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Day of the Dead Energy Levels: Another Gonzo Tale of Gaming Fun
It was about one o' clock in the afternoon when the regrets of insomnia set in - I had slept too late yet again and barely managed to budge myself out of bed, shower - and get ready for what I was unprepared for - by far the longest game of Talisman I had ever played - but also the most brutal session of Tekken 6 I had ever experienced. But we did more than that, my friends, oh yes, we did more. First of all while I waited for my friend...
lil' chtulhu rules, erm rises
Nothing Like a good story for the little ones...     Lil' chtulhu is not a member of Fortress Ameritrash
Summoner Wars Expansion Packs - Review
I have to check a calendar, because I would swear my birthday wasn't for a couple months. It sure feels like it, though, because I just got the Summoner Wars expansion decks and I'll be damned if I didn't expect it to come with cake and ice cream, and maybe a lame office party where everyone brings whatever crappy food they either bought at the supermarket on the way to work or threw together the night before, except for that one lady who can actually cook but never makes enough for everyone, so that even when you're the birthday...
Cracked LCD Countdown: 10-in-1 Small Box Games Product Line Review
Here it is, my long-delayed review of _all_ of Small Box Games' "Pure Card" line. These games are all designed and published by John Clowdus, a guy that come to find out lives just about 30 minutes away from me. So yeah, full disclaimer, I've met and played games with him. I've even watched him down a bottle of Evan Williams and rhapsodize about the film ANGELA'S ASHES and fabricate a story about some house in Atlanta that had bleeding walls. He's a good guy though. These games are exactly the kinds of games I've...
Armour hot dogs, army men, and the “wimpification” of America’s toy aisle.
A recent news story from Rhode Island described an incident in a second grade classroom involving plastic army men. The students were making special hats to celebrate an event and one 8 year old boy created a baseball cap with a patriotic theme. The hat was decorated with an American flag and some green toy soldiers. The child was referred for disciplinary procedures because the plastic soldiers were carrying guns. Thankfully a school administrator with some faintly pulsing thinking skills remaining in his or her cranium stepped in to defuse the situation, but only after the...
1483 results - showing 946 - 950 « 1 ... 187 188 189 190 191 192 ... 193 297 »
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