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Bits and Pieces
Have you been following the ongoing drama of Glory to Rome? The original game by Carl Chudyk has been a gamer favorite for several years, but it’s impossible to have any conversation about the game that doesn’t eventually come back to the artwork. Cartoony, garish, and loaded with gradients, Glory to Rome wasn’t exactly easy on the eyes. Cambridge Games sensed an opportunity to Kickstart a do-over of the artwork. The ensuing fracas over the protracted production cycle of this reprint could fill its own article. But it’s hard to argue with the new look of the game, now...
Dis-Structured Design
    Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your daily boardgame trivia question: what is the property that comes just before Free Parking?
F:AT Looks Back: Fischer's Law
My reading material at the moment is Daniel Dennett’s book on evolution – Darwin’s Dangerous Idea. It’s a fantastic book dealing with both the philosophical and scientific aspects of Darwinism and ought to be mandatory reading for anyone obtuse enough to doubt the very real fact of evolution, or to try and substitute some form of creationsim. But enough politics; in a footnote in the book I found, oddly enough, a very interesting gaming reference. The author claims (with what veracity I do not know) that a popular tactic of the famous US chess Grandmaster Bobby Fischer...
The Tools of Satan
I have written in the past about the physical limitations imposed on board game designers through the need to track everything with board and card. Similarly there’s often been speculation about what, if anything, the introduction of electronic appendages into board games does to widen that perspective. Reviewing children’s game Whoowasit?, which features just such a gizmo, for another site last week lead to me revisiting the topic in my head.Another factor in my choosing to write about this was the observation made to me recently that the audio CD-based cooperative game Space Alert hasn’t spawned any imitators, in...
In Sickness and Health, In Strategy and Luck
On my first date with my wife, we went to a coffee shop. It was the usual chit-chat, just asking about interests and so forth. Since I had just started playing hobby games, I mentioned that I liked to play board games a lot. I assumed the conversation would end there, so I didn’t offer many details. But then she asked me if I’d heard of a game she enjoyed. She couldn’t recall the name, but it involved little wooden men and small tiles that you played together to create roads and cities that gave you points. She was...
147 results - showing 26 - 30 « 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 9 30 »
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