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Follow Your Weird
  Bruce Sterling's classic address to video game developers, "Follow Your Weird," is full of great advice for boardgame designers as well. Here's the url:  Follow Your Weird I'm not sure how to make that little link icon ungray itself, so the above will have to do.  Here are a few choice excerpts:   I can dimly see a kind of transcendance in electronic entertainment coming with things like SimEarth, they seem like a foreshadowing of what Alvin Toffler called the "intelligent environment"... Not "games"...
The description of a game is supposed to entice you to buy it. Sometimes it is over the top stupid. Sometimes it is boring. Sometimes it is mistranslated and you get "reap the seeds of victory" But sometimes it is just WorseThanFail.
A friend of mine picked up Chaos in the Old world, and is trying to organise a game for tonight. We cannot find a third player.  This is a new hot game and yet no one wants to play. What type of bullshit is this? Why are no designers flying down here to give us a game? Fuck this town.
An Evening with Zev Schlasinger, Ameritrash Hero
Last night at Swamp Castle, we had a very special Guest of Honor- none other than Zev Schlasinger of Z-Man games. He travelled all the way to Atlanta from his home in upstate New York to hear what Atlanta's gaming most incredible game group had to say about a small pile of prototypes he's been considering moving into further development and to see (but not sample) the "Zev Zinger", a honorary drink prepared by Steve "Cocktail" Avery. A great time was had by all- F:ATtie Aaron Tubb was there, as was lurker Jeff Jarvis (where we get the term "Jarvising"...
An Evening with Zev
    If you're looking for substance you might as well skip this blog. I can't tell you what we played. I can't tell you the criticisms and ideas about the games. I can't tell you what is likely to get published. I can however tell you the recipe for a ZevZinger.   So about two months ago Frank mentions in an off hand sort of way "Oh by the way Zev might be coming down. "Uh-huh sure, I'll pencil that right in." OK Actually I'm thinking, Wow! That would be...
1379 results - showing 971 - 975 « 1 ... 192 193 194 195 196 197 ... 198 276 »
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