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Elder Sign FAQs Finally Available at Fantasy Flight Games
Elder Sign FAQ v1.0 is now available for download on the Fantasy Flight website: Elder Sign FAQs Support Page This document isn't just errata and answers to questions. These are significantly revised rules. There is no glossing over changes as "corrections." The document specifically states in a number of places that a rule has been changed or added. The rules are clearly written, and give the impression that over the past 4 months, a serious effort was made to re-work and re-playtest Elder Sign.
Mansions of Madness Replacement Cards Now Available from Fantasy Flight Games
The eleven corrected cards from Mansions of Madness (the base game) that were included in the Forbidden Alchemy Expansion are now available upon request for people who do not plan on purchasing Forbidden Alchemy. Detailed information can be found on FFG's website: Learn how to request your set of reprinted cards.
As many of our customers already know, back in October while we were in Essen, we announced a reprint of Merchant of Venus, a Richard Hamblen designed game, after 18 months of discussions directly with Mr. Hamblen.To our surprise, a day later Fantasy Flight Games also announced a reprint of Merchant of Venus. Of course, under normal conditions, with licensing contracts granting exclusivity, this should not have been possible. Fantasy Flight Games had obtained their license of the game from a different party, and of course neither FFG nor Stronghold Games was aware of each other's pursuit...
Stronghold Games AND Fantasy Flight Games Announce Reprints of Merchant of Venus
Stronghold Games has announced that they will be reprinting Richard Hamblen's Merchant of Venus. They expect to release it in 2012, possibly as early as the 2nd quarter. As Stronghold Games has done with other reprints of classic games, Merchant of Venus will include a straight reprint of the original game with enhanced, high quality components, and also include some optional new ways to play. The new additions may come from the many fan variants that have been posted and published over the years. Additionally Stronghold Games has hinted that there may be a re-print of another...
Dragon Rage updated player aid At Flatlined Games, we want our products to be of perfect quality. The reprint of Dragon Rage was tainted by a small typographic error on one of the player aids : the Dragon target values for the wings (4+) and legs (5+) had been inverted on the Dragon Combat Summary player aid. We immediately made available on our website a corrected PDF, but we felt this was not enough to correct this small typo. So, we reprinted the Dragon Combat player aid, with the english version on one side and the french version on...
44 results - showing 11 - 15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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