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I'm a megagame fanboy and no apologies for bringing them to your attention again. One thing you might want to watch is this video put up by the guys at Shut Up & Sit Down, who joined in Watch the Skies! a megagame about encountering aliens.     Obviously they thought it was a blast, and they followed up the video with a podcast.      Not entirely surprising, this has led to a wave of people joining in megagames, selling...
12-Player Game of Age of Mythology
So I walk into the Strategy Gaming session that my buddy Tim runs with the local middle and high schoolers. Usually I'm in the mix for the entire day but I've been catching up on about a hundred jobs around the house and yard and needed to let my son make the trip on his own this time. But I finished up at home around 3 and headed over early, only to find twelve kids all in on one big-ass game of Age of Empires! He had put four tables together in...
Dominion Counter
Hey is finally up and live! After a lot of preparation and coding, my first created app is now being displayed on kick starter and can be found at know that many people don't even play Dominion (yet  ), but would you consider backing this project to help make it a success?Could you please share this link so that we can spread the word?I am hoping for a huge response, but I am depending on your help to make this project a success. You have my gratitude!
All of the discussion of the GMT COIN series made me realize how much I wanted to learn about current history.  I started with an internet search of very basic history of Cuba. Ok, hundreds of years of Spanish oppression, and then...wait, what? Rarely do I come to a moment of clarity mixed with slight embarrassment of the lack of knowledge I had.  I have a Masters degree in Education, and I did not know Cuba was basically given to the US at the end of the Spanish American War.  I am still reading about...
Years ago, Brad H. posted a game review.  After that review, Rylen introduced me to the game that changed everything:  Aliens.  A fast paced sci-fi dungeon crawl type game where creatures jump from the wall on your face.  I was sold. For years, Aliens was my grail game.  Today, I got the game in the mail, and my wife saw the rapture on my face:  A SHRINK copy of Aliens for $120 bucks. My problem:  I have an issue breaking shrink, ESPECIALLY with a hard to get game.  Should I get a less pristine copy and...
1403 results - showing 21 - 25 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 8 281 »
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