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So I went over to The Grid, which is where my game group meets, to try and buy 1D3. I like to buy stuff at The Grid, since they let us play there, and are super nice, but they mostly sell CCG and D&D stuff there, so pretty much I just buy dice and card sleeves, and junk like that there. They keep all their stuff behind a counter, which is kind of a pain, but makes sense, so I had to wait for someone to help me. Jamie, who doesn't even work there, but is there so...
“Happy Cardinalmas, Ma,” Malakai replied to her warmly.  Her head still buried in his chest, Eimhear did not see the melancholy expression on her son’s face.  She squeezed him tightly one last time and released him, wiping away her stray tears. “Ev’ryone is ‘ere.  Millicent, too.”  Lady Fergan gave a sideways glance to her son as they walked to the drawing room.  Outwardly, he showed no response to the information.  Inwardly, his stomach lurched.  His Ma always knew what buttons to push. “I’m sure my brother Graeme will be pleased,” Malakai...
Tower of Dice Chucking
 After seeing  Dr_Mabuse's really sleek and sharp dice tower, I was inspired to try to make one too:       I made the tray black because I like how the dice jump into view. I used foam board and Gilad Yarnitzky's design. I stuck black glossy card stock on the outside to give it a clean look. I sprayed a couple of coats of low odour acrylic spray to protect it and make the black even blacker.   I used a wooden skewer as a pin to make the tower attachable/detachable: ...
I picked up an iPod Touch recently and thought I'd start giving my impressions on some of the games for it. I'm hoping these blurbs will lead to me writing full-fledged board game reviews later, which I've been unmotivated to do since I came here.   Reiner Knizia's Robot Master (iPhone & iPod Touch):    Straight out let me say that this game really didn’t need to have Knizia’s name attached for me to know it was designed by him. It’s basically a tile-laying game where your lowest total is...
So we finally played all 10 scenarios of Siege of the Citadel.  The first 4 or so missions are pretty fun.  There is enough tension because the outcome seems in doubt.  But as the game progresses and you get more equipment, it seems like the characters get too powerful relative to the monsters.  Although, it helps out that there is a limited quantity of certain pieces of equipment. Even when we flipped the monsters to the 5-6 levels, the characters were still rolling over them.  And the last mission seemed pretty anti-climatic as I had the teleport card...
1362 results - showing 1011 - 1015 « 1 ... 200 201 202 203 204 205 ... 206 273 »
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