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About 2 years ago, Avalon Hill (Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro) released a collectible miniatures game called "War At Sea".  Being a Naval geek and having wanted to play a Naval Miniatures game in forever, I bought quite a few of the minis (The Complete US Set, the Complete Japanese Set, quite a few Germans and Brits) and played the game hot and heavy for a few months.  The game is fun, but it is lacking.  There isn't quite the depth of strategy that you can get from other games I've played.  My biggest complaint is that Destroyers are pretty...
I am an Assistant Game Designer
  Well, sort of. The Spawn designed a board game for her summer reading project. I got to help her out on account of she decided to record an interview for her other project, and the Man has all the recording equipment. He's teaching her how to do sound editing. I just taught her how to rip off Euro mechanics and slap a theme on.   
A while ago, I was invited on a mailing list called (at that time) TOSBOWNER from a customer of ours in the US.   It didn't take long before I realised something was strange about the list, with way too much indirect promotion.  I figured it was a scam, did a bit of research, pulled out and since I couldn't find ANY information on this group, made a blog post on the HSPPS scam .
A Clockwork Boardgame
I just bought Middle Earth Quest, which is a good example of a species of boardgame that I'll call the clockwork game. It's worth noting the existence of this part of our hobby, since it represents some of the best and worst aspects of game design.  A clockwork game has several distinct, specialized mechanics that have a largely indirect impact on each other. You can think of each mechanic as a gear in the larger machine: Each turns on its own axis, but they're designed to have an effect on each other's motion.   How...
There is something I have been forgetting
I just picked up a copy of Brood War. I got it home, tore of the shrink wrap and then I stopped. Normally, I'd be straight in there, sorting through the cards, punching the tokens but this time I stopped. I stopped and looked at the cover. I looked at the cover and thought, "Hell, yes." This is it. This is what it is about. This is what first got me gaming.     In gaming there are many great artists who can take you straight into the world of a game. Games...
1388 results - showing 1011 - 1015 « 1 ... 200 201 202 203 204 205 ... 206 278 »
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