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Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War:  Preorder starts on Saturday, May 7 at noon EDT... Street Date is July 6.
The Cold War. A dangerous time for the world. A dangerous time to be a spy… but that is exactly what being a spy is all about. As the shadowy clouds of intrigue and subterfuge settle across the globe you have been called upon by your country to obtain the Top Secret information that will ensure your country’s safety and supremacy. But not all is as it seems; your spies are difficult to control on a global scale, and even worse, there’s a Double Agent in your midst who threatens the entire mission! Can you achieve...
Greetings, We are proud to announce the public launch of our new company, titled “The Shenandoah Studio.” We are a new game company, and a new kind of game company to boot. We are focused on finding the best games by top game designers and then publishing them on the iPad.
AEG Announces War of Honor
War of Honor is a Legend of the Five Rings game of strategies and tactics for 2-4 players. It allows players to follow their own path to victory through political, honorable, military and spiritual deeds. The game brings a whole new dimension and dynamic to multiplayer Legend of the Five Rings and is suitable for play with cards from the existing arc or older card collections.
Lock 'n Load Publishing Announces Line of Fire #9 on Sale!
Line of Fire #9 is now available as a downloadable PDF from Lock 'n Load Publishing. It’s another packed issue, with over 60 pages of content, all for only $14.99.The issue includes tactics articles for All Things Zombie, Tank on Tank and House of Spirits. A spiffy new version of Mark Mitchell’s All Things Zombie FAQ. Batreps for scenarios from The Untold Stories and for an ATZ scenario included in the issue. An in-depth review of John F. Stanoch’s Black Cross / Blue Sky by Blue Sky Game Works. A Lock ‘n Load Nationality Capabilities Chart. Previews of Nations...
VPG Releases TC Tennis
Hey look, a tennis game!
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