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Bolt Thrower #4: Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, Making Money, Game of Thrones, Jim Moray
They’re coming at you thick and fast, a veritable storm of fire. It’s Bolt Thrower time yet again, although there shouldn’t be too many back-to-back versions. I plan to use the opportunity to catch up on some longer-running trash culture themes that I might miss in my fortnightly snapshots.GamesOne of the reasons I picked Commands & Colors: Ancients last week was as an introduction to this weeks’ review of Commands & Colors: Napoleonics. It owes a lot to its predecessor, including some holdovers of rules that aren’t entirely necessary, but has enough clever new stuff in it to make...
Bolt Thrower #4: Commands & Colors: Ancients, The Resurrectionist, Conan, Sucker Punch, Super 8, Avadon
You know the drill by now. Some feeble pun or other on the multiple meaning of the phrase “Bolt Thrower”. I really can’t be bothered today, so let’s get down to it.GamesThere are several games that I’ve reviewed twice, but I’ve made history this week by giving Commands & Colors: Ancients a third going over. The reason for revisiting it is partly because I thought the upcoming Playdek version for iOS made the game of above-average interest for the NoHighScores crowd and partly because I’ve never satisfactorily managed to articulate my feelings on the small fly in the otherwise...
Bolt Thrower #4: Nexus Ops review, Walking Dead, Trollhunter, Cocteau Twins & PJ Harvey
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a projectile from an ancient siege engine!GamesThe feature this week is a review of the Fantasy Flight Games re-release of Nexus Ops. I’ve always been impressed by the manner in which Nexus Ops managed to cram the entire design history of dudes on a map games into a tiny, manageable and hugely entertaining package, losing nothing but the epic feel of its more unwieldy ancestors. And the FFG reboot gives you all that back of course, plus a wild bunch of very good variants to solve the occasional staleness...
Bolt Thrower #3: Wiz-War review, American Psycho, Dead Space, Triple Town, Synth Pop & Gothic Rock
Coming at you like a south-bound freight train, or more probably like a spear fired at considerable velocity from an ancient siege engine, it’s Bolt Thrower #3.
Bolt Thrower #2: Introductory Wargames, A Place of Greater Safety, Everlands, Hip-Hop
Roll up, ladies and gentlemen! Queue right here for your literal once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be skewered by a shot from the most famous siege engine in Imperial Rome! That’s right, it’s time for Bolt Thrower #2.GamesFond as they are of their boardgames over at NoHighScores, I’m not sure there’s ever been much written about wargames over there so I thought I’d educate their readership on the finer points of Panzer-pushing, including why the genre is so bafflingly resistant to modernisation, and why it is when designers to break the mold the games are often of startling quality. I’ve also...
106 results - showing 26 - 30 « 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 9 22 »
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