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Just another day at Spiel 2014
After our pretty successful first day in Essen, we returned still burning with curiosity and enthusiasm. Our first stroke on Friday was to try out Fire in the Lake at the UGG stand. We were quickly into the game as we’ve already played Cuba Libre. But while the mechanics are familiar, FitL is much more complex. There’s more units, more areas and possibly longer scenario’s. So we did a couple of...
Visit to Spiel 2014, day 1
I went to Essen with a rather long list of games I looked out for but it always proves hard to check everything you want and luckily you also run into happy accidents   Hyperborea was a great start to the show. It allows for different strategies, offers some interesting events and sets up for conflict. It’s rightly been likened to Eclipse. We went through a few rounds and then...
New Insider! This has some community involvement, and we look forward to seeing how you all are liking your new Deep Dish Counter Trays and Warfighter!   -Kevin Verssen
The Devil's Cauldron Episode 2: Bring Me Everyone!
Right! To the bridge! September 17th 1944- 13:00 Hours + Arnhem Sector:   Took some losses on the landing? Tragic but no time to worry about that now, old chap. Over 8 miles to the objective? Well that's not so far...yes I know you've no transport...that's why His Majesty issued all your troops boots...put that shoe leather to use! Look, it's a sticky situation but at least there are no hop to it. 1st A/B has but one option. To double time it down the...
The Devil's Cauldron: Episode 1 - Speed and Surprise
Wargames,  for those who don't play them, are often a mystery. They are thought of as long, as having unfathomable rule sets beset by exceptions to exceptions, and to take a commitment in time and effort far beyond that of more mainstream and common boardgames. Why then are there those who are devoted to them? Do they love self punishment? Do they love war? No, of course not. The real reason is "story". We love a story. No other type of board game can draw you in and make you part of a drama like a...
1411 results - showing 16 - 20 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 7 283 »
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