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MattDPMattDP   November 28, 2016   2788  
There's little sadder than finding out a favourite toy is broken. So it was with A Few Acres of Snow. After enjoying a few months in the gaming limelight, someone found out it was bust. If you don't know why it's bust you're best left in ignorance so we'll not elaborate. Suffice to say that even the designer agreed and proclaimed the game impossible to fix. And so a promising new avenue of deck-building design turned out to be a short cul-de-sac of disappointment. We all moved on. All except for Daniel Berger. ...
Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   November 14, 2016   680  
Rubbing is not racing this time out.
MattDPMattDP   October 24, 2016   1056  
The first time I took delivery of X-Wing ships, their quality just blew me away. Over nine full waves and the odd side release, we've become bored by perfection. Cracking open the clamshell on this batch, assembling dials and storing away the models felt almost mechanical. Then I sat down to makes some lists to test them out. It took two hours to make one competitive fleet for each of the three factions. Two hours I could have spent playing instead. I know that for list based games like X-Wing, making rosters is kind of playing....
Egg ShenEgg Shen   October 06, 2016   678  
OK you’ve read the name, feel free to hum a few bars of the R.E.M. song in your head so that we can get on with the review.  You good?  Alright, let’s move on.  
963 results - showing 1 - 5  
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