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Hex Education - Wiz-War: Malefic Forces Review
For several years, I’ve was convinced that Fantasy Flight’s greatest reprint was the outstanding work they’ve done on Cosmic Encounter. They republished a long out-of-print classic and made it relevant for new audiences, but they also support it with solid expansion work that keeps taking players deeper in the world of the game. Well, don’t be surprised if one year from now we’re crowning a new champion, because I’m starting to think that as an update to a classic game Wiz-War might be even better. The first expansion, Malefic Curses, is everything it needed to be. I can heartily...
Barnestorming- Galactic Strike Force in Review, Star Trek Expeditions, Fairy Tale IOS, Prong
Enter the Laser Dragon.
Devastation of Indines - Fighting Game Review
Before I starting writing this review, I had to go back and find the review I wrote of its predecessor, BattleCON. In case you’re wondering, I used the word ‘battle’ an awful lot when I write reviews. It took me half an hour to find the old review. For no reason I can understand, I found a review of a kiddie game called Best Day Ever that was the Worst Game Ever. Because I said ‘battle’ in that review.
A year ago I received a Kindle Fire for my birthday. I hadn’t asked for one and in a lot of ways I really didn’t want one, but I toyed with it a bit and realized that I kind of liked it. It was quicker to get web access on it than it was my laptop, was more mobile and generally lasted longer on a battery. Over a six week period it grew to be a pretty big presence in my life, and my traditional e-ink Kindle was more or less set aside. I pull...
X-Men: Days of Future Past - Tow Jockey Five Second Review
Do you like Chris Claremont? His writing style? His message and themes? Because if you do you're going to love the latest X-men movie. It feels like Claremont and I mean that in both the best and the worst ways possible. It's a lot of talk talk talk with a dash here and there of action and even that action is relegated mostly to the destruction of property. It's two themes are the only two that Claremont ever knew; persecution of "the other" is wrong and that people have free will in choosing which side they...
1433 results - showing 26 - 30 « 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 9 287 »
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