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My Observations: The Castles of Burgundy
From time to time we play a game, usually a modern euro design, and it transpires in the final count up that all the players have really close scores when you thought mid way through that some players were doing far better than others. The question that comes to mind, and has been discussed on this forum, how much did my decisions really matter? Was the game designed in such a way that we were all going to...
Firefly - Joss Whedon's Ultimate Misbehavior Is Lifting Ideas From Other Games
The world of the TV show Firefly, and the fiction surrounding it, is quite a far cry from your average Sci-Fi, with an odd, kind-of-mystic, pseudo Western/Chinese vibe. As I'm sure you know, the show was incredibly popular, but apparently not so much that it could last more than one season plus a movie, but that hasn't stopped a subculture of fans from reliving its short-lived glory. Enter Firefly: The Board Game, licensed to Gale Force Nine, who up until relatively recently pretty much made its name as a tabletop war game publisher. They seem to...
Summer Gaming Challenge -- Bolide
  It took more than a bit of time to come up with what my Summer Gaming Challenge title would be.  There were several on the list that seemed to be in the neighborhood of good choices, but most were games that got plenty of traffic or had gotten recent playtime by me, both of which weren’t in the spirit of this Summer’s challenge.  Then I recalled that Bolide had sat for years on my shelf.  I recalled a reread of the rules last year (or maybe two years ago now) that had surprised me in their...
Revolver - This Colonel Ain't About The Chicken
Revolver - This Colonel Ain't About The Chicken I know I'm late in reviewing this, but nobody has ever really talked much about this one, so here I am, a year after first playing it, talking about it. Let's just get one thing straight: I really don't like very many card games. I'm a board gamer, and these deck building games, trick taking games, and other card-based games just don't do it for me, by and large. Some card games can transcend their disability (read: being a card game) with...
Warriors of God -- Solo Play on Vassal
I started off with a quick post to What Board Games Are You Playing but I'm going to spend a minute to move it here so that it can get a little more attention from people looking for it. For those unaware, Warriors of God is a two-player low-chit-count wargame from Multi-Man Publishing, part of their International Game Series. It is set during the 100 Years War in England and France (1300s roughly). Originally designed by Makoto Nakajima, it was published as a magazine game in Japan, then was picked up by MMP...
1396 results - showing 21 - 25 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 8 280 »
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