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Bolt Thrower 6.022e+23
Well now, I bet that was something of a shock, seeing another Bolt Thrower turning up unexpectedly out of the blue. Much akin to the shock of being skewered by a huge spear from an ancient siege engine, I should imagine. Board Games OK, so here’s the thing. I decide to resurrect this dormant column style because I’m now covering wargames for the lovely people at Shut Up & Sit Down. Not only does this give me an excuse to link to those pieces, but I kind of miss doing the trash culture...
Best Movies of 2012
It is that time once again where I thought it would be fun to put together a top ten list of my very favourite movies of the year.  
Barnestorming #11410- River's Games, Infarkt, DMC
Better than Caylus.
The Twelve Games Of Christmas
It's amazing how fascinated I am by trying to figure out my favorite games. There's something about ranking and ordering that injects a small dose of reason into what is really kind of a silly hobby. I think it also gives voice to what I like and don't like in a game. I don't think I could explain that in a sentance, but I could express it through the other games I like. Maybe that's why so many people get up in arms about the Boardgame Geek rankings. On some level those rankings are the expression of the whole...
Bolt Thrower #i: Last Night on Earth, Mount & Blade, Hero, Dying Earth
Sorry to be throwing you another curve-bolt this week. But I’ve ended up chaining two reviews back to back because I delayed by Dungeon Command review for too long. Apologies - you’ll get some dedicated board game content next week.Board GamesI wrote a review of the classic Last Night on Earth for the NoHighScores crowd. I suspect most of you here will have played it extensively but it remains a divisive game and I thought it worth recording my opinions. Which are largely very positive. I think it’s marginally more tactical than its dice-fest reputation suggests and regardless it’s...
105 results - showing 16 - 20 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 7 21 »
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