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[Boardgames] More Gaming Thoughts On The Run
Well folks, I've been running around like crazy the past few days, and since last week's round-up was well-received (and allowed me to get a lot of my gaming thoughts and opinions crammed into one article), I thought I would follow suit this week with some more not-quite-ready-for review discussions about stuff I've played recently.  Next week--The Big Yomi Review, I promise.
Earth Reborn in Review
Pictured is quite possibly the most Ameritrash logo I have seen in my entire life. It's from Earth Reborn, an instant AT classic that kicks all those games with the fancy pants card combat systems and "elegant" hybrid mechanics in the balls.
[Boardgames] Ken B.'s Review Round-Up, Feb 8th 2011
Alright, so I had my mega "Yomi" review almost ready and the !#$*& editor ate my review. So instead, I'm just going to rattle off some quickie reviews of several games I've gotten to play lately. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves. Fast and furious here, folks. Just some off-the-cuff reviews of stuff I've played lately. Bugs (Valley Games, 2-6 players, 20 min.) - Valley Games went on a spree late last year, pushing out several family and card games to supplement their heavier gamer's game selection they had...
Cadwallon: City of Theives Review
Given all the fuss that had been made online about the painted figures for Cadwallon: City of Theives it’s kind of surprising that the game hasn’t actually made that big an impact since release. It certainly hadn’t impacted me particularly. So I was both surprised and pleased to get an unexpected review copy of it from Fantasy Flight Games and doubly so because, with a promised 60-minute play time, it was a game I might actually have a realistic chance of getting to play face-to-face. And so it proved.
Bronze in Review
Pictured is Bronze, a PC game you might very well have never of. I might not have either, but Bill Abner sent me a link to a Tom Chick preview of it a couple of months ago. As you can see, it's one of those futuristic computer board games that shows up on a monitor.
Ace of Aces: Ameritrash in your pocket
Ace of Aces: Handy Rotary Series is the perfect portable, two player game. This World War I dogfight game has no markers or dice to lose. Heck, it has no board. The whole game consists of two books—one represents a German plane and the other represents an Allied plane. It is Ameritrash in a book. Both players start on the same page---but “see” the enemy from the perspective of their own cockpit which is a black and white sketch on each page of the book. Your mission: riddle your enemy with enough bullets to bring down the plane. ...
[Boardgames] "Thunderstone: Wrath of the Elements" Review
I know I'm playing catch-up here, as I have been these past few months, but diving head-first into the Thunderstone system has been a real pleasure.  Everyone who reads me and has talked with me on the forums knows how much I enjoy deckbuilding games, so know going in that I wear that proudly on my sleeve.  But thus far, Thunderstone's base game has delivered the goods.  So how does the expansion stand up?
A Weekend in Europe
As anyone who regularly reads my pieces will know, my opportunity for game playing is now severely limited. The only regular opportunity that I get to play outside occasional games against my usually unwilling partner is that one of the gaming groups that I associate with does monthly all-day gaming sessions at the weekend, and said group meets in the town where said partner hails from: so we can pop over and she can visit her family for a few hours (and get a bit of help with the kids) while I get to play some games. It’s a...
Merchants & Marauders in Review
Man, I don't like pirates. It took me years to come to terms with it. I could never understand why I just did not get excited by anything to do with them. I like cowboys, vikings, knights, ninjas and so on but not pirates. Truth be told, I even like space pirates.  Maybe it's the whole Carribbean thing and the fact that I don't like the beach or something. Regardless, this game is awesome.
Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh - Board Game Expansion Review
Game expansions are generally created for one of two reasons. First, they exist to extend the value of the original game and give players more enjoyment out of their initial game investment. Whether an expansion adds new stories, new mechanics, or new options, players can get more fun out of games that had grown stale and begun to be boring.
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