Racism and Sexism as Gaming Culture
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TOPIC: Racism and Sexism as Gaming Culture

01 Mar 2012 17:46 #118103

Re: Racism and Sexism as Gaming Culture

andyinkuwait wrote:
Assholes. Of course, I have to pay for a proxy server so I can pretend to be in US or UK but it is worth it compared to paying $70/mnth for OSN.

Wish me luck !!!!

*UPDATE The good news was the interview wasn't too terrifying...'Why don't you want TV?....Because its rubbish' finito. The bad news is they need 1 months notice to disconnect (funny how they don't need one months notice to fucking connect you...that shit happens in 24hrs). Still, I feel better being more reliant on Netflix*

I was paying about $100 / month for cable before I canned it. I got the same routine: "why are you cancelling, sir? Should we forward your service to a new address?". I seriously told them that TV was shit and they were fired. The 30 day cancellation notice is bullshit, but it happened to me too. I told them to downgrade me to a $20 package for my last month and they were ok with that.

During the winter, that cash has gone towards 3 dvd sets per month. That's way more entertainment for my buck, and I still have cash left over. During the summer, that pays for unlimited weekday evening green fees for me and my 'gal at the local golf club. If I ever run out of series to pick up, I might resubscribe (but I doubt it). I usually pick up a cheap cable package during football season, too.

Fight the man :brofist:
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01 Mar 2012 18:00 #118105

Re: Racism and Sexism as Gaming Culture

If you cable-cancelling-DVD-purchasers want to save even more money (at least those of you who don't live in Kuwait), you should check out your local libraries. Some of them have pretty great collections and then you get to watch your shows for free and not have to store all that shit. (I find downloading shows to be a bigger hassle since it slogs up my internet connection.)
01 Mar 2012 18:02 #118106

Re: Racism and Sexism as Gaming Culture

With an XBOX360, a PC, the Internet, a wife and 2 kids, whotheFUCK needs TV? I pay 8$ for Netflix, which gives me the best kids stuff out there for my 3 and 10 year olds, and I get to watch stuff when I want. I just paid for Hulu+ which is an absolute pariah...most terrible service I've ever paid for voluntarily. It's going away until those plonkers can sort their delivery out.

But I went from a 10Mbps connection and cable with no movie channels at $120 a month to a 40Mbps connection, Netflix and Hulu+ for 60$ a month. With that and tobacco savings, I get to put my kid in college for another year, at least.
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Re: Racism and Sexism as Gaming Culture

Miranda should have asked Aris what his cup size is.
01 Mar 2012 19:53 #118122

Re: Racism and Sexism as Gaming Culture

If you're referring to his athletic protector, I can virtually guarantee that it's extra small.
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Re: Racism and Sexism as Gaming Culture

Ancient_of_MuMu wrote:

I was going to savour my "69" posts number for a bit, yeah, because I'm that guy, but this has fucked that dream all to shit.

This photo = Too Amazing for words.
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