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Spooky Trash-o-Ween Reviews:  Gosu
Last in my Halloween-themed reviews this month is the latest Asmodee offering, Gosu (short for "Goblin Supremacy.")  Designed by Kim Sato, it's a damned cool little card-based battling game of building up big goblin armies, then blowing them up real good.  
Alien Frontiers - Boardgame Review
I think it's time I raved all about the brilliance of small-press games. Specifically, I want to rave about Alien Frontiers, one of those incredibly rare cases where a pint-size publisher proves to have some serious staying power. The first game from Clever Mojo Games, called Ogre Castle, was fun, but it smacked of small-press corner-cutting (a cloth game board seems like a neat idea, but it's really just a neon sign that says, 'we can't afford to pay the printer'). But Alien Frontiers is not only great for a fledgling publisher, it could hold its own against anything...
So it's another Barnes doubleheader over at this week.  Come join me and be dubbed the Godslayer.
Prophecy - The Magic 8-Ball Says:
I am a sucker for a fantasy-adventure game, with some of my favorites being Magic Realm, Talisman, Return of the Heroes, Runebound, and finally, Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Adventure Boardgame. Recently I traded a good soul one of the games I'm not particularly fond of for Z-Man's latest adventure game, Prophecy. I, just 2 nights ago, played my third game of Prophecy, and I am here to tell you that it is hands-down one of the most fun adventure games I've ever played. It's ridiculously simple, but there are still "moment of truth" decisions to be made that affect...
Spooky Trash-o-Ween Game Reviews: House of Spirits
House of Spirits (Designed by Mark Thomas, published by Lock 'n Load Publishing) has arrived just in time for the holidays--a spooky, competitive romp through a haunted mansion where players try and solve the mystery of the titular House of Spirits.   
736 results - showing 476 - 480 « 1 ... 93 94 95 96 97 98 ... 99 148 »
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