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Barnestorming- Trains in Review, Skullport, Duck Tales, Serpent and the Rainbow
Frederick's War in Review
   A few years back I asked my personal historian Paul what the deal was with the Thirty Years War.  Why did it start, who was involved, what were the driving motivations of the people involved?  Paul’s response – “if you figure it out let me know.  I’ve never really gotten my arms around it.”  This came from a guy that could name the English and French monarchs off the top of his head in order.  The Thirty Years era was quite the complication.                 So when I stumbled across Hold the Line: Frederick’s War late...
Barnestorming- Pathfinder Adventure Card Game in Review, Solomon Kane, Slint
I present you this week's GOTY.
Next of Ken, Volume 76:  City of Remnants
In the future, there will be robots.  Join us, won't you?
Augustus Review
You might pick up a game clearly emblazoned with the legend "Rise of Augustus" expecting a wargame about the final wars of the Roman Republic. But you'll have been cruelly fooled: the game is actually just called Augustus and is a light family Eurogame that casts you as assistants to the first emperor, controlling provinces and senators through the distribution of resources. Quite how the "Rise of" got tacked on to the English edition is beyond me. You might also expect a game that comes in a box the size of the original Arkham Horror to...
Barnestorming- Titanium Wars/Mythic Battles in Review, Disney World, Antiviral
 I got Iello fever!
A Not-Quite-Three-Hour Tour - Robinson Crusoe Review
I’m so over the entire genre of cooperative games. I’ve seen too many of them fall into the same traps to ever have too much faith in them. This is not because of the “quarterback problem,” so called because one person can command everyone else around the table. I’ve always considered that to be an interpersonal problem more than one based on design. My real issue is that it’s tough to build a lot of variety into a game that relies on AI. It’s not that the games get easy, though that can be an issue. It’s...
Next of Ken, Volume 75:  These Halls, They Were 'a Guilded
  Come on in for this week's Next of Ken, where it's a double-dip of Guildhall and its expansion, Guildhall: Guild Harder.  Wait, I mean Guilhall: Job Faire.  There hasn't been this much talk of "chapters" and "professions" since Jimmy Hoffa went missing.   Join us, won't you?  
When Thieves Collide - Adel Verpflichtet Review
Klaus Teuber will always be best known for his greatest contribution to gaming, The Settlers of Catan. It makes sense, because pretty much everyone who’s in the hobby has owned a copy at some point, or has played one, or still owns it and hassles their families to try it out. It’s known as the first crossover hit in German board games, which is largely accurate. But before Catan was settled, Teuber’s first foray into the US market was a little double-guessing game called Adel Verpflichtet. It’s been released in the United States at least twice, once...
Barnestorming- Robinson Crusoe in Review, Solstice Arena, LCD Soundsystem
 Hope you got a preorder in...
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