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Leaping Lemmings - Suicide has never been so fun
Leaping Lemmings is adorable. It’s got cure art and a silly, though sort of morbid, theme where you are attempting to get your crew of genetically engineered lemmings to leap to their death in the most spectacular way. Mechanically, one of the big selling points of the game is that it’s an easy way to get your wife and kids to step into the world of war gaming since it has that silly theme and straight forward game play while simultaneously introducing basic concepts like hex to hex movement, zones of control and chit stacking limits. However, Leaping...
Review: Flash Duel
Flash Duel is the second of the Fantasy Strike Universe games that I've played, although the first to be released chronologically. I'm happy to report that the game, while not as deep or robust as its bigger brother Puzzle Strike, is still a lot of fun and a worthy addition to your collection.  
Magical Athlete: Feel the Love
I was amazed when I looked over at BGG and saw no one had done a review of this great game. I rarely write reviews, but part of me wanted to make sure that it didn't get overlooked by those hesitant to buy or even try a game labeled as “roll and move”. (OK, maybe hesitant is putting it too nicely) Honestly, even with Barnes' great review a year or so ago, I might never have bought this game without trying it out in Atlanta at Richard Launius' Clubhouse during Averyfest 2010....
Horus Heresy  - Board Game Review
Here's a short list of some things I like: Pralines and Cream Ice CreamScotch WhiskeyVideo GamesBackpacking in the MountainsWoodworkingStrippers If you offer me any one of those things, I will like you more. Many of these things would even go well together, like ice cream and video games. Some of them would not go well together, like scotch and woodworking. And some go great with anything (strippers make nearly anything more entertaining).
Reviews:  Legitimacy
The review train rolls on.  This week, we'll be talking about the light adventure game Legitimacy: The Game of Royal Bastards from Minion Games. Does this achieve the holy grail of the quick-playing adventure game, or is it yet another failed attempt?  Read on to find out.  
709 results - showing 466 - 470 « 1 ... 91 92 93 94 95 96 ... 97 142 »
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