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[Family Boardgames] "Ticket to Ride: Europe" Review
This is the first in my periodic looks at boardgames through the eyes of how they work with my family, and how I feel they might work with others.  First up I'm hitting a softball as I get this up to speed--with a review and look at Ticket to Ride: Europe.  You already know Barnsey's not a fan, but here's my take.
Successors 3rd Edition Review
Given that I love card-driven wargames, and that I love multi-player wargames and that I find Here I Stand difficult to get to the table due to the length and number of players, it’s natural that I should eventually gravitate toward what’s usually labelled as the most approachable of the multi-player CDG’s, Successors, re-released by GMT last year in a spanking reprint with new art and a mounted board. This was an interesting game for me to try because it was the first time ever that I’d played a historical game entirely on the basis of mechanical appeal rather...
Prolix - A word game even rednecks can enjoy
I’m posting this review of Prolix the Game (not to be confused with PrOlix the gun lubricant, or Prilox the gel which is something completely different) on behalf of my uncle’s cousin’s daughter’s sister’s adopted twin brother, Darrel Wayne Bodine McMurtry who wrote it himself on several pieces of slate with chalkstone. Digest- CIVILIZATION in Review; video game reviews galore!
It's a Michael Barnes smorgasboard at this week. Come take a bite.
This week at I review Phil Eklund's HIGH FRONTIER and, sadly, TOM CLANCY'S GHOST RECON for Wii. It was the  best of times, it was the worst of times.
754 results - showing 476 - 480 « 1 ... 93 94 95 96 97 98 ... 99 151 »
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