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An interesting topic came up in the comments section and it's an area worth exploring.  Naming a game is a simple endeavor that carries far more weight and consequences than are readily apparent.  With the proliferation of Kickstarter, we are seeing more off-the-wall and ambitious naming conventions as designers are either afforded the breadth to take the risk, or lack the knowledge and experience to understand how their title will be perceived when viewed by someone unrelated to the project.  It is becoming increasingly popular for large publishers to push homogenized, direct titles which easily...
Exodus Proxima Centauri - Board Game Review
I’ve heard a lot of arguments equating well-designed games with fun games, yet I have no compunction about separating the two factors. I can think of plenty of examples of games that were well-designed and still not fun at all (I can’t stand Puerto Rico, for instance), but there aren’t many good examples of poorly designed games that were a blast to play. Which is why I was so glad to play Exodus Proxima Centauri, because now I have a good example.
In Theory
A little while ago I played Small World for what had to be the fiftieth time. I’ve enjoyed Days of Wonder’s best game since it came out almost five years ago, across a handful of expansions, all sorts of player counts, and a completely alternate version of the game. After you play any game for that long you begin to notice all of its little peculiarities. I began noticing these in Small World a while ago. For one thing, it seems strange that the victory points are totally trackable, since one of the elements that arises in the game...
Barnestorming- Hearthstone (IOS) in Review, WazHack, The Faint
Free to be awesome.
Wiz-War: Malefic Curses Review
Wiz-War makes me angry. I get angry when I have the wrong cards, when the dice fall wrong, when the wrong people gang up on me. But that’s good anger. The bad anger is all the years I spent not playing this great game while it was out of print, until Fantasy Flight picked up the license for an eight edition. Now, in true Fantasy Flight style, there’s an expansion: Malefic Curses. The box contains a board and pieces for a fifth player and three new schools of magic. A lot of people have been waiting...
I was involved in a conversation at Board Game Geek, and the subject was game criticism and the hesitance of people to do negative reviews. Up until the end, it was an interesting and compelling conversation, and it brought all kinds of people into it. As it turns out, some reviewers are trying with a straight face to somehow obfuscate the fact that compensation is received for the articles, videos, podcasts, et cetera, and that it influences them even a tiny bit. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, any sane, reasonable person would have to conclude that at some...
Next of Ken, Volume 83:  The Fortress: AT Reader's Choice 2013 Nominations Begin!
I think surely enough time has passed for the dust to settle on the best of the best of 2013.  (And don't call me Shirley.)  So let's get down to the nitty gritty and find ourselves some F:AT Readers' Choice 2013 awards.  Join us, won't you?  
Schweig's Tales of the FATastic #12
Barnestorming- Anti-Kickstarter Screed #142, Blight Town, Suicide
Hey kid, wanna "back" a copy of Catacombs?
Captain America: Winter Soldier - Tow Jockey Five Second Review
Are you tired of super hero movies? Tired of heroes who whine and substitute a gravely voice for earnestness like Spider-man? Tired of heroes that are too wrapped up in themselves to even bother to save the innocent like Superman? Tired of heroes filled with self doubt who end up putting down the mantel of their responsibility and giving up the hero business like has happened in every damn sequel to every damn superhero movie ever made? Yah me too. Now I'm not saying that Captain America: Winter Soldier is without it's flaws. It has quick cut/shaky cam fights...
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