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Revolver - This Colonel Ain't About The Chicken
Revolver - This Colonel Ain't About The Chicken I know I'm late in reviewing this, but nobody has ever really talked much about this one, so here I am, a year after first playing it, talking about it. Let's just get one thing straight: I really don't like very many card games. I'm a board gamer, and these deck building games, trick taking games, and other card-based games just don't do it for me, by and large. Some card games can transcend their disability (read: being a card game) with...
Warriors of God -- Solo Play on Vassal
I started off with a quick post to What Board Games Are You Playing but I'm going to spend a minute to move it here so that it can get a little more attention from people looking for it. For those unaware, Warriors of God is a two-player low-chit-count wargame from Multi-Man Publishing, part of their International Game Series. It is set during the 100 Years War in England and France (1300s roughly). Originally designed by Makoto Nakajima, it was published as a magazine game in Japan, then was picked up by MMP...
Alright, so after having a conversation with Dogmatix about the price of storage containers, I decided to finally break down and take some snapshots of how I have my stuff arranged for transport.  Below are photos that more or less cover 100% of my Wings of Glory WWI material, 30+ planes, decks for each, additional decks out the wazoo, damage decks, boards, sticks, rules, reference book for each aircraft, the works.  Only thing missing is empty boxes in case I need to mail stuff off to people.
IT'S A TRAP: Starwars LCG Damning Review
I hate this game and so should you, here’s three reasons to get annoyed with Starwars LCG. In case you’ve never read anything about this game before heres a brief intro; You and your opponent spend resources to play down cards and attack each other dealing damage to each others resource cards to score points. Oh, and there is starwars art and words on the cards. 1. Do you like doing reading comprehension exercises before making decisions in games? Neither do I. In most games we...
Stratego: Fire And Ice - "Let's Paint A Wizard's Hat Onto The Mona Lisa To Freshen It Up!"~ Hasbro Designer
Over spring break I've been introducing my 12 year old daughter to some of my more advanced games because most of her friends are away with family and whatnot, but since we're moving soon we're preserving our vacation time for the move and so here she sits, with only a couple of neighborhood friends to hang with. Anyhow, a couple nights back we broke out Stratego: Fire and Ice, and playing the basic "classic" rules, we played a couple of games. She immediately fell deeply in love with it, because it's simple to learn, relatively quick, but has enough...
1388 results - showing 16 - 20 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 7 278 »
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