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Happy Holidays from Space Cadets: Away Missions
A little holiday cheer from artist Bill Bricker.
My Favorite Game Featuring 1888 British Newspaper Articles - SHCD Review
An absolutely brilliant design from 1981 has been re-birthed in Modern trappings to astound, fluster, and magnify a new generation of gamer. The core game play found in this elegant box is pure and simple yet packs hours of entertainment as you and a group of friends take a puff from the pipe, pass the brandy, and pull on your ditto suits.One must understand before diving into Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, that this is not Clue or even the excellent Mystery of the Abbey – this is a wholly unique experience you cannot find elsewhere. There’s no die rolling,...
F:AT Thursday: Dread Curse, Core Worlds, and my new other blog!
  Well it had been some time since all the True Believers were able to gather in one place for our traditional Thursday gaming session but we were able to pull it off this week. The Lake House is too full of stuff and The Closet, that is my apartment, was in a whirl as my Mad Scientist wife decided it was a good night to make 16 dozen cookies of various sorts. So it was to Look Manor and it's wood paneled basement and shag rug.  The first game we played...
When I originally wrote some ruminations about magical numbers and boardgames, Steven Davis suggested I should talk about this in relation to card games, such as card hand size.  I’m not a person who plays standard card games, though I have played Old Maid, Canasta, Euchre, and even Poker in the distant past, and still may play Oh Hell once a year.  But I’ve never played Uno, let alone Hearts or Spades or Gin Rummy.  But lately I find myself designing games that use cards, though not the standard deck.One of the benefits of cards is that there is...
In the course of designing “nano-games” that have between 17 and 20 pieces for two sides and very small boards that fit on part of a postcard, I again had occasion to wonder if there is some kind of "sweet spot" or "magical number" of pieces and spaces for a boardgame (or any other kind, for that matter) where pieces occupy locations?  I’ve seen several queries from novice designers asking if there’s an ideal board size, and my immediate reaction has been “it depends”. This question could be expanded to “is there a sweet spot in the number of...
1361 results - showing 21 - 25 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 8 273 »
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