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Cyclades - Review
Ancient Greeks had it really rough. For one thing, no pants. I know the Mediterranean is supposed to be mild, but sooner or later, it's got to get cold enough to make you wish you had some insulation on the ol' man gear. And if the fact that all the men had to wear skirts wasn't bad enough, they couldn't do a damned thing without getting permission from a whole panoply of tempermental deities.
Myth: Pantheons - Now I Know What It's Like To Play God
AEG's release of Myth: Pantheons is very telling, to me at least, that they are a versatile company that can make not only great "board" games, but they can make some killer card games too. With their last release, Thunderstone, proving that they can produce solid performing card games, Myth takes a traditional card game, Spades, and injects a high-powered dose of one part "Kick-Ass" and another part "Screw Your Neighbor" to create a clever trick-taking game that delivers a solid, fun gaming experience.
I'm thinking about changing the name of my column at to "Barnes Bitches About Price". Because that's what I'm doing again in my otherwise favorable review of Conquest Gaming's WARLORDS OF EUROPE. It's eighty freaking dollars. For a game that ought to cost half that. I bet it'd sell three times as many copies with a lower price point. The problem is that the game is priced competitively with FFG products and other releases, so it's hard to fault the company for keeping up with the times. But it's the...
Twilight Struggle: A Deluxe Review
Anyone who pays much attention to my articles will be well aware that Twilight Struggle is about my favourite game to play in the whole world. Indeed I believe I happened to mention this last week. So it should come as no great surprise that I leaped on the deluxe version like a starving vegetarian grabbing a handful of lentils. Having now played a few games with the extra cards - and indeed having played many games in the past with a variety of balancing mechanics - I thought it might be worth...
Vegas Showdown - Review
I always wanted to own a hotel in Vegas. It would be totally awesome. The back rooms would be for rent, but you would have to be in some sort of organized crime to use them. The top two floors would be reserved solely for people who were hiring hookers. And every slot machine - and I mean every single one - would be rigged to never pay out more than a dollar at a time. I would be rich, at least until the gambling commission, the FBI or the vice squad took me down....
1433 results - showing 946 - 950 « 1 ... 187 188 189 190 191 192 ... 193 287 »
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