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Level 7 Invasion
wadenelswadenels   May 27, 2015   13  
The 10-year-old in me would love it.
MattDPMattDP   May 25, 2015   180  
Fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons might be the best ever, but the release schedule is molasses slow. That's on purpose: fans have said they want it that way to give them time to develop their own campaigns. What's out so far, though is epic in scope. There's the two-volume Tyranny of Dragons comprised of Hoard of the Dragon Queen followed by Rise of Tiamat. Now we've got Princes of the Apocalypse. Both are full campaigns, starting at level one and going up to fifteen. The similarities end there, however. In fact, these...
Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   May 21, 2015   328  
"Looks like we got ourselves a reader...whatchoo readin' for?
MattDPMattDP   May 18, 2015   319  
The deckbuilding mechanic of Dominion was the most revolutionary thing in the last decade of tabletop gaming. Many other games have build on that creativity. Yet after all that time and all those titles, deckbuilding still feels like a mechanic struggling to find its place in the world. It's an inherently insular thing. Demanding significant setup time and forcing players to obsess over their own constructions while ignoring everyone else. Nightfall and Star Realms added more interaction, but it wasn't enough. A Few Acres of Snow briefly looked like a miraculous saviour but got crushed under...
838 results - showing 1 - 5  
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