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A Game of Thrones LCG - an overview
After Matt Drake's Warhammer: Invasion review and Dragonstout's Magic primer, I figured I should pimp my favorite card game: A Game of Thrones, FFG's flagship Living Card Game (or LCG).
Labyrinth: The War on Terror Review
Seeing as I’ve been ranting on about card-driven games on a regular basis for some time now it should come as no surprise to anyone if I repeat that Twilight Struggle is my favourite game. But I feel the need to restate it anyway just in case someone should stumble across this piece as a stand-alone and doesn’t have any knowledge of all the other stuff I’ve written. So sorry if I’m starting to sound like a mechanical parrot, but there we go and frankly, it’s such a great game that the sentiment bears...
Flash Point: A Great Firefighting Co-Op game (in need of some better roles)
Flash Point is an indie co-op game, designed by Kevin Lanzing and published through the Game Crafter, where a group of players (1-6) fight against a spreading fire in a house, trying to pull out all of the victims before the house collapses. This review is based on having played the Java version of Flash Point (pictured below) several times. First of all, I have to say that the Java program for this game has got to be one of the best PC versions of a boardgame I've ever seen. My only complaint is that there's no way...
Nightfall in Review
Hey look, a deckbuilding game! But this time, at least it's less Dominion than any of the others so far...and I think there's enough new here to call it a "next gen" deckbuilder. Review is up at Gameshark.
Sturgeon: the Juniper Verdict
Some games are intended to make a point or to demonstrate a principle. Sturgeon -- published by Minion Games -- was intended, I assume, to prove Sturgeon's law, which states that ninety percent of everything is crap.
Washington's War Review
The first card-driven game that I ever played was Twilight Struggle. I fell totally in love with the card driven mechanic from the outset, but I rapidly became keen to know how the fantastic decision making and hand management aspects of card-driven designs would integrate with a game that offered true maneuver warfare rather than the gradual point-to-point expansion offered by Twilight Struggle. All the card-driven games I’ve tried since have come up short in some regard or other - too long or complex, too random, too little emphasis on the hand management side, but I keep looking. And...
Mansions of Madness in Review
Here we go. The Mansions of Madness Cracked LCD review. I think I mostly concur with Frank on most points, but I lack his restraint. Definitely a complex game from a critical perspective, certain to generate discussion and disagreement. It's the closest thing to Android FFG has released since then.Also, if you care, I've got a review of Koei's new Dynasty Warriors-gone-Greek game Warriors: Legends of Troy. Hardly Homeric.
Warhammer Invasion - Card Game Review
My wife is awesome. I'm going to tell you why.First, she's a trooper. She's had chronic, near-debilitating back pain since an idiot doctor couldn't stop talking golf long enough to do her epidural properly and gave her permanent damage to her spine. She has fibromyalgia, which was misdiagnosed by her doctor, who then proceeded to overdose her on vicodin and predisone. The overdoses resulted in a weakened bone structure, so that her knees were so weakened that they gave out while she was walking and went sideways on her, resulting in weeks of physical therapy (and she still walks...
[Boardgames] The Informalities of Formalities, and a review of Thunderstone: Dragonspire
  Sorry for the long title,'s a shorter edition today, talking about changes to come in the formats of my reviews and articles, oh, and a short review of Thuderstone: Dragonspire.  Short, because the review by Drake's dad was awesome.
Nile: the Juniper Verdict
Let's get this out of the way: Nile is good. I like it. Nile is also exactly the kind of game that's mocked mercilessly on Fortress: Ameritrash. It may as well be wearing a “kick me” sign on its back. This tiny box of 96 cards is freighted with a laundry-list of Eurogame signifiers, including (but not limited to):
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