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Cryptozoic Announces 5 Hobbit and 1 Lord of the Rings Games

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Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced the titles and approximate release dates for two Hobbit board games, two Hobbit card games and one Lord of the Rings card game. All are based on the movies.
Flying Frog Production Announces Four New Expansions at GAMA  - Updated
Flying Frog unveiled expansions for Last Night on Earth, Touch of Evil and Conquest of Planet Earth today at the GAMA Trade show. We will be updating our New and Upcoming Board Game as soon as we have additional information. Last Night on Earth: Timber Peak The biggest expansion yet for LNOE. It can be added to LNOE or played on its own! Some survivors from Woodinvale head into the mountains seeking refuge in the logging town of Timber Peak - but it is overrun too. Timber Peak is also expected to add a new type of...
Wings of Glory Trivia Contest - Win a WW2 Airplane Pack
To celebrate the arrival of the first Wings of Glory WW2 releases, Ares Games is having a trivia contest from March 7th to 15th that will award one different WW2 Airplane Pack every day, plus a WW2 Starter Set on the final day. Wings of Glory Contest and Information Click Here
Elder Sign FAQs Finally Available at Fantasy Flight Games
Elder Sign FAQ v1.0 is now available for download on the Fantasy Flight website: Elder Sign FAQs Support Page This document isn't just errata and answers to questions. These are significantly revised rules. There is no glossing over changes as "corrections." The document specifically states in a number of places that a rule has been changed or added. The rules are clearly written, and give the impression that over the past 4 months, a serious effort was made to re-work and re-playtest Elder Sign.
Mansions of Madness Replacement Cards Now Available from Fantasy Flight Games
The eleven corrected cards from Mansions of Madness (the base game) that were included in the Forbidden Alchemy Expansion are now available upon request for people who do not plan on purchasing Forbidden Alchemy. Detailed information can be found on FFG's website: Learn how to request your set of reprinted cards.
47 results - showing 11 - 15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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