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Rogue Agent – Passing The Voight-Kampff Test In Spades
I was first introduced to Rogue Agent several years ago, when Rogue Agent’s designer, David Ausloos, had asked me to look at the rules and see if it sounded fun. I still have that file, and I can immediately tell how much the game has changed and developed over the years. Well, fast forward to a little while ago when I saw that Michael Barnes reviewed it, and that it was out, thanks to Stronghold Games. I didn’t read the review, and  I don’t much keep up on the hype wagon, so it came as a bit of a...
Heroes and Wonders - Mare Nostrum Review
I received my copy of Mare Nostrum in a trade almost five years ago, and I have played many times. Just this weekend I played it after an extended hiatus. We were playing with the Mythology expansion, where the players have the option to call upon the favor of a god to give them a one-shot boost for the round. I made the foolish decision to spend the resources to use a god that actually was a lot less useful than I had expected. Mare Nostrum is not a very forgiving game when it comes to wasting resources, and...
Barnestorming- Relic Expedition in Review, Strider, Phase IV, The Strain, Peter Murphy
 Family style.
FatCast Presents: Nerd Trap, a Star Trek Podcast Episode 2 - Charlie X

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Podcast Title
Charlie X
Josh Look and friends discuss Charlie X, the nature of compassion, Vulcan music, and wrestling tights. *
Barnestorming- Eurogames Reclamation Project #1: Adel Verpflichtet, Shovel Knight, Final Frontier, Cabaret Voltaire
ERP#1- Adel Verpflichtet
My Observations: The Castles of Burgundy
From time to time we play a game, usually a modern euro design, and it transpires in the final count up that all the players have really close scores when you thought mid way through that some players were doing far better than others. The question that comes to mind, and has been discussed on this forum, how much did my decisions really matter? Was the game designed in such a way that we were all going to...
Board Gaming's Vanishing History
A couple of years ago I wrote an article talking about the lack of historical context within the board gaming hobby, especially when compared to other mediums. There is a pervasive ambivalence about old games in the hobby today, which is increasingly focused on the newest Kickstarter campaign and the churn of the right-now. At the time I thought that there was hope for those of us who really enjoy older games, because I believed we were living in the age of reprints. Back then old classics like Wiz-War, Merchant of Venus, and Survive! were getting top shelf...
FatThursday a Boardgame Podcast presents Quantum

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The first episode of a new FatCast series. One game. Two opinions. Fifteen minutes. In this episode we discuss Quantum. It has a space theme, but does that mean it is a space game? *
Barnestorming- Ars Victor in Review, Shovel Knight, World of Tanks: Blitz, Apes
But is it THE one hour wargame?
Firefly - Joss Whedon's Ultimate Misbehavior Is Lifting Ideas From Other Games
The world of the TV show Firefly, and the fiction surrounding it, is quite a far cry from your average Sci-Fi, with an odd, kind-of-mystic, pseudo Western/Chinese vibe. As I'm sure you know, the show was incredibly popular, but apparently not so much that it could last more than one season plus a movie, but that hasn't stopped a subculture of fans from reliving its short-lived glory. Enter Firefly: The Board Game, licensed to Gale Force Nine, who up until relatively recently pretty much made its name as a tabletop war game publisher. They seem to...
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