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Perhaps one of the most interesting and terrifying aspects of the web is social marketing.  As a company, we’ve dabbled in it including having a Facebook page and Twitter account.  Obviously, the blog is here as well and we’ve been commenting and submitting to BoardGameGeek and other forums as we go along.  And along the way, three aspects jumped out at us:  - Time cost Creating blog posts, updating the Facebook page and Twitter, reviewing forums and replying, all of it eats up a lot of time.   We’ve not even dabbled in video posts or...
After seeing enough to pique my interest, I picked up Revolution! at the game store just in time to be played. With Steve Jackson's games you pretty much know what to expect.   Revolution! is a departure from the usual "completely random happenstance" that makes up the majority of the company's titles.  It's rated for 3 or 4 players and plays in about an hour.  Each player takes the role of a subvesrive leader in an unstable colonial-style environment.  The object is to end the game with the most victory points support meaning you're the faction that ends...
I'm living in a Fantasy World
  Dear F:AT, My name is KingPut and I admit I am one of  Fantasy Flight's biggest Fan Boys.  No Fantasy Flight didn't send me suitcases of games and money to write reviews for the them.   However, they did send me replacements for my broken StarCraft and MEQ minis.   They also sent me prizes for Trashfest but I also received prizes for from GMT, Rio Grande and Canton Games. Steve Weeks was right about Fantasy Flight Games.  They are evil and they're ruining my life.  If you looked at my brain 4 years ago it would look...
One of the things we try to do is automate as much of the backend work as possible.  We recently managed to automate our order entry into Quickbooks (i.e. the orders from our site download direct into QB - thus reducing the punch in time which was getting significant).  We've also got shipping 90% automated, with only the packing and weighing of the boxes and box sizes being the last bits we have to do.  One thing we haven't done - which was brought to mind by 3 hours of work today - is the updating of stock...
OOP Review - Princess Ryan's Star Marines
“Hello, Princess. We’re from the Schnectady and we’re here to rescue you.” --Cpl. Mark “It’s Better that Way” McLaughlin   Princess Ryan’s Star Marines (PRSM) is a co-operative game for 1-6 players. I just recently got it in a trade because I always look for esoteric sounding games. Sometimes the quirk of mine pays dividends (Infernal Contraption, Vampire: POTC), sometimes I get a barrel of shit (Thieves Guild). This game lands in the middle, if you can believe that. It can’t be entirely written off as worthless, but...
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