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Win $500 in Cash Prizes Playing Ars Victor at Pacificon 2014!

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Want to try a new game and have a chance to win $500 in cash prizes? Come play Ars Victor over Labor Day weekend at Pacificon 2014 in Santa Clara, CA! CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES for fun and profit! >> ARS VICTOR: The One-Hour Wargame is a two-player sci-fi tactical game reminiscent of Memoir 44, Battlelore, and the Command & Colors games. Use a card-driven command point system to drive your custom army made from twenty-four different units to crush your enemies with the cunning use of twelve battle dice! Friendly refs...
Rogue Agent first mission module available as free download

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  First mission module for Rogue Agent is released and is downloadable for free.
Announcing ProtoSpiel NorthEast, a Game Design Con for Charity. July 19th at the NYU Game Center
ProtoSpiel NorthEast is a game design convention to be held on July 19th at the NYU Game Center. Tickets are $15 now or $20 at the door. This is a charity event: after paying expenses, all profits will be donated to the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, an award winning disease treatment charity.
Michael Barnes Proudly Presents F:AT Double Secret Satan 2013
The time has come. Names by 12/2, Gifts by 12/20.
Michael Barnes Proudly Presents F:AT SECRET SATAN 2012!
YES YES Y'ALL, it's time for the holladaze and that means that it's also time for one of F:AT's most cherished and beloved traditions- "Let's See How Badly Barnes Can Screw Up Matching Up Two Names With Addresses On A List". Ho ho ho! No, that's not what it's called- it's SECRET SATAN 2012!
47 results - showing 1 - 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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