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Claymore Division: Book Reviews - "Disaster at D-Day" and "The Wargaming Compendium"
Claymore Division presents reviews of Simon Scarrow's new release "Arena", Peter Tsouras' "Disaster at D-Day", and Henry Hyde's "The Wargaming Compendium""Disaster at D-Day" and "The Wargaming Compendium" are both available now from
Bolt Thrower #666 - Here I Stand, Amnesia, Hunger Games, Classical Warfare
Well, life's thrown me a wrong 'un that looks and feels a lot more like a war machine-sized spear than a cricket ball. Although I can tell you from experience that they hurt too. Board Games Right now the idea of having the time, energy and attitude to get some friends together and play a game seems remote. That's why I've not been posting articles or on the forums. So the SU&SD team let me spend the month reviewing some card-driven classics I already know and love. First in this two-part series is...
In this book review edition of Claymore Division, Brad and Ömer rate and discuss "The Nazi Occult", "Myths and Legends: Thor" and "Catch That Tiger".
Bolt Thrower #[Insert numeric pun] – Guns of Gettysburg, A Brief History of the World, Cubetractor, Classical Warfare, Electronica
[Insert siege engine related pun here] Board Games The latest piece of mine to have slithered onto Shut Up & Sit down is a review of Bowen Simmon’s long-awaited Guns of Gettysburg. It’s good, very good, with the usual mixture of design creativity, weighty strategy and brilliantly abstracted history we’ve come to expect from Bowen. But I don’t think it’s as good as his previous offerings. It runs pretty long and is more complex, for starters, and that’s no small issue given the steep learning curve of his highly procedural...
Bolt Thrower #i - It Never Snows, Agricola, Rivals, Forest of Doom, Dark Souls, Element4l, Snuff, Looper, Reggae
There’s nothing imaginary about this edition of Bolt Thrower. It’s huge. Board games So this Bolt Thrower is bought to you courtesy of Shut Up & Sit Down allowing me to review monster wargame It Never Snows. Real team effort this time: I wrote the review, and Quintin edited it into something special. It Never Snows is the world’s first accessible monster wargame. Five map, 800 counter behemoths are not supposed to have easily digestible rules that span only a few pages. Anyone can play this, provided they can find...
107 results - showing 11 - 15 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 7 22 »
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