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March of the Ants
Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   March 26, 2015   141  
Oh, how I wish you were weird.
doom and bloom
SuperflyTNTSuperflyTNT   March 24, 2015   162  
“What the white-hot, flaming fuck???!??! SHIT!!!” Normally, I intersperse vulgarities throughout my articles, as I think wit and vulgarity are not mutually exclusive, and also, because it’s funny to watch people squirm uncomfortably. In this case, I started with the phrase above, if you can call it that, because it is the verbatim thought that I had after playing Doom and Bloom: Survival! from Doom And Bloom LLC. I dropped $29.00 US on it on eBay, because I am inexplicably drawn to post-apocalyptic games, and also, it...
MattDPMattDP   March 23, 2015   241  
Recently, I started playing X-Wing against someone who really knew their Star Wars. They knew that Howlrunner was a female pilot, and where the YT-2400 freighter originated from in the expanded universe. They also told me something interesting: that the Hutts and their criminal networks were a faction equal in power to the Rebels of the Empire. What looked like a footnote in the films was actually a major player in the galaxy. At that moment, I decided I needed Scum and Villainy. Before this revelation, I'd dismissed it as a cynical...
Shadows of Malice
Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   March 19, 2015   540  
On the Table Shadows of Malice should likely be considered to be one of this year’s “vanguard” designs. Chances are, at least half of you reading this won’t be interested and a quarter of you will actively hate it. But for the quarter of you that remain, this may be your favorite game of 2015. It’s an utterly compelling, leftfield design that does not feel anything like any other game out there. In some ways, it feels like a game that dropped through a wormhole from an alternate 1982. In others it feels like something...
MattDPMattDP   March 16, 2015   362  
Cosmic Encounter was one of the first hobby board games I owned, back when I was a teenager. It was the Games Workshop edition. I can still remember being baffled by the rules. It looked and smelled like a conquest game: there were battles and alliances and units died. But what the hell kind of conquest game made you draw and card to determine your target instead of you picking on the weakest player? Where was the fun in that? Oh sure, you could still make alliances. The encounter each turn with your random opponent allowed...
824 results - showing 1 - 5  
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