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[Boardgames] "Lifeboat" (3rd Edition) Review
You ever wonder what it would be like to be stuck at sea on a tiny lifeboat...with the person you hate the most...along with the person you love dearly?  And a couple of other people you could give a rat's ass about?  Oh...and apparently, whoever driving the boat is doing his or her best Speed 2 impersonation?   And did I mention the Thurston Howell  the IIIrd-esque stash of treasure on this little boat?Yeah, it's as screwed up as it sounds. 
Petroglyph's GRAXIA games plus some video games In Review
Pictured is a screenshot of Petroglyph Games' GUARDIANS OF GRAXIA PC game. You can go buy for ten bucks from It and four other games go under the pen this week over at
Venture - Board Game Review
I'm not in the habit of reviewing PDF products. For one thing, my printer blows through ink like a crack-head with an eight-ball, and nearly anything you download as a PDF is going to require like fifty pages, which means by the end, my printer will be spitting out blank pages. So I suppose I could take it to Kinkos, but then you still have to put it all together afterward, and now any savings you were hoping to score for buying an electronic game are chewed up in glue sticks and printing expenses. Plus, if your time is...
Ameritrash Classics:  Wrasslin' Review
I thought I'd take a break from reviewing new stuff this week and take a dive into my long-promised review of the Avalon Hill classic, Wrasslin'. Someday I plan on working up my own Ameritrash Essentials list, and I expect this one to securely find a place there. It's a game "simulating" the best of the 80s era of wrestling--when Hulk Hogan and his prayers and vitamins ruled the world, when mustache-twirilng "heels" would get their comeuppance at "Wrasslemania", and when wrestlings storylines were the simple "They're fighting because they HATE...
"We still found it difficult to introduce any imitation into our game of either retreat or the surrender of men not actually taken prisoners in a melee. Both things were possible by the rules, but nobody did them because there was no inducement to do them. Games were apt to end obstinately with the death or capture of the last man. An inducement was needed. This we contrived by playing not for the game but for points, scoring the result of each game and counting the points towards the decision of a campaign."
Heroes of Graxia - Board Game Review
Petroglyph Games is definitely making a name for themselves in board and card games. I think it's time for them to come up with a good slogan. Believe it or not, I have one they can use: "Games for your head." And when I say, 'games for your head,' what that means is, 'games that make you do more math than a certified public accountant.' The ol' cerebral adding machine is going to get one hell of a workout on any Petroglyph game I've seen so far. Even when they make a deck building game,...
Here I Stand Review
Before commencing with this review, I wanted to spend a moment dwelling on why I'm writing it. As a general rule of thumb I only write reviews for actual review copies but there are exceptions: games that I think have been criminally under- or over-rated and, in one case, because a game was a gift from a friend and they specifically asked me to. But I can think of no more compelling reason to write a review - actually a whole bunch of reviews - than to celebrate GMT...
When Eurogames and Dice Mix, Things Usually Go Badly:  To Court the King Review
One of the things that gamers tell themselves from time to time--a fallacy along the lines of "I really want a super-light adventure game"--is that they'd really, really like a 'fixed' game of Yahtzee.  However, when you put that notion through the funhouse mirror perception of a eurogamer designer, the result is generally disaster.
BETRAYAL 2nd Edition and QUANTUM THEORY in Review
Yep, it's Halloween and there will never be a better time to review the just-released 2nd edition of BETRAYAL AT THE HOUSE ON THE HILL. I'm also looking at QUANTUM THEORY, a PS3/360 game that I doubt any of you will ever play.
Spooky Trash-o-Ween Reviews:  Gosu
Last in my Halloween-themed reviews this month is the latest Asmodee offering, Gosu (short for "Goblin Supremacy.")  Designed by Kim Sato, it's a damned cool little card-based battling game of building up big goblin armies, then blowing them up real good.  
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