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Nah, you guys probably wouldn't like Grindhouse Games' INCURSION. I mean, sure, it's got Nazi werwolves and all in it...but it doesn't come spilling over with plastic miniatures and fancy terrain pieces. And it has old-time cardboard stand-ups if you don't buy the miniatures. That means you might have to TURN THE PIECE to see the picture. What a hassle! But I like INCURSION, and I like it a lot. I think it's a good value and it's a really fun game that totally holds its own againts SPACE HULK, its most direct comparision. It's streamlined,...
Phantom Leader Review
Having recently welcomed a second child into our family, I was quite ready to give up a few months of gaming time and I prepared myself by investigating a few solo games to tide me through the lean times. The trouble with the solo titles I usually favour - Arkham Horror and Return of the Heroes is that while fun, both involve a pretty hefty set-up time and indeed in the case of Arkham Horror a pretty hefty play time. I knew I was going to need something I could whip out quickly, play and pack away again when...
Terakh - Review
The reviews I write tend to come in one of three basic flavors. Your first flavor is the bland vanilla, and it goes something like this:This game was OK if you like this kind of thing. Here's a joke about boobs or the mentally handicapped.My second basic flavor is the beatdown review. It reads a little like this:This game is horrible, and the designer should be embarrassed. Now here's a dick joke.The third flavor, and my favorite to write, is the Big Winna review. It's kind of like this:This game is totally kick-ass, and you should buy it if...
Conversation With An Innovator #2 - Colby Dauch, Plaid Hat Games
In continuing this interview series, I contacted the creative genius and owner of another small-press game publisher, Colby Dauch of Plaid Hat Games. Colby has been immersed in the gaming industry for many, many moons and has worked on high-profile projects such as Heroscape, as well as his own product, the new and exciting game, Summoner Wars. His story is inspiring and really goes to show what a man with some passion and some big, brass balls can do when he sets his mind to it. He, personally, spent several weeks on the "Hotness" list at and his...
When he paused I knew he was a Cylon. He didn't need to do anything. Pause, Cylon. As he stuttered I imagined a brig door at the far end of the huge ship swinging open.Alright maybe you need a little bit of background into the group to appreciate that this has nothing to do with strategy or tactics. I'm a tactical guy don't get me wrong; I can work the decision tree with the best of them. But sometimes it's even easier than that, and maybe even more dependable. Commander Adama was Commander...
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