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Written by Michael Barnes     January 22, 2015     676  
 The Prodigal Game returns.
Written by San Il Defanso     January 21, 2015     488  
Looking back, 2014 was the year I basically quit playing new games. This was due to a couple of factor, not the least of which was a general sense of chaos in my gaming life between August and November, when most new titles come out. But at least some of it was conscious, because there were a lot of moments when I just decided to play something I already knew instead of whatever the hot game was. That makes me sound a little snooty, as if I'm really proud of the fact that I'm above the lowly activity of...
Written by charlest     January 20, 2015     455  
Discussion of Onward To Venus, Mythotopia, and the Warfighter expansions.  Also some game of the year discussion for 2013 and 2014.
Written by MattDP     January 19, 2015     453  
I've always been amused by the way player and dungeon master materials swapped size between the 1st and 2nd editions of D&D. With first edition, it seemed obvious the DMG should be bigger than the PHB. With second, it seemed equally obvious that the opposite should be true since everyone ought to know most of the rules. That pattern has persisted with 5th edition. The new Dungeon Master's Guide is a chunky enough tome to make it appear worthy of the asking price, but slimmer than the Player's Handbook. What have they put inside? ...
782 results - showing 1 - 5
« 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 157 » 
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