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So it's another Barnes doubleheader over at this week.  Come join me and be dubbed the Godslayer.
Prophecy - The Magic 8-Ball Says:
I am a sucker for a fantasy-adventure game, with some of my favorites being Magic Realm, Talisman, Return of the Heroes, Runebound, and finally, Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Adventure Boardgame. Recently I traded a good soul one of the games I'm not particularly fond of for Z-Man's latest adventure game, Prophecy. I, just 2 nights ago, played my third game of Prophecy, and I am here to tell you that it is hands-down one of the most fun adventure games I've ever played. It's ridiculously simple, but there are still "moment of truth" decisions to be made that affect...
Spooky Trash-o-Ween Game Reviews: House of Spirits
House of Spirits (Designed by Mark Thomas, published by Lock 'n Load Publishing) has arrived just in time for the holidays--a spooky, competitive romp through a haunted mansion where players try and solve the mystery of the titular House of Spirits.   
Death Angel - A Solo Game Review
The original Space Hulk is about cramped corridors, fast genestealers and the feeling of not quite knowing what comes next even though you can actually see the map, the blips and the smirk on your opponents face. Death Angel – the Space Hulk card game - captures this feeling perfectly. Except for the smirk, of course, though I’d swear I sometimes hear a cackling laughter emitting from the cards when things go haywire.
Games from the Crypt Special: INTRIGE plus CASTLEVANIA in Review
This week I'm out in California for business but that didn't stop me from cranking out some material to keep Bill Abner appeased for another week, so we've got two front-page features up and running.
734 results - showing 476 - 480 « 1 ... 93 94 95 96 97 98 ... 99 147 »
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