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DEATH ANGEL in Review (plus, another banning!)
Looks like we can add Christian Petersen to the list of board games business owners that I've managed to piss off!
[Boardgames] "Lifeboat" (3rd Edition) Review
You ever wonder what it would be like to be stuck at sea on a tiny lifeboat...with the person you hate the most...along with the person you love dearly?  And a couple of other people you could give a rat's ass about?  Oh...and apparently, whoever driving the boat is doing his or her best Speed 2 impersonation?   And did I mention the Thurston Howell  the IIIrd-esque stash of treasure on this little boat?Yeah, it's as screwed up as it sounds. 
Petroglyph's GRAXIA games plus some video games In Review
Pictured is a screenshot of Petroglyph Games' GUARDIANS OF GRAXIA PC game. You can go buy for ten bucks from It and four other games go under the pen this week over at
Venture - Board Game Review
I'm not in the habit of reviewing PDF products. For one thing, my printer blows through ink like a crack-head with an eight-ball, and nearly anything you download as a PDF is going to require like fifty pages, which means by the end, my printer will be spitting out blank pages. So I suppose I could take it to Kinkos, but then you still have to put it all together afterward, and now any savings you were hoping to score for buying an electronic game are chewed up in glue sticks and printing expenses. Plus, if your time is...
Ameritrash Classics:  Wrasslin' Review
I thought I'd take a break from reviewing new stuff this week and take a dive into my long-promised review of the Avalon Hill classic, Wrasslin'. Someday I plan on working up my own Ameritrash Essentials list, and I expect this one to securely find a place there. It's a game "simulating" the best of the 80s era of wrestling--when Hulk Hogan and his prayers and vitamins ruled the world, when mustache-twirilng "heels" would get their comeuppance at "Wrasslemania", and when wrestlings storylines were the simple "They're fighting because they HATE...
736 results - showing 466 - 470 « 1 ... 91 92 93 94 95 96 ... 97 148 »
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