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In my time, I've seen one prevalent attitude among gamers. We cower a little. We hide our incredible lights under the most baskety of bushels. We seek solace in shady corners of the internet, to discuss games with people like ourselves. We are insecure. We project our insecurities, expecting other people to think we are, at best, “eccentric.” At worst, “a sad sack.”
Virtual Strangers
If you’d told me a couple of years ago that I’d do the majority of my game-playing on-line, I’d have thought you were mad. Yet there’s no getting away from the fact that one way or another, via e-mail or live play, through a third party appliaction or a website, I play far more games on-line nowadays than I do against real life flesh and blood opponents. It’s a crazy, topsy-turvy world in which I regularly play games I don’t much like, get beaten playing games at which I excel and end up...
Six Months On
Those of you who are blessed with both an excellent memory and anunusually high degree of tolerance may recall that I started this yearon a quest to demonstrate that I was definately playing my existinggames more through the use of John Farrel’s stats pages.Six months in, I’m sure that no-one cares how I’m doing, but I thoughtI’d tell you anyway. And then maybe devote a bit of space to thinkingabout patterns of game-playing anyway, which might be marginally moreinteresting. 
In between reading high brow discussion about game design theory and pontificating about the relative lack of immersive narrative in today's games, I spend a lot of time making fun of games.  Other than bad box art (which is like shooting fish in a barrel) and games where the other players around the table are just decorations which have nothing to do with the puzzle you are working, my favorite target is stupid board game names.  Many are pretentious, attempt to draw attention away from the content of the game, or are otherwise misleading in some funny way.  Mostly...
The Casual Wargamers Club
People don’t tend to like to think of themselves as part of aminority, and especially not a minority of a minority. Such a positioncan engender a perverse sense of pride in being one a small number,even when membership of that clique requires nothing more thanless-than-mainstream taste. I find myself in the unfortunate positionof being in a minority of a minority of a minority, and I have thatperverse sense of burning uniqueness as though it’s something special -it burns so bright, in fact, that I’m planning to dedicate an entirecolumn to telling you about it. I belong to the Casual Wargamers...
145 results - showing 91 - 95 « 1 ... 16 17 18 19 20 21 ... 22 29 »
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