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I've recently been working on an article / blog post that involves a lot of numbers.  Specifically, numbers that we have not shared including our costs for games, our profit margins, our exchange rate riders, etc. And I'm just not sure if it's an article I should post.
This was my first trip to Gen Con and I'll have to say I was pretty amazed at the shear size of the thing and the number of events going on and the size of the exhibit hall.  I only got a day pass and I played the game I reviewed in another blog entry for the morning.  I spent the afternoon roaming the exhibit hall and then I played a game called Oregon Trail and then Tales of Arabian Nights. Oregon Trail was pretty fun.  You picked up a different character and tried to get to Oregon. ...
Heirs to Alexander
So  I went to Gencon (I just got the 1 day pass) and we ended up getting roped into playtesting this game.  And I will have to say that it was pretty fun.  The premise is that you represent one of Alexander's generals after he died and you are trying to piece his empire together (under your rule of course).  As you conquer certain things, you gain a certain amount of legitimacy and I think the game ends on a certain amount of it.   This is some of the artwork from the game.  It was...
Luke Ski was there.       Okay, there was more going on than just Luke Ski, but the fact that he was one of this year's celebrities, when in the past he's just been another slob in a booth, says it all.  This was the Recession Gen Con: swag bags without swag, celebrity appearances without celebrities, and shoppers who weren't shopping.   There was less to see this year.  After one good pass through the dealer's hall I felt like I had seen everything, where previously it's required several passes to see it...
Dr. Finn’s Games   A friend of mine brought over a little card game to the last Grand Rapids Area Boardgamers game day.  It came in a VHS video case.  You know the old big bulky ones?   The cover proclaimed “Scripts and Scribes A medieval Game of Strategy and Intrigue.”   I was, well, intrigued.  I love card games.  They are my first love in gaming.  I have spent countless hours playing Spades, Euchre, Hearts and Rummy.  I was eager to...
1380 results - showing 1011 - 1015 « 1 ... 200 201 202 203 204 205 ... 206 276 »
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