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Electronic Versions of Games: Good for Business?
Here's a list of games...1960: The Making of the President10 Days in the USAAblaze!BlokusCitadelsGuillotineHansaJamaicaKahunaKill Doctor LuckyMr. JackSettlers of CatanTikalVegas ShowdownSo what is the significance of that list? If you answered, a list of mostly mediocre Euro style games, well... I wouldn't necessarily disagree. Some of those games I don't really play much anymore or have as high opinion of as I once did when I bought them, and a few I have since traded away. But the point is that I bought them... and more importantly, I bought them after having played a version of them on my...
Now I Truly Get Magic Realm
This week, I had an honest to god gaming light bulb moment. I was messing around with Magic Realm’s digital version, Realmspeak, for the 3rd time in a couple years. And it finally clicked. I can now safely Magic Realm is the most creative game I’ve ever played and maybe the best. There is not a single idea in it that is not original. That is why the game is so hard to grasp---because Hamblen approached every single question of design in the game unencumbered by other people's ideas about fantasy and...
Cracked LCD Countdown- Barnes' Biggest Bitches
I doubt it will have the earth shattering impact of "Top Ten Games Every Gamer Should Own", but I'm hoping that this week's Cracked LCD Countdown manages to at least take out a few major metropolitan areas. I wanted to go through and lay out my ten biggest grievances about hobby gaming, the industry, and the community. I "bitch" a lot, but it's because I think we can do better. "We" meaning everyone involved in hobby games at every level. Sorry, I'm not just not one of these people who thinks that as long as there's...
Irondale - Cards, Construction, And A Healthy Dose Of Conspiracy
Last night was an epic night of gaming for me. The wife was out at a Kentucky Derby party and I had access to a babysitter, so it turned out that I got to game it up from 9PM until 3AM, so if my writing isn't up to the usual muster, please understand that going to sleep at 4AM and being awakened at 7AM by my 19-month old can put a world of hurt on you. Last night we started, and ended, the night with several games of Irondale, a new addition to Small Box Games' latest...
Bending the Rules of Time and Space
Let's start by stating the obvious: Cosmic Encounter may be the best game ever designed. It has endless variety, gameplay that is consistantly surprising, and constant interaction. And if we can't agree on that, then we can at least agree that Fantasy Flight has done right by the game. Their 2008 reprint of the Eon classic was generally a very complete package. It had 50 aliens, nice components, and even a little variant called “Technology,” which was a great addition to the Cosmic spirit.
1461 results - showing 946 - 950 « 1 ... 187 188 189 190 191 192 ... 193 293 »
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