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Level Up! - Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Review
We’re living in an age of core sets, and core sets are brutally difficult to review. By necessity they are a stripped down form of the game that will look entirely different in a year. Game reviews are therefore forced to either judge a game entirely on potential, or on what does or doesn’t work at the ground floor. By any reasonable measure, I’ve played enough games of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to produce a solid review. But at this point there is way more content for the game than I have explored, and a fair bit more...
Usually, here at the Fortress will feature some sort of "Game of the Year" article.  And while I personally have some candidates (as do the rest of the F:AT staff), who are we to tell YOU what YOUR game of the year is?  
Michael's Magical Mailbag Chapter 2- "Cease and Desist" Edition
Sadly, this installment of Michael's Magical Mailbag over at does not include a Cease and Desist letter. I feel left out, marginalized, and disappointed. What do I have to do to get one? What if I posted scandalous photographs of IG officers in congress with Tyranid prostitutes or produced recordings proving that the Eldar are, in fact, nothing more than Space Elves? Maybe I'll just get a tattoo. In this mailbag, however, we do have a couple of letters from our very own F:ATties, Sleight of Hand and Southernman. Bill Abner told me that...
Mailbag - What are you gonna' do? Sue me?
Today we have a boring, serious question from Jeb.
Michael's Magical Mailbag
7 results - showing 1 - 5 1 2
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