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People seem to like these lists. So here I am again with your yearly dose of statistical hype-mixture. I've actually made a table this year rather than my previous paragraph-based efforts, but there are still comments beneath noteworth games. Enjoy. A quick rundown of the rules for anyone new to the list. This is an average of the ratings given to games by people who've bough the "Ameritrash fan" microbadge on BGG. A game needs at least 30 ratings to be eligable. Games that have been in the top 25 for at least five years running are...
Next of Ken, Volume 81:  Genesis
At one time, I enjoyed the luxury of having several different game groups. I had a core of old friends who we would get together once a month and play the very best that Ameritrash had to offer. I had another group that met weekly at work and we'd play tons of what can only be dubbed "lunch games", lighter fare that could squeeze into an hour. And of course I had my wife and family, my wife being a champion that will give most games a try, at least once.
Barnestorming- Eight Minute Empires: Legends in Review, Legacy, Hearthstone,
More like "Eight minutes-ish".
2013 - A Belated Recap
Every year I like to indulge myself in a slightly more personal article about how I'm feeling when it comes to gaming and writing and the year gone by. Not too much detail, of course: I'm British and as we all know, the British never talk about their feelings, only moan about the weather, the loss of empire and how other nations constantly misunderstand our wonderfully self-depcreating sense of humour. But if you're expecting someting a little less insular and game-focussed well, you have been warned. Regular and observant visitors to the site will have noticed that...
Barnestorming- Battle for Souls in Review, Mushroom Eaters, Heroica, Clone Wars,
Heaven or Hell, let's rock!
1388 results - showing 36 - 40 « 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 11 278 »
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