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EPIC MICKEY preview; BLOOD DRIVE in Review
So yeah, EPIC MICKEY looks pretty great. I sat in on a conference call/moderated interview with Warren Spector and the report is at Oh, and I also reviewed BLOOD DRIVE. Unfortunately.
LUCHA LIBRE in Revew (PS3/360)
This, my friends, is how you advertise a motion picture.  Unfortunately, the video game I'm reviewing here isn't nearly as amazing as this film.
Bill Abner let me send a couple of questions out to the guys behind the upcoming LUCHA LIBRE video game (all consoles) since I'm the only person on staff who could recognize the differences between luchadore masks. In fact, I bet a lot of non-Latinos have no idea how cool Lucha Libre (or, "Mexican Wrestling" is. It's really fun, lots of acrobatics and crazy characters. Even better are the old Lucha movies, like SANTO Y LOS BLUE DEMON CONTRA DRACULA Y EL HOMBRE LOBO. Yes, that translates exactly how you think it does. The best part is...
SHANK in Review
Pictured is a visual representation of my review of the XBLA/PSN game SHANK. It fucking sucks ass. I can't believe that a shitty piece of shit like this is getting good reviews. But then I remember that a lot of video games journalists are younger than me, and cartoons that bleed and say "fuck" are still pretty edgy for them. This game's relative good will in the press is almost soley based on how it looks, which is at times impressive. It's all weirdly dated, referencing pretty much all of Miramax's film libary circa 1992-1996. It's too...
Barnes v. Chick, CASTLEVANIA and SNIPER in Review
OK folks, three Gameshark items if you're interested: First up, we've got the Jumping the Shark Podcast, show #30. I'm a guest on it, and I go head-to-head with the venerated Tom Chick about METRO 2033 and HALF-LIFE 2. It's a great discussion, we really had a lot of fun with it. But be warned. I think I say things like "national identity" in it, and I make the crazy suggestion that game critics are in a position to educate people that there is more to games than just having fun. Second is a review...
16 results - showing 6 - 10 1 2 3 4
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