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A jury of forty prominent gamers, podcasters, and bloggers voted in fourteen different categories. The winners were as follows:
Mayfair Announces English Version of Star Trek: Catan

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Mayfair Games is proud to announce that Mayfair Games and CBS® have certified a license agreement for the publication of Star Trek: Catan™, the latest game in best-selling The Settlers of Catan™ family of board games! Star Trek: Catan™ transports the timeless game play of The Settlers of Catan™ to the final frontier of the Star Trek universe. Designed by legendary Catan creator Klaus Teuber, this game features a randomized game board so the game is different each time you play. Star Trek: Catan™ brings the beloved characters of the original Star Trek series to...
International Editions of War of the Ring Second Edition are Now Available
Good news for German, Italian, Polish and Spanish speaking players: now they can get the War of the Ring Second Edition in their own language. The international editions of the game, published in cooperation with the partners Devir (Spain), Galakta (Poland), Heidelberger Spieleverlag (Germany) and Red Glove (Italy) are now in distribution. The partners were in charge of the translation of the rulebook, cards and other game materials. For more information about each international edition and resources, visit the game’s page in the partners websites: Devir, Galakta, Heidelberger and Red Glove. The rules in the...
Fantasy Flight Games and Stronghold Games Announce Resolution to The “Merchant Of Venus” Board Game Publishing
Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) and Stronghold Games (SG) are pleased to have reached a favorable resolution regarding the publishing of a new edition of the classic “Merchant of Venus” board game.
Spring Marks Big Announcements from Plaid Hat Games!

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Mice and Mystics Announced, Available for Preorder The new website brings with it the official unveiling of Mice and Mystics, Plaid Hat’s new storytelling adventure game. The oversized box comes packed with miniatures, tiles, cards, dice, and a storybook with 11 exciting chapters. Players take the roles of mousey loyalists fighting to free their kingdom from the clutches of a vile sorceress. The game’s announcement comes with a hefty 33% discount and 2 promotional cards for those who preorder the game from the Plaid Hat Website.
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