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Battle for Slaughter Gulch - Board Game Review
I love Deadlands. The setting, specifically, is amazing. You've got the Wild West, which is awesome on its own, but then to really mix it up, there's this supernatural, mad science, pulp monster, impending doom horror thing working. It is, in my opinion, one of the best settings for a game ever created.
Guerilla War Struggle Is A New Entertainment!
If you're looking for a quiet game in the spirit of Christmas Peace and Goodwill, you won't find it here!GUERILLA was published by the (old) Avalon Hill Game Company in 1994, when guerilla warfare was among other things very prominently featured on evening TV news. Unfortunately board games rarely tackle contemporary political or social topics, so this alone makes the game something special. Only JUNTA and ANGOLA let players recreate a similar situation, namely the overthrowing of government by rebels in a developing country. This topic creates very interesting situations and decisions for the players, so I don't understand...
LABYRINTH in Review; also Underappreciated Video Games of 2010
This week, yet another eleventh hour contender for the GotY award steps up. This time, it's what might be GMT's best game to date.
Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space - Pieces of Paper Game Review
This week was punishment week for my group of gamers. I always feel a little bad for my friends when I bring bad games. They're good sports - they'll play anything once, even if it's horrible - but nobody likes having to play really crappy games. Which brings me to the subject of this review: Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space. Yes, that is the full name of the game. No, it is not ironic. Yes, it is very stupid. No, it is not based on an Ed Wood movie.
[Family Boardgames] "Ticket to Ride: Europe" Review
This is the first in my periodic looks at boardgames through the eyes of how they work with my family, and how I feel they might work with others.  First up I'm hitting a softball as I get this up to speed--with a review and look at Ticket to Ride: Europe.  You already know Barnsey's not a fan, but here's my take.
758 results - showing 476 - 480 « 1 ... 93 94 95 96 97 98 ... 99 152 »
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