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HeroScape: Dungeons & Dragons - Review
I used to play a whole lot of roleplaying games. I played everything from small-press rags to big-dollar productions, and I played Dungeons & Dragons more than anything else. It wasn't my favorite, really, it was just that it had more modules and stuff, and everyone knew the rules. Sure, I would have rather played Deadlands or Blue Planet, but when everyone around you plays D&D, you either play D&D or you play online solitaire. And I did love to play D&D, so that worked out.
Conversation With A Gaming Innovator #1 - John Clowdus, Small Box Games
I've decided that I am tired of seeing games produced by faceless companies and that I have a duty, as a journalist and gaming enthusiast, to bring you something you don't customarily see: In depth, conversational interviews with innovators in the industy. These are the designers, small-press publishers, and the owners of small companies that provide us with the games we love and enjoy. This will be an ongoing series, so keep an eye out for more interviews with industry leaders and innovators. This, as all of my interviews are, was by phone as I...
Power Grid: A Calculated Assessment
I've been wanting to publish a review of Power Grid on here for ages, largely because the prevailing attitude of gamers around here is one of undisguised adoration for the title which I find utterly perplexing. I tried playing PG because it seems to be a game everyone loves – my geekbuddies love it, all the Ameritrash crowd seem to love it, Eurogamers of course love it and it seems that it has lots of appeal to Wargamers too. I wrote up my experiences not long after as a review and, on re-reading it, it seemed that in spite...
Secrets of the Tombs - An Ameritrash Jr. Review
Secrets of the Tombs was clearly designed by Martin Wallace to be sold in the British Museum's gift shop. As such, it contains lovely components, including cards with photos of actual Egyptian artifacts and educational text descriptions. Other cards, if you bother to read them, have information about Egyptian mythology. I would expect a game like this to be a dreadful roll and move affair, or possibly a dreary set collection game. Surprisingly, there is actually an enjoyably trashy game in the box. In Secrets of the Tombs, players are archeologists, or perhaps just tomb robbers,...
Cracked LCD Countdown: Top Ten Games Under $30
That's right, it's time once again for the monthly Cracked LCD Countdown. And this one is really going to piss off you people who are totally OK with spending $100 on a board game. Because it's about being cheap, but smartly cheap. It's about games that you can buy for under thirty dollars are that are great. Somewhere along the way, the AT idea got mixed up with this crazy notion that games have to be outrageously overproduced in order to be good. That a game has to have piles of miniatures and streams of flavor text to be...
1442 results - showing 946 - 950 « 1 ... 187 188 189 190 191 192 ... 193 289 »
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