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Mr. WhiteMr. White   September 01, 2015   149  
A little recap of my first DreadBall experience.
Rouge Lips
Gaming Scene
Egg ShenEgg Shen   September 01, 2015   158  
I’ve been coming to this website for many years now. I’ve decided that instead of constantly suckling off of the F: AT knowledge teat, like a gluttonous piglet, I’m going to give back.  What you don’t want my opinions and observations?  Well too bad because I’m going to give them anyways.  Hey you in front, hands down please; we will be doing a Q&A afterwards.
Viktoria Modesta
Trash Culture
Alastair MacDirkAlastair MacDirk   August 28, 2015   201  
After reading Mad Dog's article about eye-patches I was inspired to come up with another obvious category. Throwing back a nod to Ancient of Mumu with the calendar concept.... or a top 10. My criteria used to winnow it down to a dozen was... movie or TV but no anime/cartoon/comic... only humans. It's not so much about the character as it is about the body part... has to be cool and preferably it has uses beyond what nature intended. Many of the characters in this article have gone on to become memes and have been mocked, copied, or otherwise...
Boardgame Reviews
Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   August 27, 2015   217  
Where is Koko B. Ware????
Staff Blogs
Mad DogMad Dog   August 23, 2015   332  
This month in the doghouse we played Imperial Assault, Merchants & Marauders, DungeonQuest, and more.
Member Blogs
jebjeb   August 22, 2015   187  
I noted on the VIDEO GAME thread that I was participating in a Backlog Attack--an effort to get through some of the games that have been building up in my inventory. With Humble Bundles, multiple platforms, and an actual job that people pay me money for; I am officially spoiled for choice with respect to my gaming hobby. 
Mr. WhiteMr. White   August 21, 2015   225  
Mr. White and son go to their first Pokemon League Day.
Boardgame Reviews
JonJacobJonJacob   August 20, 2015   538  
Revisiting Earth Reborn
NEW and Upcoming Games
jasonmicelijasonmiceli   August 20, 2015   231  

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Mars vs. Earth

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Geek Fever Games is proud to announce their newest release, Mars vs. Earth! MvE is a fast and furious card game for 3 to 10 players, playable in 30 to 60 minutes. MvE was originally web published as a Print & Play game in 2012, and following a successful Kickstarter campaign it is now fully published and available for online purchase.
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