioned, I deliberately steered clear of naming a particular favourite, or a ranked list because I wanted to make the point that the best introductory wargame for any given person depends on the sorts of games and the sort...
Barnestorming- Monster Derby in Review, Rampage, MGSV: Ground Zeroes
Titan+Cosmic Encounter+Colossal Arena...but ugly.
Exodus Proxima Centauri - Board Game Review
I’ve heard a lot of arguments equating well-designed games with fun games, yet I have no compunction about separating the two factors. I can think of plenty of examples of games that were well-designed and still not fun at all (I can’t stand Puerto Rico, for instance), but there aren’t many good examples of poorly designed games that were a blast to play. Which is why I was so glad to play Exodus Proxima Centauri, because now I have a good example.
1429 results - showing 36 - 40 « 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 11 286 »
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