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Review: Barrel of Monkeys
It was about three o' clock in the afternoon when I decided I would surprise the hipsters at my art school. We were just chilling outside, relaxin' all cool, until I suggested we play Barrel Of Monkeys outside of the school. Out of the woodwork, after one of the guys announced he was bored - I just randomly put it out there: "Wanna play Barrel Of Monkeys?" - to which Derek replied "What the f*** man? You serious?" "Dead serious." - I said. I pulled out the blue plastic barrel and he was...
So here it is, the world premiere review of BATTLES OF WESTEROS at This was a difficult review to write because I do think that the game is good. The problem is, I think FFG has completely blundered the marketing and positioning of it as a product- which I think is potentially disastrous since this is intended to be your first purchase in a new flagship product line. I don't know if this game will completely please anyone with its irrelevant George RR Martin licensing (which does practically nothing in terms of...
Hammer of the Scots: An Alliterative Assessment
I've had a long-standing interest in the Scots Wars of Independence. They seem to me to be graced with more than their fair share of larger-than-life characters: the mysterious yet pivotal William Wallace, the brutal yet undeniably forward-thinking Edward Longshanks and the cunning and valiant James Douglas to name but a few. It go to the point where I actually found myself taking a biography of Robert the Bruce with me on holiday: got me a few strange looks round the pool, I can assure you. Given my interest in the subject, I've been playing Hammer of the Scots,...
If E3 were a Board Games Event...
So it's E3 week, so Bill Abner and crew are all out at E3. Next year, I'm going to try to join them but for now it means that there's no Cracked LCD for this week. Next week, we're doing the first-ever published BATTLES OF WESTEROS review and the week after that will be my love letter to Small Box Games. I've got an interview with Jim Bailey of Grindhouse Games in the works along with reviews for a couple of Victory Point Games and maybe I'll finally get around to writing up HORUS HERESY after that. But oh,...
Fixing What's Not Broken
I have a review already written for tonight. It's pretty good, too, with plenty of crude, base humor and some truly tasteless nods to cultural insensitivity. I actually had it ready to post last night, and then something happened. Wizards changed the HeroScape bases.
1473 results - showing 946 - 950 « 1 ... 187 188 189 190 191 192 ... 193 295 »
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