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MattDPMattDP   November 23, 2015   201  
Everyone knew X-Wing was going to see some new expansions to TIE in (gettit?) with The Force Awakens. But I, for one, wasn't expecting to see it quite so soon, nor in the form of a new starter set. Releasing a new base box for all the new fans makes sense. The speed of the release less so. So, what do you get for your money? Three new ships - different versions of the X-Wing and TIE fighters from the base set. Not just different paint schemes but ever-so slightly different models, too, and very fine...
Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   November 19, 2015   389  
 "Is this supposed to be like Team America?"  
Egg ShenEgg Shen   November 17, 2015   343  
Confession time! I never played Star Realms. It was the "Little Deckbuilder That Could" and it charmed the hearts of gamers across the globe. Hell, it came very close to becoming a bon-a-fide sensation. So the only logical thing left to do was license out the game mechanics and let someone slap Cthulhu all over it. After some extensive research (read: almost none) I've found that Cthulhu Realms shares roughly 93% of the same DNA as it's Pappy. Basically, if you like Star Realms you can stop reading the review. You're already going to know if...
MattDPMattDP   November 16, 2015   440  
The original Fury of Dracula was a seminal game of my childhood. Whisked off the shelf as a curio on a trip to get some gaming miniatures, it quickly became a staple. Van Helsing and his pupils spent hours sweeping Europe, seeking for the Count. Instead they often found feral wolves and savage gypsies as the vampire secretly spun his wicked web of intrigue across the continent.
Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   November 12, 2015   606  
The Big Green One.
886 results - showing 1 - 5  
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