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Tobago - Can You Believe This Yahoo Is Comparing It To Android?
One of the first things I realized about deductive reasoning games is that there are very few that I really like. I'm a big fan of Clue, but the problem with other games that employ the mechanic of deducing something from little clues is that you are pissing into the wind for a good portion of the game until you can slowly remove suspects enough to nail down a couple of strong leads. Tobago, from Rio Grande Games, is a different sort of deduction game because instead of looking for a murderer, the location of a Battleship, or the...
Rampage - I'm Not Cute...I'll Mess You Up
I'd heard almost nothing about this game, except for the fact that it was a dexterity game and that it looked cutesy, but I'm a sucker for dexterity games, especially ones depicting wholesale carnage in a city of meeples. Further, I'd heard that the meeples come in six colors depicting different types of personality, such as soldiers, old men, and blondes, and that who you ate mattered. Since I've had extensive appearance experience eating blondes, I thought it would be a good fit. I un-pledged my 250$ or so from the new Dwarven Forge Kickstarter because I already have...
Wreck Age: Post-Apocalyptic Wargaming Done Right
For me, the gold standard for a miniatures game has little to do with the fiction that created the world where the game takes place, and even less to do with the miniatures. Miniatures are awesome, and I have a lifelong love affair with them, but I don't think that the quality or look of the miniatures has anything to do with whether the game is good or not. The fiction might augment a game that's already good, but if the game is bad, it's like putting beautiful, fresh cut flowers on top of a festering...
Cardboard Mechwarrior: Armor Grid Mech Attack
Let me tell you a story... Mechwarrior 2 was released back in the mid-90s and I was a few years away from getting my first car (the vehicle that took me away from the serious videogaming that I used to do).  I played a ton of MW2.  Loved it.  Hundreds of hours spent turning big formidable death machines into scrap heaps.  love the concept behind Mechwarrior/Battletech.  But I haven't found a good Mechwarrior video game that gives me that same feeling MW 2 did, even though I've been keeping up and trying them as they come and go. ...
So, there's a new game on the block which is all coop and minis-centric. Check out the bullet points: 1. S/F themed.  2. By at least one of the guys who designed War of the Ring.  3. Modular boards.  4. Enemy AI cards.  5. Events.  6. Campaign rules where the outcome of a mission future missions.  7. An experience system where you level up mid-mission.  8. Dice with lots of little symbols.  ...
1380 results - showing 21 - 25 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 8 276 »
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